Story of the Odd and Addicted

Summary: Cynthia is a prep, Brandy is a punk, and Edward is a trouble maker. But thanks to the wormhole, everyone's lives gets entangled. I suck at summaries...LucasOC, possible Vosie, MarshallOC and Carshall.

A/N: I have recently been watching re-runs of BHH and remember how much I LOVE it. Now I'm obsessed with it once more so I decided to write a fanfic about it. It'll...probably end up being really long with the plot I have planned out for it, so if you like long stories...enjoy!

This specific chapter is told in three POVs, but it won't be like that in every chapter. I just needed for everyone to meet the OCs and get a taste of their attitude. And, I'm very open to new ideas so if you have ideas for pairings or any idea in general, I'll be very please to hear them. Also, I need help with problems that involve the wormhole so practically any idea will be worth my while.

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Chapter One: Meet the Three Stooges


Brandy tapped her black fingernails against her science textbook. Today was the third day she had attended science club and it was seemingly boring.

"An object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force" Professor Z stated, "Of course, only with the absence of friction." He added.

Josie walked over to Brandy and took a seat next to her, "Don't worry—science club gets a lot more interesting when the wo—when we get to the hands on stuff,"

"What sort of hands on stuff?" Brandy asked, her brown eyes drained of fun.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough." Josie grinned as Corrine gave her a look.

Suddenly, the door opened and Principle Durst came in, "Professor Zachary, may I please speak to you?"

"Will it take long?" Z asked, adding on, "I just need to know if I have to dismiss the student or not," when he saw her disapproved face.

"It might," she answered.

Everyone let out a sigh and got up.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Josie asked, gathering her books.

"Not sure, go to my dorm and finish my homework probably," Brandy answered.

"Sounds boring."

"Well what are you going to do?" Corrine asked, butting into the conversation.

"Nothing," Josie answered.

"I highly doubt that," Corrine pushed, "How about we work on our project that you haven't even touched yet,"

"Yeah, alright. I'll meet with you later," Josie sighed, staying back.

Brandy shrugged and walked out of the classroom, "She's not coming."

"I've realized; Vaughn hasn't come out of the classroom either." Corrine gave an unhappy smirk.

Lucas let out a sigh, "I'm sure it'll only take a second."

Brandy and Corrine shared a look, "Yeah, probably." They both replied. Even within the limited time Brandy had been at Blake Holsey, she knew that Vaughn and Josie had strong feelings for each other, "See ya," Brandy waved off as she reached her dorm.

"Later." Lucas replied, walking off with Marshall.

Corrine slightly waved and went on to her dorm.

"Hey loser, is the geek club finished?" Brandy's roommate greeted from inside.

Her name was Cynthia and she was one of Madison's followers, one of her worst followers. She did everything Madison told her to do and that usually got her in trouble, but she didn't seem to care.

"Hey, answer when I talk to you," Cynthia barked and Brandy turned to glare at her.

Cynthia slightly jumped and skittishly looked elsewhere; it's just like a prep to talk rough without being able to physically back it up. Especially to one stereotypically labeled as a punk.

Brandy took a seat at her desk and started on her homework; she had a few problems in algebra to finish, a project to work on in English, and she had to pick a play to do in drama.

"Well, I'm out." Cynthia announced after receiving a text from Madison, "Not like you care." She added on while grabbing her hoodie. She walked three doors down to Madison's dorm.


"Took you long enough," Madison rolled her eyes upon Cynthia's entrance.

"Sorry," Cynthia mumbled, burying her hands in her pockets.

"Yeah, whatever but anyway, I need you to do something for me," Madison said as she filed her nails.

"Okay, what do I have to do?"

"Well, I heard the teachers have finally made a key for the finals. I need the English one." She yawned.

Cynthia looked down, "But they're in Durst's office, how am I supposed to get past her?"

"Stu has offered to distract her."

"Kubiak? Does he even know what the word distract means?!" Cynthia defied.

Madison gave her a look, "It's either him or yourself."

Cynthia let out a sigh and looked over to Stu, "Let's go."

"Not yet, you idiot!" Madison snapped, "There's still kids out, they'll be able to catch you."

"So you mean…I have to go after curfew?"


Cynthia looked down and she started to become nauseas, "Can anyone else do this?"

Madison raised an eyebrow, "You mean, you're willing to give up your right hand man rep?"

"I've done plenty of other things for you--!"

"Which means another should be nothing to you."

"Durst is willing to expel me any second, this will definitely do it!"

"Well, at least you'll leave popular."

Cynthia looked down, holding her tongue so she wouldn't say anything bad to Madison.

"Oh, and don't let your roommate catch you leaving; you know who her friends are." Madison ordered.

Cynthia gave a slow nod before leaving the room.

"Cynthia, are you feeling alright?" A male voice asked.

Cynthia looked up and smiled, "I'm fine professor Z."

"You don't look it." He pushed, "You know you can talk to me about anything."

"No, I'm fine, really."

"Okay," he stretched.

"Its just—" Cynthia was caught off by another male voice, "You a teacher?" it asked.

Cynthia looked over to the boy—she never noticed him before, so he was probably new. He looked like a…punkier version of her roommate.

"Uh, yes. You can call me Professor Zachary, Z for short." Z answered, as the boy rolled his eyes.

"Edward." He greeted, "I need to know where the principal is."

"Ah, Mrs. Durst. Her room is a little far from here—maybe Cynthia can show you the way?" He looked at her hopefully.

Cynthia gave out a smile, "Anything for a fellow schoolmate."

"Thank you." Z grinned, before walking off.

"Come on weirdo, I don't have all day," Cynthia scoffed, walking toward Durst's office.

Edward crossed his arms, "I was waiting for you."

"Of course you were."

"Well, are you going to go? I am following you after all." The raven haired boy retorted.

Cynthia began walking again, as Madison pulled her door open, "Oh good! You're still here! …who's he?"

"I'm not sure, a new kid I have to show to the principal office, but what did you want to talk about?"

"It seems Cassie needs the Math key too, so, yeah. Grab it." She gave a quick grin before shutting the door.

"Ahh, I get it." Edward spoke.

"Get what?" Cynthia shot at him.

"You're the head cheerleader's doormat which makes you think its okay to put non-preps down."

"I don't put anyone down, except you because of your snarky attitude."

"Oh? What about him?" Edward asked, pointing at Marshall Wheeler, "And his friend?"

"That's Lucas and Marshall—their friends with Josie Trent so of course I put them down; she's mean to us."

"You mean to the cheerleader."

"She's mean to me too!"


Cynthia rolled her eyes, "Here's the office, bye." She said, turning on heel and storming off.

Edward smirked.


"Knock, knock." He sang, lightly knocking on the door.

Durst opened the door and smiled, "Oh, you must be Edward."

"That's right."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll feel quite at home at Blake Holsey High. Here, come in."

Edward stepped into her office and looked around.

"I assume you've received your uniform and dorm number in the mail."

"Yes, I have."

"Well, here's your key," Durst said, handing over the said item, "Do you have any questions?"

"None." He replied.

"Okay then, you can be on your way." She smiled, but stopped him as he reached the doorway, "But Edward."

"Yes?" he asked, turning around.

"Against what the students here think; there is nothing wrong with Blake Holsey High."


Durst smiled and Edward walked out of her office, "That was odd." He mumbled to himself.

End of Chapter One

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