So, my dearest Anna, that is our story. One day when you're old enough to understand this and appreciate the lessons we all learned over that year, you'll see how important it is to know about our family and the generations that came before you.

You're due in just a few weeks and your father and I cannot wait to meet you and hold you. We have so many dreams for you.

We love you already.



I wiped the tears away from my eyes. If I wanted to I could blame them on the pregnancy and my raging hormones, but the simple truth was that whenever I recounted the story of Anabelle and the walk, I cried like a baby.

I stood up slowly and steadied myself before stretching my back and neck. I had been sitting in my desk chair for far too long.

I walked out to the front desk of the Swan Family Inn and smiled to myself. I began waddling through the house and thought back over the past 3 years.

We had rebuilt after the storm; after setting Anabelle and Anthony free. We opened 6 months after the storm, just in time for Rosalie and Emmett to be married on the property in the garden.

Edward and I were married two years to the day that we had first encountered Anabelle together. We had a very small ceremony up on the widow's walk. Some people thought it was morbid considering the date we chose and the specific location.

But both of those choices were ours to make and we never questioned it.

I made my way into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and moved to the French doors that led out to the garden where I found Esme digging in the flower beds.

I never tired of having our family around, even under our feet at times. Sure, we all annoyed each other, but we also loved each other with every ounce of our beings.

Emmett and Rosalie were in Seattle for the day with Alice and Jasper. Today was the day that Rose would learn the sex their baby. Even though they married before Edward and I, we had jumped on the baby bandwagon while we were on our honeymoon.

Alice and Jasper were still enjoying their time as parents to their one and only son, Anthony. He was 2 ½, precocious, and the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

Currently, he was out learning to fish with his Uncle Edward and Grandpa Car.

I smiled as I absently rubbed my stomach, marveling at the life that grew within me.

I went back inside the main house and started my trek up to the walk. I maintained the daily routine of spending time on the walk. From time to time, I would flip through Anabelle's journal or read Anthony's letters, but mostly I enjoyed the peace and serenity I felt up there.

I heard the door squeak open, "I'm pretty sure my husband said he was going to replace those squeaky hinges." I said without looking to see Edward walk onto the walk.

"I'm pretty sure your husband has been busy painting a nursery." He said and he leaned down to kiss my hair.

I hummed in pleasure and he moved to crouch in front of me. He laid his hands on my stomach and pressed a kiss to my navel.

"Hello my princess. Are you being good to mommy today?" He asked as I chuckled at him.

"I thought we agreed that we were not going to call her 'princess'." I said as my phone rang in my pocket.

I smiled when I saw the name on the screen.

"Jane! How are you?" I asked into the phone as Edward continued to whisper words of love to our daughter.

"I'm fabulous Bella! Have you popped yet?"

"Any day Jane. You're still coming out next month, right?" I asked, worried that she had called to cancel.

"You couldn't keep me away from that place!"

After the rebuild I contacted Jane and she did another story on the inn, but it wasn't for Better Homes; she wrote for it for a travel magazine that was doing an issue on haunted hotels. In that time Jane and I had become good friends.

"Bella, the real reason I'm calling is I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about writing a novel about your experiences at the inn? I know an editor that is really interested. You could write it as fiction or-"

"Jane, slow down!" I commanded with a laugh as a sharp pain hit me in my back. "I'll think about it and we can talk when you come to visit." I said a little breathlessly. Edward had moved away from me as I felt the cold wetness seeping across my lap.

"I have to go."I mumbled as I abruptly ended the call and handed the phone to Edward.

"Baby?" Edward looked at me and I nodded.

"Yeah, it's baby time."I said as he helped me to stand. We moved to the door and he started hollering for Esme to come help us.

Just as I was about to step onto the third floor and off the walk, I turned around.

There I saw Anabelle standing with Anthony by her side. They were surrounded by the same golden light from the last night I had seen them.

I stared for a moment as they smiled at me. I smiled back and gestured lamely to my belly.

"Bella honey! We need to go now!"Edward said as he tugged on my arm. I nodded but I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

"I am yours, for you are mine. Share our story." I heard Anabelle's voice all around me as they slowly disappeared and Edward pulled me out into the hall.

I heard a rush of voices; Carlisle saying that Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose were already on the next ferry heading back. Esme was trying to distract Anthony and Edward was on the phone with the island's doctor, Paul Embry, telling him that my water had broke.

I'm sure we looked like a huge spectacle moving down the stairs and out the front door. But if there was one thing I had learned to embrace my obnoxious family and the fact that nothing we ever did was sedated or small.

I slid into the back seat of Carlisle's car as Edward crawled in next to me. Carlisle started the car and began to drive us through town.

"Oh Edward, I love you so much." I said through my tears. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kissed my forehead, cheeks and finally settling on my lips.

"I love you too Bella." Edward said as he kissed me again. "Always."

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