Hello once again my readers. I apologize for my absence. You would not BELIEVE the drama I have been through. Well, here it is! The 5th part! How many of you are eager to find out what's going to happen to poor Matt? Well, first let's have a quick recap: In the last part, Stefan and Rae went off to God knows where for God knows how long. Matt was half-heartedly comforting Mizu, and wondering what happened to his Stefan. Well, now it's time to find out!

Stefan's POV

So, now we're halfway to Los Angeles, Cali. I haven't spoken but a few words with Rae, and I knew I was making her nervous. I took a deep breath, and then let it out slowly, glancing over at her. "Thanks for coming with me Rae. I just needed to get out of town for a while." I said softly, looking at the road once more. From the corner of my eye, I could see her turn to look at him, drowsy from staying up all night, since she refused to sleep unless he would as well. She bit her lip, "Is everything okay..? If you don't mind my asking… does it have something to do with Matt?" she asked, which made me wince slightly.

Truth was, it was about Matt. When Rae and I walked into her apartment, catching Matt and Mizu together on the couch, I felt… jealous? Of course, I'd never tell anyone. In fact, it was probably some other emotion, like anger or frustration. I am Stefan Salvatore, when I grew up, guys who fell in love were killed. It's impossible to love a guy.

After taking a few deep breathes, I nodded. "Yea… I guess you could say we got into a fight…" he said, then quickly added, "well, just a verbal fight, nothing physical." Rae slowly nodded, seeming to understand. "Honestly, I don't mind. Mizu has been acting strange recently…" she mumbled. That was another thing I didn't understand. Why was Matt dating Mizu? He showed no interest in her for the longest time, then suddenly they're making out on the couch?

With a sigh, I pulled into the closest hotel and put the car in park. Rae looked at the window. "Finally stopping?" she smiled some. I nodded and got out. "I'll be right back, I'm going to get us a room." I mumbled before shutting the door and going inside. I asked the receptionist for one room with two beds, and yet, when Rae and I walked into the room, there was one bed, a couch, and a few lounge chairs.

Matt's POV

Since Rae and Stefan left, Mizu's been constantly asking for me to stay with her, or for her to stay with me at my place. I don't necessarily mind, but I can tell by the way she smiles and all that, she truly has feelings for me, and unfortunately, I can't say the same. I was more worried about Stefan than the young woman who was with me. Wasn't that twisted?

I sighed as we both sat on the couch, watching a movie. She was leaning on one side of the couch, and I was slouched, thinking about sitting on the floor. Suddenly, the phone rang. We both jumped up and ran to the phone. Since it was her place, I let her answer it. "Hello?" she exclaimed, eager to find out if it was her sister. I had a hard time listening in, trying to figure out who she was talking to.

Mizu's eyes watered. "O-oh… B-but… Why did you leave?" she asked, seeming discouraged. I felt anxiety take over me as I leaned on the counter next to her and tapped my fingers against the counter top. "So, it was Stefan's idea? And—Oh… Wow… I'm sorry Rae, you could've told me… Oh? Well Congradulations…" she mumbled, looking down. I was feeling dizzy now. Congradulations? Congradulations for what? What about Stefan! What's Stefan doing? How is he?

"All right, I'll tell him…" Mizu said before hanging up the phone. When she looked at me she seen the anxiety in all my features. She sighed softly. "Stefan and Rae left because they were a little frustrated with us…" she started. I calmed just a little, though I was hurt. He was… frustrated… with me? "They made it to Los Angeles, and a director thought they looked like a hot couple… So they're going to star in a major movie…" she mumbled, upset. That's it? They went to LA, and now they're going to star in a movie. It wasn't that bad at all!

A smile spread across my face and I scooped her up, spinning her around in a tight hug. "Oh! That's so awesome! At least they're safe!" he cheered. He heard a giggle come from her, then set her down. She sighed some. "Yea… But I really hoped to be an actress one day. And Rae hate's celebritys." She pointed out. I laughed. Wow. That was so… just plain funny. Since nothing was wrong for now, maybe when they came back..? Maybe…

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