Summary: Set in Season 5. She just wanted to find her place in the world, who knew that in order to do so she needed to be apart of someone's destiny and save them from it first?

Pairing: OC/Sam

A/N: Okay, so I am more of a Dean girl even though I like Sam, so I figured it was probably time to give him a chance at getting this story. This first chapter is a tester, if nobody likes it I don't know if I want to continue though, because like a lot of my stories I am unsure if I like it or not or if others will because I have so many already going as I type. Curse my muse for always coming up with things. So anyways, here is the first chapter. The title is inspired by the song Fever by Adam Lambert. I hope you enjoy! :)

*P.S. This chapter doesn't immediately take place in Season 5, more along the lines of Season 1, the next chapter will be in Season 5 though. OH! And in case you are curious, the character is modeled after the look of Kerli.*

Looking at them…she wanted to be like them…wondered why they were complaining about what was given to them…life. If it were her, she'd cherish it, make the best of it, not moan and groan about how bad their day was at work and coming home to the kids and the family dog. Everytime she got a chance to view the world, she would see the same thing and then move on to another place to find it not as wealthy or as lucky as some of the others have it. Then again, even with their living conditions and need for money to survive, she could see that they did have something she didn't. They were lucky without the riches. They had life.

Her brother wouldn't be too happy to find out that she was peeping around for what seemed like the hundredth time in millennia, but she just wasn't satisfied with what she was doing now. What was her purpose? What was the point of being cooped up there, greeting those who walk through the golden gate after passing on? She wanted to be alive like they had been, feel everything, experience the ups and downs, find where she fit in and belonged. Was that so wrong?


That name, identical to the one whom had voiced it but altered, was causing heads to turn in her direction where she sat at the well. Waving her hand over the water to blur the picture back to clouds and a beautiful blue sky, she pretended as if she hadn't heard her brother.

"Gabriella! There you are. What are you doing?" he inquired.

"Nothing, Gabriel," she replied, facing him with a calm and clear face.

"Don't give me that."

"I was doing what I usually do, since I really don't have anything else to smite, heal, and advise, I'm not you or the others."

"You are still one of us, and it is forbidden to yearn for mortality."

"I don't belong here Gabriel, you do."

"Don't say that."

"Oh come on, who is the Archangel here? Not me, I'm an ordinary Angel who just walks around, waiting for someone new to die and come up here. Why can't you see what I see? I don't belong…I belong down there, where I can maybe find myself and my purpose. Live."

Gabriel sighed, his sister always brought up the subject of being a human, and how life was far more interesting than serving her father God. It was the same deal with their brother Lucifer a long time ago, but different. Gabriella wanted to be apart of their father's favorites, creatures, hairless monkeys...otherwise known as humans. Why? He didn't understand, then again he never really would. His sister was special, he knew that, but he knew that she was unhappy and that she was right. All the Angels had tried to find out what she could do, but there wasn't anything that seemed appealing or relatively in her level of expertise or talents.

"When all else fails Gabriella…ask God. He'll help you out and answer your questions; he'll make sure you are assisted in finding your purpose."

It was that simple, he believed that. A question in a prayer, a hand reaching out for guidance…little did he know though, that his words didn't hold the drawn line at seeing the one and only God. Out of all the Angels, only three had seen him, her brothers Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael. Was there even a way to see him, a possibility? Yes, she just had to find one.


Pain, hot and prickling, but it was pain and it was making itself known annoyingly so. Gabriella moaned at the feeling, wincing at the light hitting the back of her lids. What had happened? One moment she had been speaking to someone, not Gabriel though…she remembered that conversation too well for her liking. Who was it?

"Are you okay?" a gruff drawl came to her ears, pulling her from her memory retrieval.

Opening her eyes forcefully, she was met with the cause of the blinding light, a small round beam shot from the weird metal shaped stick and clicked off with a press of a button. She knew the word for it, man made, electronic, brilliant mechanics ever seen since Noah and his Ark, well Gabriella thought so compared to all the things that were man made on Earth since then.

"Where am I?" she asked, her voice coming out dry and weak.

"On my sofa and suiting a nice goose egg on your forehead if I do say so myself."

"Goose what?"

She wished her vision would clear up, she couldn't even see with the colorful dots swimming around everywhere she looked covering up her surroundings and the person she was talking to.

"Red bump of enormous size."

"How did I get it?"

"Wow, you really hit your head that hard huh? Angel, you were grabbing for that one book on the top of the stack laying about my home and thing came loose, clocked you perfectly on the corner and out you went."

"Who are you?" she asked, the colors disappearing.

Finally, she could see and the image of the stranger, tall, bear belly, old worn trucker hat, polo jacket, and a plaid long sleeve shirt with a scruffy beard to match the man before her. He was nice, she could sense that, and he obviously knew her, yet she didn't him. How did she get there?

"You sure ask a lot of questions. God, I hope you don't have amnesia."

"You speak very loosely of my father's name as if it doesn't mean a thing to you."

"Yeah…amnesia…it's me Bobby. Bobby Singer. Angel, how many fingers am I holding up?"

Something about him saying her father's title sprung her back into action, ignoring what he was asking of her entirely."God! God? God did this?"

'"Gabriella, you do realize what you are giving up am I correct? Living the life of a Fallen Angel, a human however immortal considering I can not strip you of your birthright in Heaven."

"Yes father, but I'm gaining something in return. I need this, to find where I fit in, where I can stretch and form. I've been watching them and I see why you love them…I love them too, but now I want to be one of them father. I feel that's where I need to have my start."

"If you that is what you want. My child, I love you and all my creations. I will give you life, one where you can find your way."'

"Actually three…" Bobby said, confusion marring his face as he stared at the girl he knew. "Angel…"

'He knows?' she thought, bewildered.

Thinking back to how he had been speaking to her though, she doubted he did…she had seen and heard this type of thing before. It was called someone having a nickname.

"Sorry Bobby, I don't mean to scare you, it's just I'm new to this."

"Don't worry Angel; you'll get the ropes in no time. Researching the supernatural isn't too hard, once you read it; it never leaves your head so in turn you retain it better. You'll be a primary key to helping hunters in no time. Nobody likes to research, especially hunters, but we have to do it anyways. With someone like you in the works though, it's easy to just give a simple call, makes the job faster and easier. Hell, some might be generous enough to pay you for the information, though I don't highly recommend teasing them to get the profit in trade, but it does pay for necessities. Let me go and get an ice pack for your head Angel, you just sit tight and don't sit up too fast."

Bobby was out of the living room and into the next in moments, Gabriella watched him with her head tilted to the side, a smile creeping onto her face. Bobby Singer…that name sounded familiar…maybe she had caught wind of the name upstairs it was possible. A hunter…it figured that her father would place her in his army to protect the Earth from the evil that threatens life. Did he know where she belonged when she didn't enough to set her life out with this man and his lifestyle? No answer to that at the moment. She did know one thing and that was that sooner or later Bobby would start to figure out that she wasn't going to age, and then…only then would he start asking questions and she would have to answer them truthfully.

Author End Note: Not much, but I wanted a little insight on the character. She is more developed in the next chapter though since it would be five years later and she has lived through some hard stuff. So whatever you have read on this chapter, was the old Angel Gabriella. Anyways, tell me what you think. I'd like to know. Thanks for reading and please review.