Lack of Horizon

A Pirates of the Caribbean Angst/General Fanfic

Jack contemplates what the problem with the world is.

Rated K+ for heavy on the angst, light on the clearness of it.

Disclaimer: The angst behind this is mostly mine, to tell you the truth, though I saw the perfect analogy in that line of Beckett's. IMDB gave me the actual line.

A/N: Inspired by a slightly depressing conversation with a friend, and a good memory for the line 'Freedom! Jack Sparrow is a dying breed. The world is shrinking. The blank edges of the map filled in. Jack must find his place in the new world or perish.'

(173 words)

The problem was not the lack of horizon. He could always find another horizon, a new path, somewhere new to travel. No, the problem had been expertly articulated by Beckett, though he neither knew that the late lord had uttered such truths nor would admit that he had, if he'd known. The problem was that everything was slowly sliding into its proper place, and Jack Sparrow was not one to have a niche to fill. What he needed – the only thing he reliably needed – was the proper sense of freedom that came from having somewhere no-one had claimed to call his own.

And now, with every last bit of land discovered by some half-brained twit obsessed with nothing but his own claim to fame, the freedoms of the world were drying up. As the world became 'civilised', the freedoms of the common man dried up, until even sailing across an endless ocean got you no further from the familiar, societal discipline than walking through the marketplace of a military port did.