Title: Here, but not Here.
#34: Present
Fanfiction [Dollhouse]SPN
Characters/Pairings: Dean; DeWitt.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None that I think should be listed.
Disclaimer: I do not own any part/plot/character/idea from Dollhouse or Supernatural. I am just using them to keep myself entertained.
Summary: DeWitt's thoughts on a new Doll.
Author's Notes: Last night I started up a random story with this crossover, now I need to get my muse going.

Here, but not Here.

Papa wasn't like the other dolls, the others were here in body, missing in soul. Papa, or rather, Dean Winchester was combating the procedure, no one knew if it was because, he himself knew something wasn't right or if his mind was just unfolding a mystery. DeWitt knew one thing for sure, Dean was hateable. He wasn't cut out to be an active, he was a man of the present and would fight every step of the way. DeWitt just had a find a way to out smart him, or she'd be out of a business and a promising deal.