Hi everyone! So I know, I promised to finish up 'It All Depends' by the end of summer, but unfortunately, something's come up. 2 weeks ago I was in a car accident. I was crossing the street and some car drove straight through the red light. I can honestly say I am incredibly lucky to be alive. On the down side, I was hit full on on my right side. Lucky for me it was not on a main street so the car wasn't going too fast, but my right arm (my writing hand), leg, ribs and hip are severely fractured and I really couldn't even sit up properly until a few days ago (albeit while under the influence of very strong painkillers). It'll be a few months at the least for the fractures to heal and a lot of rehab to regain motor skills after that. So, everything's on hiatus until I can use both hands. One handed typing is not very productive. It might be a few months at the least, but I hope you will patiently wait for me to recover so that I can write properly and update! Thank you so much for your support for my writing and I hope you will continue to support me... because really, I'm stuck in this hospital room and reading fanfiction is really what's keeping my mind off of the pain. I love you all! Readers and Writers both :)