Hello! Well, here I am with another fanfic. I'm bad with words, so when you review, friendly advice is welcome! Useless shit and flames are not! So, this story may be a bit scary, so I cranked it up to rating T. It also has a bit of humor in it, so that should calm it down a bit. Well, I'm sad to say I must go over some things before we can get going. You can skip this, but you'll understand the story less, so I advise you read this.

First, this story takes place after a great battle at Egg City, one of Eggman's bases. After Sonic and his pals battled Eggman and put his base to Self-Destruct, Sonic, his pals, and Eggman escaped while it blew up. It was run by this toxic liquid, which splattered pretty much everywhere in the field it was located in. Most of the base was underground, while only a small dome building was above. Many tunnels extended like a maze beneath the surface. No one knows how long or far they go. Some people believe it goes to the center of Sonic's world itself. So, anyways, the toxic stuff killed all the animals and plants, so everything died there. It was so poisonous that the plants never grew back. Metal parts of once working robots and dead trees and grass scattered this place. Another sad story of this place was some people before Sonic and his pals came to stop this tried to do it themselves. Many people and they all got lost in the tunnels and died.

Second, I have some OCs in here which may need some explaining. One is Ashley the White Tiger. She has an emerald necklace which lets her use physic powers. No, she is not as powerful as you think. She can't tell the future or anything. Next is Michelle the Rabbit, who is Ashley's best friend. She is paired up with Tails in this one, mostly because I think they honestly make a good couple. Last is Maddie the Hedgehog. She's just basically like your normal hedgehog. She's paired up with Shadow, mostly because she fills up the hole in his heart.

Third, some of the original characters in here have personality changes. Like Sonic is a guy who hopelessly flirts with ladies but never seems to get any luck, except with Amy. Though she's not the person he hopes to get attention from.

Last, there are some couples in here. They are Knuckles x Rouge, Silver x Blaze, Tails x OC, Shadow x OC, and the others are just not interested in romance now. I'm not sure if Sonic x Amy counts, because Amy is just obsessed with him and Sonic is a bit too old for her.

Hope I didn't leave anything out! Well, happy reading!