She hate,She love.

She fall in love,She fall out of love.

She can't find the right guy.

She keep getting hurt.

She was loseing hope,She been played more then one time.

She snaped,Now she playing them Back.

One by One she breaks them.

She smiled No more she cry.

She's a playgir,Oh she's a play girl.

Oh that what she is,PlayGirl.

Oh playGirl,Oh that What she is.

She breaks them one by one.

Oh PlayGirl oh that what she is.

She hurt them back like they did to her.

she snaped Oh she snaped,Now she a playGirl.

Oh PlayGirl,she got hurt more then one time.

Oh she breaks them,Oh she breaks them.

Oh playGirl playGirl Oh she's a PlayGirl.

PlayGirl PlayGirl she's is,Oh Oh she played them.

Now she got the playboy's,Oh she got the p-playboy's Now.

Oh oh she got them,Ooh she breaks them.

Oohshe got the playboy's now .

Oh she got them,Oh she got them oh them.

Oh she got them,Oh she got the p-playboy's .