The Preface

Introduction: Well, here it is. Virtuoso's Ultimatum, the tale of a young man by the name of Rayn Veritas on his adventure to deny the prophecy set by an ancient philosopher. The main story, also known as the Virtuoso Saga, entails mainly the perspective of Rayn Veritas from beginning to end. Each legitimate 'chapter' encompasses about ten parts, some with various scenes or 'Acts' as I name them in the navigation bar. This totals for a Prologue, five chapters or the equivalent of fifty parts (again, named Chapters here on ), and an Epilogue. To add to this, you'll occasionally get to read from Axl Burose's point of view; the secondary main character. This is known as the Ace of Heart Saga, and will occasionally be injected into the storyline so you can get a different idea of what happened, and maybe that'll fill in the blanks. These little sidestories will be labeled AoH Saga in the navigation bar.

This story uses the lore created for Dofus by Ankama Games. They did an extremely good job of giving several characters and history backdrops to use, and they left it so open ended that it's very easy to fill in missing details with your own ideas. What's more, there is an entire one-thousand years between Dofus, the first game in their trilogy, and Wakfu, the sequel. Both have their own storylines, but one-thousand years gives a tremendous leeway on what can and what can't be done. For this reason, I've created this slightly deterred AU of Dofusian/Wakfusian timeline.

Reviewing would be greatly appreciated! I would love to hear opinions from different readers. The diction I use it kind of verbose and somewhat expansive on your vocabulary. But hopefully in the context given, you can analyze the meaning of a lot of the words. Also, if you play Dofus on the server Solar or Zatoïshwan, my names there are Razalas & Captivated, and Exeunt, respectively. Hope you enjoy the story! (:

Oh yeah! And some terms you might need to know while reading this all!

Pods are the system used in the game to measure weight. Kamas are the form of currency in the world of Dofus and Wakfu. A Zaap is a portal structure which teleports people to other Zaaps. A Zaapi is a land transportation service which brings you from district to district in a large city. A Dofus is an ancient egg laid by a powerful dragon of an ancient era, which holds tremendous power. A glossary will be added soon.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Dofus™ or any of their products including game line, music soundtracks, artwork, store products, or anything else which is developed, distributed, or shared by the company. The following is a fan fiction based on the lore produced by the company and uses characters, places, names, and objects which are owned by Ankama Games®.