I had to write five poems for an English project. There will be five chapters of this story, each one with a different poem. This first one is in the Doctors' points of view. They are thinking about how Charlie has changed since he had the operation. Please review. Enjoy!

He's Changing

He's changing.

We can see it

In the way he sits

And stares at the wall.

He doesn't talk.

He doesn't write.

He just sits

And stays still.

We try to talk to him

But he is unresponsive.

We try to convince him

To be alive.

We ask him to talk.

We ask him to write.

We ask him to wake up

From this frozen state he's in.

He refuses everything.

He rejects our encouragement.

He shuts us out

And closes himself in.

He is stuck inside

Of strong walls,

Surrounding him

And can't get out.

We try to break

Him out.

We try to

set him free.

He does not try.

He just stays

Locked up

And alone.

We regret our choice

To change him.

We did not mean to

Make him isolated.

We thought it

Would save him.

It has not.

And we are sad.

We ask him

To speak.

We ask him

To open up.

He locks the door

And barricades it,

And we are more

Closed out than ever.

And there is nothing we can do about it…