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Summary: Sometimes all you need is kiss.
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Papa could not remember why his shoulder hurt every time he moved, he had made sure that he worked out just liked he always did but this time it screamed at him. His newest handler had noticed this and made him move along for a long shower which is what brought him to the warm and damp room. Music had been pumped into the room since he could remember and he hummed along softly as he washed himself down, noting that his right shoulder was covered with a large white piece of cloth. He was sure that the doctor had been calling them bandages. He frowned and pulled the tape off, letting the wet cloth slap the floor and he stared at the hole he found in his body.

He thought about putting his finger in it, but doubted that it would be fun, after all he was sure that you weren't suppose to have extra holes in your body. He heard someone coming into the room and turned to see both Echo and Victor coming into the showers, he nods to them as they drop their towels and taking up positions on either side of him. He did not say anything of it, after all it was not that odd that they would hang out. But it was the first time they all took a shower together. He watched them as they both looked him over, he felt a little odd. He could not explain why but he pulled away as they reached out for him.

"Papa?" Echo asked and he looked over at her, another frown on his face. He shook his head, looking first at her than over to Victor who had reached down and tossed the bandage away from them. "We were worried about you, you looked very different when you came back today." She said as she attempted to reach for him again, this time he did not pull away or move just let her hand touch his shoulder giving it a squeeze.

"I-I-I was out?" He asked not sure what they were talking about, nothing had been different today, had it?

"You had a treatment earlier," Echo reminded him and he shivered slightly knowing that they all had a large number of treatments and it was never a really good thing.

"My arm is a little sore, but I seem to be fine," he replied after a long moment, both of the dolls beside him nodding as they accepted what he was saying, after all there was no reason to worry they were safe here. Echo leaned in, smiling at him as she brushed her lips over the hole in his shoulder, he felt his lips pull into an almost familiar smile as he looked over at her, all his senses screaming for him to do something, but he was motionless until Victor did the same thing, his lips kissing the hole as if to make it all better.

"No chick flick moments," Papa growled unsure why be he left them both standing there, his mind racing as he tried to sort out the feelings he knew he should not be having, perhaps it was time for another treatment, Topher would be able to tell him. All he knew was in that moment he missed Sammy with a passion, even if he could not have said who that was.