Matt's POV

I turned over and looked at the sleeping figure next to me. It's not what you're probably thinking, in fact; it's my best friend, and my boyfriend. A smile crept across my lips, and I just stared at him. He was amazing, in every way. Every way. I smiled more. "Matt… You're doing it again." He mumbled a hint of amusement in his groggy voice. It made me laugh and turn over. I remembered exactly how we got here.

It all started out with those girls. Well, the girl. Elena. She dated me, and then him, then died, then came to life, then died again. Wonderful? Far from it. It was more like, painful, agonizing yearning. I wanted him. If you were me, you'd know why it was agonizing. You see, I'm the number one football player on my high school team. He is the most popular kid in school, ever since he moved in. Stefan. Stefan Salvatore. It really rang to me, and since we both dated Elena, we made a connection. For me, a deep connection.

Of course, lie doesn't always go the way we want, so of course I couldn't date him, and we were stuck as best friends. Hell, I didn't even know if he liked me, which made me nervous. I often wondered if this was how a girl felt about guys, when they didn't know about their crush. Luckily, he wanted to leave state, so secretly, I followed. When he found me stowed away in his car, he only laughed. "Does being a football player bug you that much? Or is it just her presence? Her memories?" he asked me. Damn, he's straight. I would know. I was always straight. I would check out girls. I would talk to them with eagerness. I dated them. I loved them. But Mr. I'm-so-cool came along. All the girls loved him, and somehow I ended up loving him too.

Well, we traveled as best friends across the country, getting for away from West Virginia, away from the past. Then one day, we woke up in Seattle, Washington. You see, once we got here, we met some people. Rather, Stefan met someone. Rachael. The girl was annoying. Hell, I'm lying again. She was very pretty, smart, kind of shy and nervous around us. She had a younger sister who was absolutely adorable. Before I knew it, "Rae" and Stefan were dating. What. The. Hell.

Her sister didn't seem to mind, but I did. It bothered me more than anything. I wouldn't talk to him, but I'd do my best to get him to notice my good qualities, but they were nothing compared to his. Finally I gave up, and asked Rae's sister out. She turned out to be really sweet and shy, but still not Stefan. Since I started dating her, we went on double dates more. The more we went, the more bothered I got, the more bothered I got, the bolder I became.

It was Rae and Stefan's 6 month anniversary, and I blew at him. "Stefan, you can't go! Why are you always with her?!" I had yelled at him.

He was taken aback, not expecting such an outburst from me. "Matt, I'm in love with her. She's amazing. She's my girlfriend." For some reason, I heard reassurance in his voice. Was he trying to reassure himself? Or me? I growled and stood in front of the door. "I'm sick of this. I'm not letting you go." I mumbled, blushed, and then looked away.

I knew he smelt the blood rush to my cheeks, and I knew he was about to laugh. Unfortunately, the sound of laughter didn't come. "Matt, what are you saying?" he asked with a sigh. I couldn't read into it, so I kept my eyes down and shrugged. A smile crept across his lips, making me shiver. "Matt, Are you upset that I'm dating her?" he asked slyly.

Now was my chance. I lifted my chin. "Yes, I am." I said boldly, and then backed off when he chuckled; my gut was starting to tell me this wasn't working as I'd hoped.

"Matt, no matter whom I date, I'll still love Elena. She was an amazing girl, but now it's time to move on." He said, touching my shoulder sympathetically before moving me out of his way. With a sullen expression, I watched the man I love leave to another woman... again.