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Veil Between Happiness


Bill Compton stood on the outskirts of his King's court, coolly taking in his surroundings. He had not been back in Louisiana for many years, about a 100, and much had changed since he'd last resided there.

When he'd left, he'd had a Queen, but she was then assassinated by another King, and her territories were absorbed. Than that King was assassinated; by one of his sheriffs, which was shameful, but apparently for the best, as the old King was horribly maniacal and greedy. None were sad to see him gone.

Bill had not met the new King personally, but there were many rumors, and he'd heard much about him. His name was Eric Northman, usually simply referred to as the Northman when not in his presence, or sometimes the Viking. He was known as a tough but fair King, which was surprising to Bill, because the Northman not only commanded the Louisiana territories, but also Nevada and Arkansas, which were also absorbed when he assassinated the former King. In Bill's experience, the saying, 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely', was absolutely true, but his new King had somehow managed to avoid that minefield.

His new King was well over 1000 years old, and much respected throughout the vampire community, and Bill was finally going to meet the one everyone had been talking about. He had been summoned by one of his King's lieutenants to meet with him to discuss a new database he had been working on. It was expected to bring in much revenue when complete, and he was sure his King wanted to know the status of it.

He was brought out of his reveries when a pale blonde vampiress floated to the center of the hall and announced in a normal voice, as all would be able to hear her, "All rise for King Eric's Royal Consort, Sookie Stackhouse."

Though Bill was already standing, those that were sitting immediately got to their feet, and Bill wondered what all the formality was about. She wasn't even a Queen, just a whore that had conned the King into giving her a 'title'.

Though King Eric's palace was grand and luxurious and his throne room was a brightly lit hall, it all seemed to dim when the woman stepped daintily through the double doors and into the room.

Almost as one, everyone's fangs ran down, Bill's included. The King's Royal Consort was human. It was unheard of.

Royal guards rushed to form a line on either side of the blue carpet, and Bill wondered why blue was chosen as the color for the narrow carpet; it did not stand for luxury like red did, nor did it stand for royalty as purple did.

But all thoughts, menial as they were, vanished when she stepped in and began to walk down the carpet. Bill thought she was keeping her head down, but he couldn't be sure as her whole body was hidden by an elaborate veil that ran from head to toe. It completely covered her, and Bill could only see flashes of bright blue, her eyes, as the veil gently swayed with her movement.

The veil was extremely elaborate, and obviously made of handspun silk, and Bill was instantly reminded of a bride as the walking consort made her wade down the carpet. Though, Bill was sure, that a real bride would be much more excited about walking down the 'aisle'. The consort was walking so slow her feet might as well be dragging, she was moving so slowly, and in the dead silence of the hall, a light tinkling sound could be heard, and Bill wondered at the noise.

Despite the guards surrounding her, she was accompanied by a single attendant, a moderately attractive human woman who had the stench of magick flowing around her, and she was moving slowly with the consort, holding the train of her gown, and lightly touching the consort's shoulder.

Despite the grandeur that surrounded her, Bill's thoughts and opinions of her had not changed. 'An elaborately made up whore is still a whore.' He thought unkindly, and the consort's veil twitched in his direction, and though he could not see her face, he could swear the consort was looking straight at him. Then the veil twitched in another direction, and he was sure he had imagined it.

Together, they slowly made their way up the carpet, and as the consort lifted her skirts, Bill's question about the tinkling sound was answered as he caught a glimpse of delicate golden chains wrapping around both ankles, then her skirts were lowered, and he lost sight of them.

She and her attendant remained standing, as did all the vampires standing in the room, waiting for the King to arrive.

They did not have to wait long, as after a couple of minutes, the blonde vampiress once again made her way to the middle of the hall to announce the King's arrival. The double doors once again opened, and more guards joined those standing on either side of carpet, making it virtually impossible for Bill to see his King as he made his way down the carpet, all he managed to see was long blonde hair.

King Eric regally strode up the steps toward his throne, but before sitting, he approached his consort, and lifted her hand from beneath the veil, kissed it delicately and then whispered something to her so softly that not even the vampires could hear it, before finally taking his throne.

Once he was seated, he lazily waved at his audience and drawled out, "Be seated." Immediately, all obeyed, including Bill, and the consort and her attendant did so as well. The consort kneeled at King Eric's feet, and leaned against his legs, her attendant still lightly holding her shoulder. Immediately the King began to pet her head as if she was a dog, and even from his position, Bill could see her stiffen. She was obviously uncomfortable with the 'affection', and it made him even more curious. 'Shouldn't a consort crave her lover's touch?'

The night dragged on with the blonde vampiress calling out names, and the called out vampire stepped forward to consult with the King. It was very tedious, but Bill was not really paying attention to the proceedings, rather choosing to focus on the King's consort, and growing more and more curious by the second.

She remained perfectly sill, her head facing the vampire to whom her King was addressing, and again, though Bill was not able to see her eyes, he was sure they were trained upon the vampire in question. Every once in awhile she would shift slightly, and then King Eric would ask a question, or make a comment completely out of the blue, that would trip up the vampire, and make him or her change their story. It was incredible.

Slowly a theory began to form in Bill's head, and when his name was called, he decided to act upon it. As he approached her, he began to 'direct' his thoughts towards her, making them grow louder with each step, until he was practically 'shouting' at her. 'Bitch. Slut. WHORE!'

Sure enough, as he got closer towards her, she began to stiffen, and then she actually recoiled. It was then that Bill's theory was confirmed, and he then thought he understood his King's attachment to the human. She was a telepath! It all made sense!

Unfortunately, King Eric seemed to notice her recoiling, and it displeased him. "Everyone but William Compton, LEAVE!" Immediately, all the vampires scattered within seconds. The blonde vampiress however, seemed to feel that his edict did not apply to her, and remained standing beside the throne, while the consort's attendant rose to her feet and made her exit as well.

Once the room was empty save themselves, King Eric leaned forward, savagely bearing his fangs. "Clearly you have figured out my consort's talent, however, I demand as your King to know what you were thinking at her." He hissed out.

The consort turned her head towards Eric, and placed her hand on his thigh. He looked right at her, and then relaxed, before turning back to Bill. "My Sookie assures me that it was nothing out of the ordinary that what is usually thought about her, but she has not heard it in a while. Most know better than to think about her as my plaything, but as you have never been in my court before, I will let it slide, but only this one time."

Bill's face showed no change, but his mind was reeling. She had lied for him? He tensed slightly as a foreign mind brushed up against his, and a voice spoke to him, almost whispering in his thoughts. 'Yes, I lied. I don't want anyone else to die over me.'

Then the mind voice retreated as the King spoke again. "I am pardoning you this one time, mainly because your database has yet to be completed, and I would like the profits, however, if you breathe a word about her talents to anyone, even before the database is complete, and you will be tortured and staked." Eric's demeanor than changed drastically as he relaxed, pulling Sookie onto his lap and leaning back into his throne. "Now, let's discuss your database. How is it coming?"

They spent a couple more minutes talking about the database, with Bill assuring his King that it was right on schedule.

"Well then," Eric said conversationally when the business talk was over, "Myself and my lover will be taking our leave now, good night Bill, Pam" With that, he scooped Sookie up into his arms, stood, and literally flew out of the room.

Bill stood there, staring at Sookie's retreating back before a voice invaded his thoughts. "Don't even think about it Southern Boy."

He turned and saw Pam, the blonde vampiress giving him a knowing look. "What are you talking about?" He drawled out, his southern accent adding to the insult nicely.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh don't give me that! You are not the first to think that you can 'save' her from the 'Evil Eric'. He will never let her go, she will never leave with you, and you will die trying to save someone who doesn't even want to be saved." With that, she too left, and then he was left standing alone in the middle of the luxurious hall.

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