Ellicott City, Maryland

It hadn't been overly long since they had been shuttled onto a plane and saved from Lucifer rising from the cage. Hell they had managed to get to Ellicott City to gather Sam's stuff he had left behind at the motel there. Expecting to come back from the event of killing Lilith and supposedly stopping the Apocalypse. Actually it was opposite. They figured they might stay at the motel until Bobby came as they had called him. No car and they were just going to head there anyways but right now they needed sleep and Dean was trying to understand why Sam did what he did…he turned against his own brother and Bobby for hell's sake but he seemed to learn his lesson back at that brothel. Didn't mean he'd trust him right away so it was a little awkward.

Bobby said that they would be there in a day at best which meant they would be here soon. They, the hunter had said they. Who was he bringing along, another buddy? From whatever the sound he hoped that person wasn't too angry that they had opened the gate to free Lucifer by accident. A lot of hunters were going to hear about that one and none of them were going to like it, accident or not. Hell, a lot them still didn't like them because they had opened up the Devil's gate in Wyoming and that Sam had demon powers.

Dean was pretending to sleep while Sam was doing whatever. Frankly he wasn't ready to talk to him just yet. The guess on what would come out of his brother's mouth would be apologies and trying to explain him and that wasn't what he wanted to hear. Not now and maybe not ever. Hearing footsteps coming down the hall he opened his eyes and waited for the knock came on the door. He wasn't about to get it as he was playing it up on waking up so that meant that Sam was up and to the door.

Opening it the tall hunter was met with Bobby, a friendly face despite what he had done to the hunter…and a woman with white blond hair, tattoos all over her arms and down the tops of her hands and fingers, not to mention some piercings here and there. Sam wasn't one to judge someone and he looked past that to her eyes. They showed great knowledge and many years and he was curious as to how. "Hey Bobby, come on in," he said, moving aside as the two entered.

"Sam, Dean, this is Gabriella," Bobby introduced.

Gabriella's eyes were observing the one named Sam the most as she sensed a great feeling of guilt and at a loss of what to say or do. She knew how he felt at times and she shifted her sights to the one now sitting up and standing. Dean. Nodding to them with a small smile she glanced over to Bobby. He only told those he trusted that she was an Angel and maybe this might be a good time to inform the brothers that he had been keeping an Angel under the roof for 5 years. Seeing that he was warring with what to do she stepped forward to shake their hands.

"I'm his angel," she said.

Dean raised his brows at the tattoos on her skin; she was very different from all the other hunters he had the pleasure of coming across that were female. "Bobby…Are you-"

"No, he's not. I'm an angel, though fallen for 5 years. I still am an angel with limitations."

"I thought angels were supposed to be pure and untainted and not so laid back. I mean that's what a lot of the angels we have dealt with lately…appearance wise."


"It's okay. Actually the tattoos are Inokian to remind me of where I come from as well as to maintain the powers of heaven that every angel has. However, I am left to believe that they have fled me over time. Haven't tried. So Bobby says that you two need help? With what?"

The two brothers looked to Bobby. Did she know? How much did she know about them and about the whole angel and Lilith battle for Lucifer? Finding that Bobby had kept all that from her just from his eyes told them that Gabriella wasn't going to be too happy with them. They had to tell her though in order for her to help. "First off, our names are Sam and Dean Winchester," Sam began, flowing into everything.

She found herself sitting down as her face fell with more and more information. How did she miss this? All her time up in heaven and no one had mentioned these two to her. There was never a moment where it was last minute anything and as far as plans were she was in on them…looks like being out of heaven she was no longer in on anything. She had to find things out like every human being. When it got to the part about the first demon Lilith breaking seals and the plan the angels had to let it happen…Lucifer was free. Her brother was free.

"He's going to come for me. My brother isn't too hard to figure out and I knew him just as well as my other brothers and sisters. He'll come for the angels in the Garrison that aren't in heaven currently, that are out in the field. Which means when he finds me he'll know what I did…" she said her face spaced out as she stared at the wall.

"What you did?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah I'd like to know myself," Dean inputted.

"I wanted to be human. To live like you all do."

"Like Anna."

"Anna? Oh, yes. Her. Well you see mine falling from grace was less of an actual fall. My brother Gabriel the archangel, we are more like twins than the others. So we share a closer bond. He told me to ask God. I took it quite literally and God allowed me on Earth, immortal and with my grace in tact. Without using it though it has become quite dormant. I've widened my purpose and that is helping in my father's other army. Hunters."

This was all new to take in. An angel was human but not and was a hunter and very much different as she appeared like any normal woman. Dean found her quite attractive and had to say that Heaven had some very smoking female angels. Sam on the other hand sympathized with her. She was nice and obviously scared from her older brother. Just like he was with his own. Dean wasn't saying anything or even looking at him really and it scared him because he wondered what his brother was thinking and was going to do. Would he up and leave? No he would want to keep an eye on him but why? He wouldn't fall into that path again of drinking blood. It was wrong and he learned that the hard way with Ruby and finding out she was backstabbing them.

"I will try and help as much as I am able to," she added.

Silence. They were all on the same page, sort of but it would have to work. Bobby sighed and stood. "You boys stay here with Angel while I go and meet a friend here in the city."

Leaving them alone in the motel room Dean stared at Gabriella as she moved with her stuff to the table and chairs. Sitting down and pulling out her laptop. This was going to be a long and painful yet interesting experience. Another angel in their crock pot and they didn't have all the ingredients for it tasted a little bitter with what they had. Dean moved over to his bed and began to pull out his weapons to start cleaning while Sam moved over to the table as well and pulled out his own stuff. Might not hurt to just look some things up, check the database for anything strange going on to track down Lucifer.

'I think Sammy has a thing for the new girl,' Dean thought as he watched them in their own little world as they began to start a small conversation. 'I may not trust him anymore but maybe she would be good to turn him around from falling down into that black tar named Ruby.'

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