This movie is amazing!... And stupid at the same time. I didn't like the ending so I made my own.

The disclaimer goes to... Whoever the heck it was that wrote Sky Crawlers... So yeah.


Warnings: Mild swearing which is why it is rated T.

Whispers In A Dream


As Yuichi climbed into his airplane, he wondered if he would ever see her again. Yes, he would definitely see her again, but would he remember her? That was the question. The engines roared to life as he started his jet for what he thought would be the last time in this section of his memory.

The commander watched the plane disappear into the bright blue sky. Damn, damn him and the teacher. Especially the teacher. He played war like it was the ultimate height in 3-D game play. Yuichi had told her that she must stay alive, and aware of their surroundings until she could change it or find someone that could. But she knew the only one that could bring the change they needed and take the teacher down had just flown into his own demise. She doubted Yuichi would destroy the teacher this time. Maybe when he comes back. Maybe next time.

The teacher smirked to himself from the cockpit,

"So another fool comes to play my game." He loved the feeling of being light as air, of being invincible. The sky was his domain, he would rule it how he saw fit, and no one would tell him otherwise. As he turned the plane around to face his new unworthy opponent he noticed the crest on the side of the plane. He smirked at the bold daring of the pilot "Back for another round, eh? I'll fix that soon enough."

Yuichi's hands sweated profusely through his leather gloves. He cursed as his first engine stalled. Another rat-a-tat-tat was heard outside his window, and his second engine gave out. Looks like this the end… it was nice while it lasted. As the teacher looked on, Yuichi plummeted to the ground in a fiery blaze.

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