E/O Challenge

Prompt: Shoe

Count: 100 on the nose

Summary: Dean's a senior and Sam's in 8th grade. Dean is unprepared for gym class but luckily his little brother is right down the hall. Teenchester!

A/N: Sorry for posting late! My muse was dead and now it's alive. Enjoy!

Gym Class

"C'mon Sammy dad's gonna be so pissed if I'm not prepared." Dean bounced.

Young Sam sighed heavily and leaned against the locker, "Your gonna trip and fall and break your legs."

"If I break something it'll be your fault for having big feet. Please!"

Sam sighed and quickly took off his sneakers and Dean gave him his boots.

"I think were running in gym."

"Maybe my feet will shrink when there crushed in these shoes."

"Hopefully. Thanks Sammy."

"Yeah, Yeah whatever. Meet me over here before 6th or I'm screwed for gym."

Dean nodded with a grin and hurried off.