I know this isa big no-no….but I wanted to apologize….

In the epilogoue for The Walk, I acciedently wrote the wrong screen name for my joint story with yagalinus0420! Big bummer! I did go back and edit it...but for anyone who read it before I realized my mistake….


The Prophecy:

Good and evil, light and dark. When one prophecy is interpreted wrong for over a millennia, can the light ever overcome the dark? After living the same life over and over for a millennium without fulfilling her charge to protect the light, Isabella Swan has only one chance left to stop the darkness and release the light.

All-Canon pairings eventually. Mostly E/B….but Em/B also. Multi POV chapters. WIP.

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As for me...I'll be finishing up my Avenger's fic, The Assignment and maybe sometime in the next few weeks...I'll be posting my new solo story, The Siren's Song.

Again, thank you all so much for your love of The Walk!