What if Misery and Lisa Simpson were switched because of a foreign exchange program?

Excellent idea huh?

Well, here's the story.

Lisa Simpson went up to the principles office to see if there were any foreign exchange programs ready for her.

"Principle Skinner?" Lisa said, knocking on the door.

"Come in Lisa"

"Do you have any foreign exchange programs for me yet?" she asked, sitting at the chair in front of his desk.

"We have one, but it might not be what you were looking for"

"Can you tell me about it?"

"Well, its a town in Canada called Gloomsville, a house on the edge of town wants to do an exchange for about two months with one of their own who goes by the name Misery"

"are there any photos?" Lisa asked hopefully, not knowing what Gloomsville looked like and hoping it was nothing like it sounded.

"There is a few, this is the house where you would be staying" Skinner said, passing her a picture of a gloomy looking victorian house.

"This is the inside"

It looked better inside, it had a few more colours and it looked roomy.

"And these are some of the people"

This picture showed a pale girl with red hair, pale skin and dark eyes, A black cat with a red bow stood beside her, a pair of conjoined twins stood on one side of her while on the other side stood a girl in a purple long sleeved dress and a blue veil over her very long hair, her dark eyes had an endless stream of tears flowing down her cheeks.

"The girl in the blue dress is Misery, the girl you would be swapping with if you accepted"

"She looks like her name" said Lisa, thinking how Homer hadn't understand when she was just sad and how he would have a really hard time understanding this girl.

"I accept. I want to meet these people" Said Lisa excitedly.

"Thats great Lisa! Now, here the forms, give these to your parents and fill these ones out yourself" he said, handing her two piles of forms.

"What are these for?"

"Oh these were sent by Misery, they state if any damages, injuries or deaths happen when she's in town it is not to be held against her and we can't sue her, and some are if you get burned to a crisp it isn't her falt either"

"Uh-huh, right" Lisa said, not being able to imagine how she could be burned to crisp in Gloomsville.

"Misery, how do you feel about going through the foreign exchange program?" asked Iris, hopping up and down on her springs infront of Misery who had about ten bags behind her.

"I feel happy that I get the privilege to visit another town, but I don' t remember signing up for this"

"hey Misery!" said Ruby, running up to her.

"We know where your going to be going" she said excitedly.


"A town in the U.S.A called Springfield"

"Wheres that?"


"Oh, who's going to be coming here?"

"A girl called Lisa Simpson, heres her photo"

In the photo it showed a picture of a 12 year old girl with yellow skin and spiky yellow hair, she wore a red lampshade dress, red buckle shoes and a string of white pearls around her neck.

"She looks nice, a bit yellow though"

"Well, thats apparently how it is in Springfield!" said Ruby joyfully.

"Thats nice" Misery said simply.

How is it so far? Haha, I know, why are Misery and Lisa switching places?

I randomly thought of the idea today, so I HAD to write it!

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