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Catching Me

Catching Reconciliation

Blair looked down at the ant like people walking below her where she sat at the edge of the roof. It had been two months since her return from Hell and her message about The Fall that was to happen eventually. She found herself not quite as changed as she'd thought. She had access to the powers that Lucifer controlled, yes. Her appearance had changed slightly as well. But otherwise she was just as she was before it had happened.

She had to admit, a lack of threat from Balthazar was rather nice. She hated their games that seemed to happen monthly. The two months had been peaceful somewhat. Even if she and Spike had been avoiding each other. Either he would go out with Xander or go out alone whenever she was in, and she would go out the moment he came back. She knew they couldn't avoid each other for much longer; it was time to put the past behind them.

Obviously Spike had the same way of thinking because that was what brought him to the roof level where Blair sat. The apartment building wasn't very large, but large enough to fit a number of apartments. One of which Xander had put in his name for them to share.

Spike watched Blair as she tipped the beer bottle back, draining the last of its contents, and holding it out away from her before letting it drop. A few seconds later they heard someone below call out in pain as the bear bottle hit them. Blair snickered and leaned back a bit. "I can hear you thinking back there," Blair said as she closed her eyes, knowing Spike was standing there trying to decide what to say, "The smell of rubber burning is retched."

"Piss off," Spike said half heartedly. He hooked his thumbs in his belt and slowly sauntered over to Blair. He stood next to Blair and cleared his throat, "We need to talk."

"That is the understatement of the decade, Peaches." She smirked, any day she could turn Spike's quips back on him was a good day for her.

"You know wot I mean, poppet. I-"

"Don't call me that," Blair interrupted, getting another beer out of her six pack and prying the cap off. The cap shot away toward the street below and she tipped it back to drain a good portion of the fluid out.

"You never complained about me calling you poppet before." Spike reminded her.

"I'm not your puppet anymore," Blair said bitterly.

Spike visably winced, the double meaning not lost on him. "I never treated you like a puppet, luv. You always made your own decisions. It was your decision to leave Sunnydale." Ouch, and Spike knew that was a mistake before the wounds left his mouth but as usual the filter was turned off today.

"Don't start, Spike. You know why I left. I begged you to come with me but you refused." Blair finished off the second beer but didn't let this one drop over the side. Instead she placed it back inside the six pack carton and grabbed another.

"I had to stay for-"

"For your pissing contest with Angelus. Don't bullshit me Spike, that's the only reason why you stayed. It wasn't even about Dru, you knew she'd come running back eventually. It was all about the pissing contest between you and Angelus and you knew I was scared of the bastard. Maybe didn't know why, but you knew I was scared of him and instead you stuck around and put your ass in danger." Blair took a swig of her beer, "getting Dru back was just a perk."

"Sounds like you thought about this quite a bit, luv." Spike said as he leaned against the edge of the roof, the ledge Blair was perched on.

"Every day I've thought about it, Spike. And don't think I don't regret leaving. I've regretted it every day. But you were too stubborn to see anything but showing Angelus up and getting Dru back." Blair finished off her third beer, sat the empty down, and didn't reach for another. The current conversation suddenly making her stomach churn.

"I stayed because Dru needed m-" Spike didn't get a chance to finish that statement. Instead he found Blair's fist connected with his face and the right hook sent him crashing to the ground. In all his unlife he'd never met a girl like Blair. If he'd offended Drusilla she would have slapped him and then fucked him. If he had pissed Harmony off she would have called him a stupid name and then flounced off to sulk a while. Even Buffy would have just left, but if he ever pissed Blair off she just decked him and told him what a ponce he was being.

"You fucking shallow bastard. She didn't need you! She had 'daddy' she didn't need anyone else. She didn't want anyone else. You were wasting your time and you knew it!" Blair stood over him looking as if she was ready to deck him again. However the energy completely drained from her form and she stepped back to lean against the ledge, "I was the one that needed you. Six years in Japan training rigorously and I was still a fledge in need of my sire."

Spike looked up at her from the ground, rubbing his jaw and testing it to see if she'd broken it. Thankfully not, he didn't feel like healing from a broken jaw but to be fair he probably deserved that right hook. "Your right poppet, you did need me and I needed you. I just wouldn't see it. But I want to make up for it." Spike stood up, slowly walking over to Blair's side. She fidgeted as his arms enclosed around her, soft mumbling protests not strong enough to convince Spike she didn't want his affections. "Tell you wot we're gona do. We're gona stick around long enough to take care of this 'Fall' business then you, me, and Xander are gona pack up and hit the road. Go to Europe an tour that again. You still like Paris right?"

Blair finally gave up struggling and let Spike squeeze her tight in his arms. It felt good and safe, she allowed herself to close her eyes and hope this wasn't a dream. "Yeah, still like Paris," She affirmed as she laid her arms over his. She moved slightly so she could look up at him, "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Luv, you know it takes more than a nicely placed right hook to really hurt me." Spike smiled down at her.

Blair smiled back, closing her eyes again, "Oh, stop trying to butter me up asshole."

"Bitch," Spike mumbled into her hair, inhaling her scent. He'd been so scared he'd lost her forever, that he'd never have a chance to reconcile with her. He didn't care if he had to do double duty as Xander's boyfriend/master and Blair's sire/lover. He'd find a way to squeeze them both in. An idea made him smile, maybe he could convince them for a threesome, perfect way to pay attention to them both at the same time. But first there was one matter needing attending, "Blair, wot about the whole deal with the devil. Your gona be workin for him till the next millennium."

"I told you all I had a plan. Relax, it's foolproof. It's just a matter of biding my time." Blair smiled, she had thought of this all in advance. Looking up at the stars she let out a breath, the night was pretty. Maybe one day she'd be able to look up at that sky in another part of the world with Xander and Spike and not fear abandonment anymore.

*** Meanwhile in Hell ***

Lou stopped in front of one of the burning pits as his son, Mammon, joined him in his inspections. "What do you want, son?" The man asked.

"Father, I do not see the wisdom of allowing a Vampire to infiltrate the inner circle. How can we be sure of her intentions?" Mammon was like many of the demons around. He sported a human shell like his father, but lurking beneath the skin was the corrupt demon that he was. He looked like any other young man you would bump into on the street, but his black eyes and equally black heart gave testament to his power.

"Don't worry yourself over it. It does not really matter what it is she is trying to accomplish, if she has a secret agenda that she has not told me about. The world will be mine in time." Lou continued walking; there was one soul in particular he wanted to visit.

"Father, you have ordered her to overtake Wolfram and Hart. You intend to give her one of the most powerful firms in the demon and human world?" Mammon asked, in truth he'd wanted that firm for himself.

"I own her soul, and therefore she must do as I command, son. It's all about owning the right people." Lou said as he came to stop in front of one cage in particular and Mammon noticed something moving about inside.

"I still do not like the decisions you've made father, especially about the vampires. They are half breeds, not deserving of this power. You do know that the only two more powerful than her now are the two of us." Mammon mentioned. When he saw that his father was not going to listen to reason, his reason at least, he turned and walked away.

Meanwhile inside the cage Blair's soul, or what was left of it, slowly came out of the shadows and into the light to lean against the bars of the cage. She smirked in Lou's direction and tilted her head. "Hey, Lou, feel like making a bet?"