"Harry Potter," the stern-faced woman standing before the teacher's table read from the list before her, ignoring the sudden explosion of murmurs around the Hall.

A boy stepped forward gracefully, sharp green eyes surveying the room coolly before moving to land upon Professor Minerva McGonagall. "Forgive the correction," he said, voice melodic and entrancing, "but my name was changed to Tepes when Count Vlad Tepes the Third adopted me."

Most did not see the significance of the name, but Dumbledore paled slightly and a few of the students inhaled sharply.

McGonagall's eyes widened marginally before she got herself under control, "Forgive me, Mr. Tepes. I will see to it that it is corrected in the records."

The boy inclined his head slightly before moving to sit on the stool, allowing the ragged old hat to be placed on his head.

Silence stretched long, finally shattered by the resolute cry of "Slytherin!"


I really shouldn't have actually started writing a new story. But the idea is in my head, now…

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