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Caroline scowled when she saw the way that her boss, a certain William Darcy, was looking at the newest fashion designer, Elizabeth Bennett. His eyes never seemed to leave her form. When William smiled as he watched the newcomer passionately defend her design against criticism, Caroline could feel a monster build in her chest. It was clawing at her, screaming to get out. Her throat closed up and she could feel a foreign emotion sweep through her body.

Was it anger? No, anger wasn't the right word.

Was it jealousy? No, even jealousy seemed incorrect.

Helplessness. Caroline realized that she was feeling helpless. And she didn't like it.

As she watched her boss look at the newest lawyer, Caroline decided that she wouldn't let William Darcy go. Not that easily.

She was going to do everything in her power to ensure that William was hers.

She was going to put up a fight.