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Catching Me

Chapter One:
Catching Retribution

New England
Boston, Massachusetts
June 22, 1923

"But daddy isn't here Spike, we should find daddy…" Drusilla raved as they entered one of the bars along the strip they were currently stalking. Both were still hungry and Spike couldn't find a single treat that would fill both of them up.

"Hush up Dru, daddy can bloody well take care of himself, for now we need to talk care of ourselves and find a snack." Spike, also known as William the Bloody, kept a tight hold on Drusilla's hand as they found their way though the bar.

It was easy to get in, once he had snapped the neck of the guard at the door. At least in here they would be safe for a while, it was another speakeasy they had found to look for dinner. This one, as it appeared to be, was a strip joint too, with a number of pretty ladies up on stage taking their clothes off for money.

Spike sat Drusilla at a booth, so he could go around and find someone suitable for them to drink off of. Ever since Angel had been cursed with a soul and Darla decided to abandon them they had been on their own. For a little over 20 years they have been doing pretty well for themselves, but Spike wanted somewhere to set up Drusilla and himself for a while, maybe get some minions to take care of their needs but in order to do that he needed to get stronger.

He had thought he had finally found one, a pretty girl in a flapper dress willing to give it up to just about anyone when the lights dimmed and some Celtic music started. For a moment Spike expected to see the great Irish poof himself but what he saw made him stop in his tracks.

The girl had short blood red hair; it clung to her shoulders like blood drops he wanted to lick off because he knew it would be so very sweet. Her eyes were as green as emeralds, as if he were staring at the very isles of Eire and their grass fields. Her body went on forever and when she opened her mouth to sing with the music, relaying a story in a song as most Celtic ballads did, it was like a siren's song leading him closer and closer. The music pulled him in and the imagery she created with her words was outstanding.

Spike was startled out of his watching when he was touched by Drusilla, who looked at him thoughtfully before speaking. "You are so taken with the green kitten, aren't you Spike?" She wrapped her arms around his, coming closer to her childe. She laid her head on his shoulder and looked up to the girl on the stage currently taking off a few articles of clothing, but she never got nearly as naked as any of the other girls. Drusilla smiled as she spoke, "she would upset daddy very much, but I see her and my Spike surrounded by pretty flames and singing."

Spike turned to look at her curiously, Drusilla's visions were always right but one could never really decipher them at the time unless they got more detail out of her. "Wot do you see princess?"

Drusilla then began to sing along with the song that the girl onstage was singing. Unfortunately without a proper command of the Celtic language she couldn't replicate some of the sounds or syllables and Spike knew he wasn't going to get any more out of her right now. He did get one thing from her meaning, she saw this girl in the future and obviously she was with them. He was never one to call Drusilla a liar so a plan began to form in his mind, a plan to turn his own childe.

Spike smirked, "Let's find us a bite to eat an then find a place for the day, how's that princess?"

That obviously got Drusilla's attention as she pointed to a girl close by and Spike smirked, it was the same girl he had originally been stalking. He was glad they stopped in Boston.

*** Present Day ***

"Because the master of this territory," Spike took the cigarette out of his mouth and looked to Xander as he blew out the smoke, the curls and ringlets of ghost like fingers finding their way around his head, "she's my childe."

Xander looked at Spike incredulously, for a moment he thought he misheard the vampire. Did he just say he had a childe? "Spike, how come none of the watcher journals don't mention her or that there aren't any accounts for that matter?"

Spike snorted, "she's kept hidden since I turned her back in the 20's. If Angelus knew I turned my own childe, he'd be after her in a split second. Try to make her into another Dru." Spike leaned over the railing to look down at the river below.

"Okay that does make sense, Angelus could be pretty nasty. I certainly wouldn't put it past him to try and turn her into another Drusilla." Xander agreed as he leaned on the railing next to Spike. "So, why would you avoid her if she's your childe? Wouldn't you be happy to see her?"

"Usually I would pet, been a while since I've seen her. But you see I don't want her to see you an think about killin' you." Xander's eyes widened comically and Spike chuckled, "don't worry I wouldn't let her touch you, but I don't want to see you an her clash."

Spike nodded, "uh huh, I'm sensing a story here." Xander smiled, leaning against the railing and signaling he wasn't going anywhere until he heard the rest of the story.

"Well, she liked Dru alright. She just didn't like sharing me is all. She always wanted to just have me to herself a while, me an her killin' our way across a country an havin' a bloody good time. I had promised to take her to Paris, show her the Louvre."

"You still could," Xander mentioned, looking up at the stars. He understood everything about vampire families; he was paying attention when Giles was lecturing about it.

"Wot do you mean luv?" Spike asked, flicking his cigarette butt with a shower of sparks into the river below.

"I mean if we meet her, and she's okay with the whole you and me thing, maybe we should take her with us…I think I'd like to see the Louvre too." Xander looked over at the vampire and smiled an genuine warm smile. "I mean, it wouldn't be that hard for me to give you guys enough space for the sire/childe bonding thing, and then you could do the mate bonding thing with me to make it special and it sounds really good already so why don't' we go look for her?" Xander finally took a breath after that long babble sentence.

Thankfully enough, Spike had become fluent in both Xander and Willow-babble. To the untrained ear that sentence sounded like a long string of words that had no meaning or origin. To him it sounded like music, his lover admitting to be his mate and stating how okay he was with the sire/childe thing. Putting his arm around Xander to bring the boy in close, he rolled his brow across Xander's in a familiar gesture he'd used often with Dru. "You are a bit of alright, luv. I can't believe you're okay with this kind of thing."

Xander smiled, enjoying the fact Spike would use this intimate gesture with him. Something deep within him uncurled and started to purr contentedly. Of course the purr didn't actually happen, as he didn't have the equipment necessary to purr. However, the contentment he felt deep within him somehow caused the sensation of purring his happiness. "I did pay attention when Giles talked about vampires and their traditions. I even grabbed a few of the books to read up on it."

At this revelation Spike was the one to break out into a purr; he didn't mind doing it for Xander. Anyone else though, he'd claim it a myth and call them barmy for even thinking vampires could purr. "Knew you were so much smarter than all the others Xan, I knew you were."

Xander looked away then, but did not move from Spike's arms otherwise. "No I'm not, I just read a little extra than the rest at the time…"

Spike jerked him forward so they were face to face, "don't you go putting yourself down luv. You are smart, you just learn in a different way than the others. Haven't you heard of the different intelligences?" Spike knew the answer before Xander shook his head. Spike sighed, "right, I'm not gona get into here in the middle of a soddin bridge, but I will give you the short an dirty version. Everyone learns differently. Red learns by usin numbers an magic an the like, Buffy learned by runnin her gob to death." This caused Xander to laugh softly, because it was true. "You learn by usin yer hands. That's why you were so good at construction and the like. I have no doubt if you put yer mind to stuff like that you'd succeed."

Xander was going to argue, but really why should he? Spike was right even if he hadn't heard about the multiple intelligence things. Besides, the only person he was concerned about impressing was Spike and as long as Spike thought he was smart that was good enough for him.

"So, tell me about Blair," Xander asked as he sipped at his soda. He looked up at the stars, it really was a beautiful night.

"Well, where should I start? I saw her for the first time when Dru an I visited Boston back in 1923. She was workin at a speakeasy…" He turned to look at Xander a moment, "understand back then was prohibition. Drinkin alcohol was illegal an the only way to get it was though secret joints where you had to have a password to get in."

"Oh, just like in the movies!" Xander seemed intruiged now, that an actual event in a movie was true.

Spike laughed at Xander's excitement, "yeah, pet. Just like in the movies. Anyway, she took her clothes off for money, what little there was to begin with. That said she wasn't a whore. She only took the clothes off for money; she never offered any extra services. I could respect that luv, the depression was settin in an everyone needed a way to supplement Wot income they had."

Xander nodded, leaning on his arm. "Well, what did she do for a living?"

"She was a ledger clock," Spike replied as he got another cigarette out to light. He saw Xander's confused look and cursed the fact the boy didn't know British terminology, "she was an accountant, luv, a bookkeeper. She kept track of money for people an she was damn good at it. Just… her dad wasn't all that great."

Xander could almost guess how he wasn't a very good dad, "let me guess, something like my dad?"

Spike snorted, "you don't know the half of it luv." Spike paused to light his second cigarette and kept going, "you gotta understand they were Irish immigrants. Her da, he drank a lot like your da. He took his frustrations of the family business goin under out on both her mum an her. To try an help the family she took the second job. It was the third night that I'd seen her in a row that I finally decided to go though with my plan an turn her."

"I'm guessing you didn't know about her dad at the time?" Xander asked, none of this bothered him. It was how Spike's past was and he accepted it all when he agreed to be this vampire's mate.

"Nope, all I knew was that Dru saw her an me together in the future an who was I to call her a liar?" Spike looked up at the stars, wishing they'd talk to him now like they did Drusilla. Maybe he'd know which way to go from here.

Spike felt Xander's arms go around him and he relaxed as Xander's head rested against his shoulder. "How bout we get back to the room, yeah? Have some snuggles, and plan our next step yeah?"

Xander nodded, he couldn't complain with that plan. Snuggling with his vampire while they talked out and decided where they'd go next. Maybe he could convince Spike to go to Europe so they could see the sights together.

They began to walk down the bridge again, arm in arm, when they heard the squelching of tires on pavement. They turned just in time to see a pick-up truck, black of course, speeding down the bridge. It got just past them before a door opened on the passenger side and dumped a suspiciously human shaped object out of the truck before speeding off again.

Xander blinked, "well, that was odd. Maybe we should go over and see if the person is alright?"

Spike shook his head, "I dunno pet, Wotever that bloke did we don't want to get tangled up in. Best we just continue on and get back to the room, yeah?"

Xander's white hat tendencies wouldn't be pushed aside like that. Xander shook his head, "we should at least check to see if they are alright…maybe call 911 real quick and then go."

Spike cursed the boy's condition to help those in need. But he agreed. He wouldn't get Xander back to the hotel unless they checked. Well he could, honestly he could just toss the boy over his shoulder and run back. They'd make it there in less than 30 seconds. But the boy would be sore at him for a while and he wanted to get laid tonight. Was that so much to ask?

As the advanced on the still body Spike stiffened a little. He recognized that scent, he recognized the bit of red hair that spilled out past a cap that was on a very recognizable face, and he recognized the claddagh ring on a very familiar hand that he'd seen on him in one way or another for so many years.

Spike rushed forward the last few feet, and turned the lump over. Underneath the dirt and blood and swollen bruises was the pretty face of the very woman Spike turned 86 years ago. "Oh, bollocks! Blair!" Spike pulled the limp woman up and pulled the woolen cap from her head. Dark fiery red hair spilled out in waves where she had not cut her hair in so long. Spike looked over his childe worried; he began to track the different wounds she had, so he'd know what he had to do.

Beginning with her face she had a number of bruises and cuts. Her lip was split, her left eye was black, there was blood caked in her hair at her hair line. She was a mess, and she smelled very much like urine where someone or multiple someone's had pissed on her.

Xander had knelt down next to the two vampires as well; looking Blair's broken body over. "We should take her back to our room and clean her up, Spike. Someone did a number on her."

Spike seemed to growl as he stood, "yeah, an soon as I find out who they're gona get my boot up their arse." He carefully picked Blair's body up, trying hard not to jar her too much in case of any broken bones. Obviously it wasn't enough because she cried out in her unconscious state at the pain of bones grinding.

Spike sat her back down, "fuck we have to set a few bones right now or they'll just get worse."

Xander watched Spike laid her spread out and began to check where the bones were broken. He found a broken femur in her left leg and a dislocated shoulder. Spike sat over her upper body as he prepared to restrain her. "You have to set her leg luv."

"What! I…I don't know if I can Spike… Can't I hold her down and you do it?" Xander watched his vampire lover nerviously.

"You don't know how to hold her down, nor do you have the strength. She'd claw you an hurt you, you have to set her leg." Spike said as calmly and patiently as possible. "y've set yer own enough times, it's the same thing just in female form."

Xander swallowed and took a quick breath. He knew Spike was right, if he were to hold Blair down chances were he'd claw him and kick him and hurt him. He knelt back down next to the broken leg and judged how to pull it in order to set it.

Spike knew the moment he'd done it. He had heard a sickening crunch as the bone was set back in line and Blair wailed in pain. She jerked against his hold, her hands forming claws to tear at him, but he held firm until she quit struggling.

When she finally settled back into the unnatural sleep that he knew was a vampire in a healing coma Spike nodded. He looked back to Xander who was shaking from setting a bone and watching a vampire react so violently.

"Y'did good Xan, trust me. You took away her pain," Spike looked back down at the still body. "Unfortunately that hurt so much it put her into a coma."

"A coma! I thought you said I helped!" Xander was terrified he'd just made things worse.

"Settle down luv, comas are different for vampires then they are for humans. A vampire goes into a coma when they've been hurt bad. Their body goes into arrest and won't awaken again until the healing has finished. However, it's very likely she can hear everything even if she can't react."

"You think she can hear us?" Xander asked, coming beside his lover to peer at the girl.

"It's possible, unless she really is sleepin' too. Now, get on her other side an hold her while I relocate her shoulder." Spike held the girl up while Xander moved around behind her to hold her.

"Who do you think did this?" Xander asked. He braced himself as a backstop while Spike forced her shoulder forward and back into its socket. This time Blair lay still and did not react.

"I don't know, but I did get a whiff of vampire scent form that truck that drove by an dumped her. Chances are they were tryin to get her into the river. When she fell short they probably decided to drive away instead of tossing her over when they saw us." Spike stroked the girl's cheek gently, his childe and she lay at his feet broken and battered. He'd put her back together, his precious childe.

Xander noticed this and smiled inwardly, sire and childe were back together and he'd make sure they stayed together if it was the last thing he ever did. He knew how important relationships like this were and how much love could be between the two vampires. He felt privileged to be a part of it. Privileged instead of jealous, and he didn't feel like trying to examine that. Instead he accepted it as truth and moved on.

"It was damn lucky we were here tonight." Xander mentioned as he held the vampire up while Spike stood. He handed over his burden as Spike pulled her up into his arms.

"You can say that again, luv. Let's get out of here before those blokes get back to finish wot they started." Spike let Xander go first before following the boy toward their hotel room on the other side of the river.

Stepping into to room, Spike deposited his burden on the bed before sending Xander into the bathroom to grab whatever items they could use to clean Blair up with. He wasn't worried so much about bandaging her up; her vampire healing would take care of that. His biggest concern was getting her clean and making sure nothing healed inside the wounds on her body.

When Xander was coming back in with water, towels and other sundry items to clean out wounds with Spike was ripping the shirt off her. It was stained and in bloody shreds anyway. He caught a glint in her back when he was removing the rags and frowned, "bollocks, she's got glass in her back. Get some pliers or something we have to get the glass out." Spike removed the rest of the shirt and tossed it in the vicinity of the trash can.

Xander had searched the room for anything they could use and came up with a pair of pliers a repair man had left under the sink. He sat it on the bed as he brought over a plate to put the shards on once Spike had removed them. "We don't have anything to bandage her up with," Xander mentioned.

"No need for that pet, her vamp healin will kick in soon. But we don't want anythin' healing inside the wounds so we gotta get out ever last piece of glass."

Xander nodded, he was already setting to work getting her hair out of the way. He'd pulled glass out of his own wounds enough times to know what to do. Together, passing the pliers back and forth, they removed ever last shard from her back and laid them on the plate nearby. Each clink signaling they were that much closer to finishing.

Soon the plate was full of bloody pieces of glass and her back was cleaned. Spike had quickly washed the wounds with one of the towels and warm water before turning to Xander, and the boy took the queue to take the glass shards out of the way.

Once Xander had given his childe her privacy Spike turned down the sheets quickly and laid her, on her back, on the bed. Once he had removed the pants still wrapped around her legs he began to check for any other wounds besides the obvious heavy bruising around the broken bone.

"My poor little girl, wot did they do to you?" He ran a hand gently down her belly and stroked his fingers up her side. Making sure the only serious wounds left were the scrapes on her face where she fell from the truck, he pulled the blankets up over her body. "I remember when you gave your new doll to Dru because she was sad about 'daddy' getting than nasty soul." He gave a short laugh, remembering the events, "you got all huffy when she started callin' it Miss Edith and said she had better hair then yours. Ya aught to know she was just teasing you poppet. She still did love you, told me so many nights."

Xander stood in the doorway of the bathroom listening to Spike talk to his comatose childe. He smiled a little; he remembered Drusilla and didn't find it hard to consider the crazed vampire liking Spike's childe. She loved Spike and would probably love whatever he created. Unfortunately he also remembered the instance when she left Spike for a Chaos Demon only to return a while after Spike had gotten chipped to help feed him. She had broken a girl's neck so Spike could feed fresh from a vein without fear of the chip firing.

The chip was no longer a problem, and Xander was glad of that. He knew he essentially helped put a killer back on the streets but that was the natural order of things. He felt himself unable to judge Spike at all, what with his little k-9 problem. He'd never told Spike about the time he'd been possessed with a Hyena spirit. Truth was…he wasn't sure it had ever left. And now, watching Spike care so sweetly for his childe he had sense of…family. It was a strange sensation and the term 'pack' came strongly to his mind. It unnerved him that he couldn't pin down the source of this and decide for sure whether or not he still had a Hyena spirit within him.

Xander watched as Spike dipped a wash cloth in the warm water and started to clean Blair's face. As the dirt and blood began to wash away, Xander got a glimpse of the beauty that lay beneath. Her red hair only the tip of the ice burg, and Xander could guess she had glowing green eyes to finish the look. He knew had her face not been swollen in places, or scraped, her looks would be stunning.

Starting with her lips, Spike cleaned away the blood from the split and traveled up to her right eyebrow to clean the dried trickles of blood that had gone down into her eye. Dipping the rag into the water to rinse it, Spike continued on with her nose that looked to be broken. He knew it'd heal wrong if he didn't align it. With a quick snap, it was back in its proper position and he dabbed at the caked blood beneath her nostrils.

Spike could only imagine the trauma needed to cause a break. A fist slamming into the side of her face, wearing a gold ring with the symbol of the devil on it. Spike ran a thumb across a cut eyebrow, no torn! Upon further examination there was a recognizable indentation into the side of the eyebrow where a piercing used to be. Use to be, as now it was torn out. Fingers, sporting well manicured nails, plucking at the bar imbedded in flesh and savagely ripping it out.

Spike smelled holy water in the wound, and knew that it would now scar into a similar shape of his own scar he had received over 100 years ago. Spike checked her ears then, fearing perhaps if the culprit had done the same to all piercings in her body but breathed a sigh of relief when her ears were whole and intact; all four holes in each ear still there.

Spike brushed the wet cloth over her lips, cleaning the new blood there from where her split lip had opened again and took a second glance. Another piercing had survived intact, and this one Spike had not seen yet. A stud stuck out of her bottom lip, a blue jewel like ball attached to the end and it sparkled as the light caught it. Spike brushed a fingertip over it. She was always one for symbolism and poetic irony. He was curious as to what this was supposed to mean.

Further examining her lips, he noticed two holes in her top lip just above where her fangs would be. These were empty however intact. She obviously had gotten herself pierced there as well and Spike could imagine what those piercings looked like when she wore them, probably like fangs. Again, she was always one for symbolism and poetic irony. He wondered if her victims had any clue what they were getting into as she stalked them. If they thought the piercings were merely there for decoration or if they suspected they hinted at an even more dangerous threat beneath.

By this time Xander had been standing over her looking over the various piercings she sported. Four in each ear, three in the lobes and one in her cartilage; and three in her lips making a total of 11 holes. "She really took Punk to a whole new level."

Spike could only nod, "the ones in her lips are new, at least new to me. Last time I saw her she didn't have them."

"Who do you think did this to her?" Xander asked as he walked around the bed and gathered up the soiled towels to get rid of.

Spike could only shake his head as he thought, "dunno, pet. She knows how to make enemies. She's a hellova fighter though; typically she can hold her own. I smell a number of different scents on her, most of which are vampire but there's one…an I can't place it."

Xander frowned as he brought in a few more wash clothes to help clean Blair up with, "what do you mean you can't place it?"

"I mean, I've never smelled this kind of scent before. It smells of death, yeah. But it's old an there's brimstone an the distinct smell of fire in there." Spike said as he sat there thinking. It was obvious she'd been jumped by multiple enemies and where as she was good…she wasn't that good. If enough enemies tried to bring her down…they'd succeed.

The bed shifted and at first Spike thought it may have been Xander trying to help, but when it shifted violently again he got up and realized Xander was still standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Blair clawed at the bed as they heard a few snaps, bones resetting themselves thanks to the vampire healing, and her deep emerald eyes opened. The first thing she saw was neatly groomed and slicked back hair and she attacked without thinking and without realizing that hair was bleach blonde instead of black.

Her mind returned to her, and her vision cleared, once she had Spike against the wall with both her hands around his throat. Thankfully vampires didn't need to breath but Spike knew any tighter and the girl might have been able to take his head clean off.

The moment he felt her grip loosen even a millimeter his hands grabbed her wrists and pulled her off his throat. Holding them out to the side to make sure she didn't go into another fit he looked in her eyes, "it's me poppet, Spike."

Her fierce look smoothed out, she lost her edge, and would have fallen back on her ass had Spike's arm not quickly wrapped around her waist to keep her up. "Fuck, Spike…sight for sore eyes you are."

Xander heard the hint of an Irish accent in her voice. An attempt to clean her voice of such an accent never completely fulfilled.

Spike looked her over her face carefully, "wish I could say the same for you, poppet."

Blair laughed humorlessly, "pain in me arse."

Spike's lips curved up slightly, "Irish bitch…"

Blair's arms crawled their way up around the Brit's neck and hugged as much as she could, with the pain she was in. Spike's other arm snaked around her waist to clutch her close as well. "Oh, god I missed you."

"Now, now, poppet. We've discussed this before, I'm dead sexy but I'm no god." Spike smiled, this caused both Xander and Blair to snort.

"How humble of you," Blair mumbled into his neck. She buried herself away inside his trench coat as if trying to hide from the world. This made Xander ponder; exactly what was it that she had gone though before he and Spike had found her.

Pulling back Spike continued to examine her face, "so, wot's with all the new holes?" Spike moved a finger about her face, indicating the new areas of piercings.

Blair snorted, pulling away. "For me to know an' you to piss off."

"Right to the main event are we?" Spike crossed his arms looking at his childe, "I thought for sure we'd have a few side shows first."

She looked up to him as she started to search around in her jacket that had been discarded a few minutes ago for her smokes. "You weren't here, why should you give a fuck?" Having found her bounty she cried out in triumph finding a pack with a few cigarettes left. Now if only she could find her lighter.

Cigarette dangling from her lips she began to search again, everywhere, for her lighter. Spike sighed; rolling his eyes, and came over to stand beside her. He got out his battered Zippo and lit it in front of her face. She gripped his hand and leaned in to light it. The tip flared to life and she drew deeply on it. "Let's not go kick salt in that old wound luv, I'm here now." Spike snapped the lighter shut, jerking it in front of her face so the lid clipped shut as if trying to bite at her.

She looked up at him with what Xander could only describe as the most frightening glare he'd seen ever. "Yeah, here now, after how many years?"

Spike sighed, "I don't know, when did peaches go nuts an try to open the hellmouth?"

Blair shrugged, "two years, approximately."

Spike trapped her between his body and the wall, getting her to finally look at him seriously, "I was a wanker, I admit it. But had I known you were in trouble I would have come regardless."

Blair looked into his eyes; that answer seemed to placate her. Bringing the cigarette to her mouth and drawing on it, she blew the smoke in his face. He tensed a bit, still waiting for her to make with the information. "Fine," she spat, "I'll tell you what happened."

Spike moved as she pushed her way past him to set on the bed. She was aware of how she must smell at the moment and planned to take a shower as soon as she finished relaying the story to her sire and – the boy smelled interesting. Smelled just like Spike, that was… interesting – his mate.

"It was Balthazar, one of Lu's inner circle demons. He's been an archenemy of mine for some time now. Recently he's set his sights on my company." She brought the cigarette up to her lips and took a puff.

"Company?" Spike asked, needing to get all the facts in his head. How long had she owned a company?

"Yes, I own a company that develops artificial human blood. My first initial reason behind that was I didn't want to have to hunt for my food every single night and… I knew about your chipped condition. So I figured I'd find a way to at least make meals taste better. I also found a market in the human industry with hospitals that need to find a way to transfuse blood into sick patients. My company skyrocketed after that." Blair had finally finished her cigarette and put it out right on the end table without even bothering to see if there was an ashtray nearby.

"So, Balthazar decided to take an interest in your success?" Spike asked, grabbing an ash tray and putting it within reach when Blair moved to light up another.

"Of course, bloody moocher that he is. Says Lu wants all his inner circle elite to control some company of importance eventually. I didn't buy it. So he started to turn my minions against me." She had found a book of matches finally. She used her thumb to flick one of the matches up and it flared brightly.

"Is that who beat the shit out of you." There was slight humor in Spike's eyes, a parent poking fun at a child after a school yard rumble to get the child to cheer up.

Blair speared him with a withering look, lighting her second and last cigarette. "I came in to check the building before going home and that's when they jumped me. Took 20 minions to finally bring me down, the wankers. I'll dust every last one of them soon as I get my hands on em."

"Yer lucky you're not dust." Spike mentioned as he took the cigarette out of her mouth, ignoring her glare, and stuck it into his own mouth for a puff. "In fact, why didn't he dust you? He had you in that position."

"It's a little game we play, he tries to kill me and take my company but I manage to send him to hell before he can and I wait for him to come back so we can play again." Blair snatched her cigarette back once Spike had finished his puff.

"An what if he nearly succeeds in dusting you an takes your company?" Xander – definitely Spike's mate, he reeked of the vampire and she smirked inwardly. He'll be fun to play with – spoke up.

"Oh, but the game is only beginning if he does that." Blair stood, handing the remainder of the cigarette back to Spike as she passed, "now, if you don't mind I'd like to get a shower. I want to get all those wankers' piss off me. Mental note: remind me to rip their dicks off before I dust them."

Spike watched Blair retreat into the bathroom as Xander came to stand by the vampire's side, "she scares me." Xander took a moment and realized this whole time she was nude, "and I think I know where she gets her modesty." Xander turned his eyes on Spike, the very same vampire he'd caught 'exercising' naked in his bed.

Spike snorted, Xander was right on that one. But he had to also concede Xander's other statement, she scared him sometimes too.