Title: "Noah, are you ok?"
Author: BlueSpottedDog
Summary: What would have happened if Kurt had followed Puck after he walked away, upset, in 'Preggers'?
Spoilers: 'Preggers' and 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, Will would be married to Emma, Rachel would be pregnant with Finn's baby and Puck and Kurt would be together. So obviously I don't own Glee.

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I don't really know what to say. It's been like three months. I'll blame school. That will work. That and I had half a writer's block, but I saw this today and thought, I am finishing this today! And I did. So lucky you! Enjoy! And for some reason, my - things have disappeared, so I hope you do not get confused by the change of scene. :/ Oh and Happy Father's Day! :D

Kurt couldn't believe that Sectionals was tomorrow. They had all been practicing non-stop for the past month and everyone was so happy that the chance of winning was only hours away. Everyone was so confident too. It was great to see.

Mr Shue had been changing their set list for ages. Today though, he had come up with the final list. Kurt couldn't believe how lucky he was to get so many songs to sing! Of course Rachel had a solo, but so did Kurt. Puck had a few duets too. Mr Shue had at least one song for everyone.

"Ok guys, so the set list is as follows. Kurt, I want you to begin with Defying Gravity." Kurt and Rachel had fought it out for that solo last week. Puck had been working with Kurt the whole time to help him practice, and Kurt nailed it. Rachel was not impressed. Puck was though. And Kurt was rewarded by Puck agreeing to take him shopping and letting him buy whatever he wanted. Let's just say Puck would never agree to go shopping with Kurt again!

"Then I want Puck and Kurt to do You Give Love a Bad Name. Followed by Rachel with Don't Rain on My Parade. Finn and Quinn, I loved your ballad, so I would like you to perform that. Mercedes, I reckon you could belt out Gold Digger for us. Puck and Rachel, can you do Alone? And finally we will end with Artie and Tina, and the rest of the group singing My Life Would Suck Without You and then Don't Stop Believin' with Rachel and Finn. How does that sound?"

The group certainly sounded happy. Rachel was talking excitedly to Finn about her solo and her duet with him. They had started going out a week or so after the baby daddy revelation. Puck was helping Quinn with the baby. Although, Quinn had been getting friendly with Mike. Puck and Kurt had been going strong for just under a month. The day of Sectionals would be a month.

"That sounds great Mr Shue." Mr Shue smiled. "Thanks Artie. Now guys, I would like us to give that a quick run-through before we leave today. So Kurt, up you get!" Kurt smiled at Puck and climbed off Puck's lap. Mr Shue handed him a microphone and Kurt nodded to band. The music began and Kurt instantly looked happy as he began to sing.

Too late for second-guessing / Too late to go back to sleep / It's time to trust my instincts / Close my eyes: and leap! Everyone could see the happiness radiating from the boy. Kiss me goodbye / I am defying gravity / And you wont bring me down! Puck loved seeing Kurt sing. It was almost as good as his kisses. Kurt changed whenever the music started. Singing brought out happiness in Kurt that Puck discovered could only be brought out if he sang to him. Which he did. Often. They both loved it.

I'd sooner buy / Defying gravity / Kiss me goodbye / I'm defying gravity / I think I'll try / Defying gravity / And you won't bring me down! Mr Shue motioned to Puck as the music came to an end and Puck joined Kurt on stage. They had practised this song so many times. The difference this time was that they had to act out the anger. It was difficult though, because all they felt towards each other was happiness and love. Mr Shue had been helping them though.

"Remember boys, act angry. It's an angry song." The two boys nodded and their faces changed as they looked at their fellow Glee clubbers. They actually looked angry. Shot through the heart and you're to blame / Darlin' you give love a bad name. Mr Shue smiled. The club seemed to finally be ready for Sectionals and so far, nobody was fighting anymore. Even Finn, Puck and Quinn had sorted out their differences.

Although Rachel was still being bossy and right now, she was impatiently waiting to perform her solo and show everyone up. Mr Shue was originally not going to put a solo in for Rachel, but then he received an earful and she threatened to leave the club again, so he decided to give her one so she would leave him alone. Rachel was pleased when her shot finally came to practice again.

Some people rolled their eyes as she got prepared. Finn was just grinning at her. She couldn't believe her luck when she finally managed to get him all for herself. It had taken a while, Finn had been a bit depressed over Quinn, but Kurt and Puck decided to help her get Finn. They could tell Finn needed someone knew and Rachel was obviously in love with him. It killed two birds with one stone.

Rachel sung beautifully as usual and after bowing and accepting the lack of applause she received, she sat down and let Finn and Quinn go up. Quinn was starting to show a bit more, but she was well off her due date, so the club wasn't worried about her going into labour during Sectionals. Rachel was a bit envious of how into the duet Finn and Quinn got, but when they finished, Finn went over and hugged Rachel.

Mercedes grinned at Kurt and Puck as she got up. Mercedes was becoming very fond of Puck, especially since he made Kurt happy. He also bought Kurt gifts sometimes, even Prada clothes, so she knew he had some fashion sense. It was also nice to see Kurt happy for once and not being bullied. Puck, Finn, Matt and Mike sorted out anybody who said anything about Kurt or Puck.

Puck and Rachel were on good terms. Since his best friend was dating her, he had to play nice. They hadn't sung Alone since they were dating, so it was a little awkward for them. But they managed. Puck just sung to Kurt and Rachel sung to Finn. Quinn didn't really seem to care about Rachel and Finn, like everyone thought she would. She was just smiling as she watched her baby's father sing to his boyfriend.

Once they had finished, the whole group got up to sing My Life Would Suck Without You and Don't Stop Believin'. The choreography turned out great for both the songs and Artie, Tina, Rachel and Finn sung all the leads well. After such a successful practice, it was no wonder everyone was pumped about the next day. Mr Shue sent them home after practice, feeling pretty good himself.

Everyone arrived at school at 8am the next day. Everyone was huddled onto the bus by half past and they got to Sectionals at about 9am. They were competing last, at about 12pm. After settling in to watch the others compete, everyone's nerves started flaring up. Once they were rushed backstage in the middle of the Jane Adams Academy's performance, people began acting strangely.

Rachel was pacing. Finn was huddled in a ball in the corner of the room. Brittany, Matt, Mike and Santana were glancing around the group nervously. Artie and Tina were whispering to each other. Mercedes kept glancing at the clock. Kurt was tapping his foot to some unknown beat, which was annoying most of the group. But Puck was nowhere to be seen.

Mercedes had watched the clock click over to 12pm and they heard their school announced. Kurt was up first and Mr Shue hustled him out towards the stage. Mr Shue was panicking because nobody could find Puck, and Kurt was getting extremely nervous. Finn had left the room to search for Puck, but had returned moments later without Puck.

Kurt did not want to go on without Puck there. Puck was the one who had convinced him to pull off Defying Gravity in the first place, and now he wasn't here to witness the performance. Kurt was actually getting quite angry at Puck.

The announcer called out their school once more and Kurt had no choice but to go on. The curtains opened and Kurt's eyes widened a little. There were so many people. Kurt looked back at Mr Shue, who gave him a pleading look. Kurt nodded to the man in control of the music and he heard the music start.

Something has changed within me / Something is not the same / I'm through with playing by the rules / Of someone else's game / Too late for second-guessing / Too late to go back to sleep / It's time to trust my instincts / Close my eyes: and leap! Kurt realised he sounded kind of rusty. He really hoped Puck would show up soon or their performance was going to go down the drain.

It's time to try / Defying gravity / I think I'll try / Defying gravity / Kiss me goodbye / I am defying gravity / And you wont bring me down! Kurt looked at Mr Shue who shook his head. Where are you Noah? I need you! Kurt took a deep breath and smiled a little as he started singing again. I'm through accepting limits / 'cause someone says they're so / Some things I cannot change / But till I try, I'll never know! / Too long I've been afraid of / Losing love I guess I've lost / Well, if that's love / It comes at much too high a cost!

Kurt swore he saw Puck out of the corner of his eye at one of the entrances. Suddenly he heard a voice start singing. He turned to his right and saw Puck walking out onto the stage, carrying a bunch of roses. I'd sooner buy / Defying gravity / Kiss me goodbye / I'm defying gravity / I think I'll try / Defying gravity / And you wont bring me down!Puck grinned and rushed off the stage and sat down in the crowd. Kurt smiled back and knew he had to finish this song on a high.

I'd sooner buy / Defying gravity / Kiss me goodbye / I'm defying gravity / I think I'll try / Defying gravity / And you won't bring me down! / bring me down! / ohh ohhh ohhhh! The crowd went wild as Kurt nailed the note. Kurt grinned and Puck rushed back on stage as the music changed. Puck handed the roses to Mr Shue, who was giving a Puck a look that said he would kill him, but he was thankful that he has showed up.

Shot through the heart and you're to blame / You give love a bad name! Mr Shue sighed with relief. Kurt and Puck had slid into their angry personas and gave a hell of a start to the song.

The rest of the show went fantastically. Halfway through Puck and Kurt's song, the rest of the group joined them on stage and everybody sung great. Finn and Quinn sang like they were still in love, Mercedes and Rachel both nailed their solos, Puck and Rachel looked really cute together and the group songs got the crowd on their feet, dancing, singing and clapping along.

The judging process went on for a long time. Mr Shue commented that it was longer then usual. That had gotten the club all worried and worked up. Kurt kept tapping his foot again, which was really annoying Rachel, so she went over and stomped on his foot. Puck launched at her as Kurt looked around wildly. Finn launched at Puck for attacking Rachel and soon the club was involved in a full out brawl.

Mr Shue, Brittany and Kurt attempted to break it up, only succeeding when someone came in to tell them that the judges had reached a decision. Mr Shue told them that whatever happened, he loved them all, and the club, and that he thought they were the best out there.

They were out on the stage five minutes later, some of them looking worse for wear. Puck was even bleeding a little, from an accidental kick in the lip. The judges were giving them strange looks, especially Puck, but started announcing the positions. In third place was the Jane Adams Academy. The club were feeling a bit more confident.

The judges pulled out the first place envelope and one picked up the trophy. The McKinley club huddled together, some holding hands, some crossing their fingers. "And going through to the Regional competition later this school year is…" There was silence as everyone stared at that one judge. "William McKinley!" The girls in the club started screaming and the boys started cheering.

The crowd was going wild. Mr Shue sent Rachel and Finn forward to get the trophy and Mr Shue was handed a microphone. "We would like to thank the other two clubs for competing against us today. We would also like to thank the Principal of McKinley High for giving us a chance to come here today. We cannot wait for Regionals! Go New Directions!"

The club started cheering again and everyone started hugging each other. Puck went over to Kurt, lifted him up and kissed him. Some people started wolf-whistling. Kurt smiled when Puck put him down. "I'm sorry I was late. Turns out the flower shop was actually really busy today. God knows why. But I made it. With impeccable timing I might add."

Kurt smiled. "Do you even know what impeccable means Noah?" Puck smiled and shook his head. "No, not really." Kurt laughed and Puck pulled him into a hug. "Hang on." Puck pulled away. "Why did you go buy me flowers?" "Did you forget? Today is our one month anniversary!" Kurt smiled and blushed a little. "You remembered!" "Of course I did! Do you like them?" Puck asked, motioning to the roses in Kurt's hands. "Of course I do Noah. They are beautiful. Thank you."

Puck just shrugged. "It was nothing." Kurt rolled his eyes. "I love you Noah." "I love you too Kurt. Now we have to go!" "Where?" "To Rachel's after party! Although, I'm not a big fan of her dads, but let's go celebrate!" Kurt raised an eyebrow. "This isn't about the after party is it? You want to get into my pants!" Puck smiled sheepishly. "Is it that obvious?" "Yes Noah! But you know…I probably wouldn't mind if you did."

Puck's eyes widened. "What? You want to have sex?" "Only if we are safe though. And my dad is probably still working, so how does now work for you?" Puck's face resembled a fish. His mouth kept opening and shutting. "Y-yeah. Now works." Kurt grinned. "Well come on then!" Kurt grabbed Puck's arm and started dragging him off the stage.

It wasn't until they were outside that Puck realised what was happening. He suddenly slammed Kurt into a wall and started frantically making out with him. Kurt shoved him off. "Can't you wait? Geez!" Puck smiled sheepishly again and enclosed his hand in Kurt's. "How did I get such a willing guy as my boyfriend?" Kurt turned to Puck. "Because you had to fight for me. I don't cave easily."

"That's what you think! I can make you go weak at the knees just by smiling at you." Kurt laughed. "Yeah right." Puck smiled, and unwillingly, Kurt did go weak at the knees. "Ha! I win! Puck - 1, Kurt – 0!" "You don't wanna start this with me, cause I will beat you Noah!" Puck just shrugged. "Bring it!" Puck started running to the car and Kurt chased him.

Kurt reached Puck just as Puck reached the car and Puck pulled Kurt towards him and kissed him. Someone tapped Kurt on the shoulder and he turned around. It was one of the judges. "It's nice to see you two young boys being so open about your relationship. You do not care about what people think do you?" Kurt smiled. "No, not anymore, because our friends are fine with it, so it's ok." The man smiled. "Well I'm glad you two do not have to hide. The roses were a cute touch as well." Puck grinned. "I thought so too!"

"Well I hope you two have a great relationship together. Love is really a special thing." The two boys nodded. "Thanks. Thanks for being understanding." The man nodded. "It's ok. I like people who do not care about what others think." "And nor do we. It was nice to meet you." "You too. And well done today. Your group was fantastic!"

"We just love singing. That's all." "That's what makes you people special. I have to go. Good luck at Regionals!" Puck and Kurt waved at the judge as he walked away. "He was nice. I like him." "Hey! You're my boyfriend! Remember that Hummel!" "Noah, he's like 30. Get a grip!" Puck looked back at the man. "Ok. That's alright then. Can we get back to what we were doing?" Kurt nodded. "Sure!"

Artie was the first to notice. "Hey guys, where are Puck and Kurt?" Everyone started looking at each other and shrugging. "Do you think they are…you know…" Someone gagged but Finn, Tina, Mercedes and Rachel just nodded. "Wanna go check?" There were many yes's and soon Artie, Tina, Finn, Mercedes, Matt and Mike were all piled in a car, on the way to Kurt's house.

Once the car pulled up, Finn got out first and rushed up to the door and knocked. There was no answer. But the door was unlocked. Finn just shrugged and headed inside. It looked like a bomb had hit. There were clothes everywhere. The couch was messed up and so was the kitchen. The clothes made a trail, so the group followed it and were lead to a door down to the basement.

Finn shoosed the group and they snuck down the stairs. There were moans and groans coming from the bed and someone in the group just lost it and started laughing. Everyone turned to glare at Mercedes, but the noises had already stopped. Two heads appeared from under the blankets. Kurt was blinking, looking over at the group. Puck was doing his fish impression again.

"Uh, hi guys! You weren't at the party, so we came looking for you." Kurt's face showed that he had finally registered what was happening and he grabbed a pair of pants and shoved them on before heading straight for the group. "Out! Get out!" "Alright! Geez Kurt! Calm down white boy!" The group left, some laughing, some still a bit surprised about what they had actually seen.

"Did anybody get Puck's face on camera? That was hilarious!" Finn grinned. He pulled out his phone and showed everybody the photo. "Do you reckon he will hunt us down now?" Tina actually looked worried. "Nah Tina, we'll be fine. Puck's gone soft now." There was a noise from behind the basement door and then there was a muffled "I am not soft!"

"Ok, now I think we should run, before Puck really does get us!" The Glee kids left the house as quickly as possible and were halfway down the street before they saw Kurt's dad's car pull in the driveway. Finn and Mercedes exchanged glances before bursting out laughing. They were gonna be in so much shit. Monday couldn't come quick enough.

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