Title: "Noah, are you ok?"
Author: BlueSpottedDog
Summary: What would have happened if Kurt had followed Puck after he walked away, upset, in 'Preggers'?
Spoilers: 'Preggers' and 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, Will would be married to Emma, Rachel would be pregnant with Finn's baby and Puck and Kurt would be together. So obviously I don't own Glee.

Everytime I watch an episode, I come up with a fic idea. This was the only one I can actually be bothered to write. I saw Preggers, The Rhodes Not Taken and Vitamin D on Sunday, and this came into my head that night, so I wrote some bits of it on my phone late that night. Here's the end result. I think it got a little OOC towards the end. Oh well.


Puck could not believe that Kurt (the girly-singing, girly-dancing, Broadway-loving gay freak), with the help of Puck's own touchdown, managed to win the first game of the season for the team. But Puck couldn't help but be happy that the team had actually won a game. That was until he turned and saw Quinn and Finn celebrating. Hugging and kissing. It made him feel sick. Why should he, the father of Quinn's baby, have to watch from the sidelines? It wasn't fair!

Puck shook his head and turned away from the couple. He had to get away from them. So he walked away.


Kurt couldn't help but be happy that he had made his dad proud. He watched the crowd's and the teammate's reactions. It looked like someone had won the World Cup. Everyone was in a frenzy. Except one. Puck looked upset as he walked away from all the madness. Kurt had to follow him. He didn't even like Puck. Puck threw him in the dumpsters and ruined his hair with slushies. But he had to make sure he was ok. They were teammates after all.


Puck watched as the people on the oval slowly left. Most of the lights had been turned off; there was one on about ten metres from him and one on the opposite side of the field. It was because of the darkness that Puck didn't see Kurt sit beside him until he spoke. 'Noah, are you ok?' Puck almost fell off the railing. 'What the hell are you doing sitting there Hummel?' Kurt smiled and Puck leant back a little. Hummel was starting to scare him.

'I saw you walk off looking quite upset, so I thought I'd see why you were upset.' Puck blinked and wished it was all a dream, but Kurt was still sitting next to him, in quite a close proximity also. Kurt's eyes shone in the minimal light. They were a soft green. They were beautiful. What the hell is wrong with you? Why the hell are you calling Kurt's eyes' beautiful? He is gay for goodness sake! 'Why?' Kurt blinked. 'Huh?' 'Why did you come see if I was ok? You hate me.' 'I don't actually. Ok…well I do. You throw me in the dumpsters and ruin my clothes and put slushies in my hair and ruin that too. But you're my teammate. I don't like seeing a teammate upset.'

Puck just stared at Kurt. Puck couldn't help but notice how beautiful Kurt's lips were. He could just lean forward and – oh! Kurt's lips were so soft too. Puck realised at that second that he was kissing Kurt Hummel. He was about to pull away until – oh! Kurt could kiss, he really could. Better then any of the girls he had kissed and – oh! Kurt knew how to work his tongue around Puck's in a way that made him moan. That was not right. Kurt should not make him moan like – oh! Kurt was moaning too now. He was clearly turned on too which was – oh shit! Now he was turned on! He couldn't do this. He couldn't get turned on from kissing a gay guy! The only thing he could do was pull away and run. So he did.


Puck didn't sleep at all that night. He tossed and turned and eventually just settled on staring at the ceiling. Stupid bloody Kurt Hummel. I'm going to kill that kid. Puck couldn't believe that Kurt had had such an effect on him. He saw him in football, and now Glee. He saw him walk the halls with that black chick and the wheelchair kid. He'd never payed any attention before though. Except when he threw him in dumpsters. And slushied him.

Puck realised that he spent a good portion of his school day around Kurt. And as much as he hated to admit it, it was actually fun. Kurt put a weird spin on everything. He danced his way through a football game. He roamed the halls like he owned them. He sang with his heart.

He was going to have to face Kurt the next day. It was his first day of Glee and there was also football training. Please, just kill me now. Save Kurt the trouble.


Puck managed to avoid seeing Kurt for the majority of the day, but now it was Glee practice. Maybe he could fake a sickie and leave early? That was gutless though. And certainly not badass. Instead, Puck entered the room with Matt and Mike, his head held high. Kurt barely even looked his way while Mr Shue introduced them.

After they got settled into practice, that annoying short chick stood up and declared that she was quitting. Most of the group just rolled their eyes or shook their heads. Obviously they thought she would come back again and weren't all that worried.

'Alright guys, I guess we will have to work on Don't Stop Believin' for Sectionals. Quinn, you take Rachel's part.' Puck hovered at the back while the others made a formation. 'Puck, you stand beside Kurt. Matt and Mike, you two stand beside Mercedes.' Oh thanks Mr Shue. Puck sulked his way up to the back and stood as far away as possible from Kurt. Kurt just watched him and smiled. 'Whatever disease you think I have, it's not contagious.'

Puck just ignored Kurt and the song started. He followed Kurt's movements. Kurt looked very elegant and relaxed. Puck looked very anxious and frigid. Mr Shue stopped the song. 'Puck, you need to relax. You're dancing like a robot. Watch Kurt.' Mr Shue turned to talk to Quinn and Puck glared daggers at his back. 'Ooh! Does Puck not like getting told what to do?' Puck swung to glare at Kurt instead. 'No. I don't like being forced to do something I don't want to do. Watching you dance is one of them. Relaxing is the other.'

Kurt just smiled and faced the front. The song started again. This time, Puck looked a little less frigid. That was until he turned to watch Kurt. Suddenly Puck became all frigid and robot-like again. The music stopped. 'Puck! Relax! You were doing great. What happened?' Puck just shrugged and looked at his feet. 'From the top guys!' Puck was completely hopeless this time. He kept looking at Kurt, who seemed to be watching him. Kurt winked and Puck fell completely out of step and ran into Mercedes. The music stopped and Puck just walked out of the room.

Mr Shue followed him. 'I can't do this. I can't dance.' Mr Shue put an arm on Puck's shoulder. 'You can do this Puck. I saw you at the game last night. You danced great then. What's happening now? Every time you look at Kurt, you fall right out of step. Did something happen between you? Do you need to sort it out?' Puck sighed and looked back into the room. Kurt was watching him. 'Yeah.' 'Alright, I'll go get Kurt. Don't take too long. We need to get this perfect before the end of practice.'

Mr Shue walked back into the room and pulled Kurt aside. Puck watched Kurt's face change. He looked a little pissed. Once Kurt was outside the room with him, he looked even more pissed. 'Puck, you're ruining the whole song! The singing was good and everyone was dancing well except for you! What the hell is your –' Puck cut Kurt off. 'You're my problem. Every time I look at you, I suddenly become all nervous. I don't know what the fuck is going on.'

Kurt's face softened a little. 'You get nervous around me?' Puck nodded and sighed. 'I think it's because of what happened last night. I can't get that out of my mind.' Puck slide down the wall until he was sitting. Kurt copied. 'Why? Why can't you get that out of your mind?' Puck didn't dare look at Kurt. He would melt again. 'I don't know. I tell myself that I didn't enjoy it, but I did. I tell myself that I don't like you, but I do. I tell myself that I can't fall for a gay guy but,' Puck looked up at Kurt, 'I think I have. I can't stand upright around you. I can't look at you without my heart pounding. I can't…'

Kurt put his hand on Puck's shoulder. Surprisingly, Puck didn't shake it off. 'I can't stop thinking about you Noah. I don't hate you. You just…you have ruined half my wardrobe. And that annoys me. But I can't get last night out of my mind.' Puck's eyes widened. Kurt smiled and leant forward. 'You're starting to grow on me Noah Puckerman.' Puck smiled and filled the gap between them.

The kiss was better then last night's. This one had feelings. So many feelings. Love, hate, happiness, anger. But it made the kiss all that much better. 'Woohoo! Go Kurt!' Puck pulled away and glanced back at the doorway. Mercedes was standing there grinning. Soon the rest of the club had joined her. 'What happened? What did we miss?' Puck and Kurt glanced at each other. 'Want to show them?' Kurt grinned and yanked Puck's head forward. Their lips meet and half the club gasped.

'Puck's gay?' 'Kurt's gay?' 'They're together?' Finn just stared at his best friend. He turned to Quinn. 'At least he's happy, right?' She nodded and glanced at the father of her baby. At least he wouldn't try and crack on to her anymore. The two boys broke apart. 'Now that everything is sorted, can we get back to practice?' Everyone turned to Mr Shue, who was looked at Puck with an amused expression.

Everybody rushed back in and took their places. The music started again. Puck glanced at Kurt. He grinned at him and Puck felt the sudden urge to make Kurt proud. The dancers started moving. Puck relaxed and put his heart into the dancing. He saw Kurt watching him out of the corner of his eye. He looked at Mr Shue, who was grinning widely. Don't stop believin' Puck watched Finn and Quinn sing. They sang like they were deeply in love. They probably were.

Hold on to the feelin' Kurt nudged his leg. He looked over at him. Kurt looked like he was moving something. Puck was lucky enough to know remotely how to lip-read. It's time to try defying gravity. Puck raised an eyebrow. Kurt just smiled. 'Hey! You two! Concentrate!' Puck smirked and turned back to the front. 'You two can be all googly-eyed later. Now, we have to practice! I want this perfect!'


Two more attempts later and they finally got it perfect. 'Finally guys! Now just do it like that at Sectionals and we will be fine!' Everyone just grumbled and collected their stuff. Puck grabbed his football gear and headed for the door. 'Hey Puck, wait up!' Puck stopped. 'Hey mate. So you and Kurt hey?' Puck looked up at Finn. 'Surprise?!' 'Hey, I don't mind. I like Kurt. I think he's pretty cool. As long as you're happy mate.' Puck nodded. 'It's strange. I used to hate Kurt. I'd throw him in the dumpsters and throw slushies on him, but now…I don't know, something changed.'

Finn nodded, clearly confused. He clapped his friend on the shoulder. 'Well, don't break his heart, or I'll break you!' Finn grinned and Puck smiled wearily. 'Now, we have practice, so we should probably go before Coach yells at us again. For some reason, he doesn't like Mr Shue much.' Puck rolled his eyes. This kid was so dumb sometimes. 'Its coz his girlfriend, Ms Pillsbury, has the hots for Mr Shue.' 'She does?' Puck just patted Finn's shoulder. 'Yeah mate. Everyone can see it. Just like everyone could see that Kurt had the hots for you, but he chose me instead, because I'm hotter!'

Finn gasped and glared at Puck. Puck grinned and took off running. Finn followed. Kurt watched them from further down the hall. 'Honestly!'


That's what I thought would have happened, but it didn't. But I can at least pretend it did! Review please.