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It was summer and i have been married to Edward for four months now. I was still human, and Edward was going to change me in a few more months. We both agreed that we would wait until I was changed to have sex, and I was kinda glad. I was affraid that Edward would think I was ugly, but I was mor affraidf about the pain of the first time. But that is not important now so let me tell the story.

The whol family was on vacation. We were at a deserted lake where no one would see the Cullens sparkle. They had built a big beautiful hous near the lake. There was a dock, a boat, jet skiis, and a lot of neat stuff. I was laying on the dok in my bathing suti wen suddenly I heard Emmett.


before I had time to respond Emmett went flying into the lake making a huge wave. It flew over me and pulled me over the edge of the dock and into the cold lake water. I swam ovet to the ladder and pulled myself back up to the deck and floped down hoping the sun would warm me up. Then I felt the presinc of someone next to me. I opened my eyes to see Edward looking at me with a amused look in hi eyes.

"Are you ok love?"

"Your brother is realy stupid."

"Are you just learning this?"

I laughed and sat up. I began to shake when a slight breeze picked up.

"I think im goint to go take a shower."

I gave Edward a peck on the lips and walked away. I stood in the shower for God knows how long until I finaly got out. I dressed in a pair of jeans and one of Edward's sweatshirts I though I would adopt. I walked down the stairs and went out side. Everyone was insid, but it was such a beautiful night, and you could never see the stars in forks. It was still a little light out so I thought I would go on a quick walk. I pulled on a pair of rubber boots and followed a path into the woods. The walk was beautiful until it got dark. Then I began to panic. I was so wraped up in my own little happieness bubble that I forgot to turn around and go home before it was too dark to see. Suddenly there was a noise behind me. I spun around to see nothing. This was wierd. I started to walk in the direction I was hoping was home. Then I heard the sound of breathing. I stoped and so did the breathing.

"Edward, Emmett? Is that you?"

There was no responce. I was starting to get realy scared, so I started to walk a little faster, then somthing moving caught my eye. I stoped dead in my tracks and straind to see what it was. My herat was hammering in my chest. Then I saw what it was. Well I realy didnt know what it was. It was on all fours and walked foward into the moon light. It looked like a dog with no hair. I was too tall to be a wolf, but too short to be a shape shifter like Jacob and everyone back home. The creatur got closer and closer to me. I saw two more back in the trees, but couldnt look awa from this strange creature so look at his friends. Suddenly the creature stoped about five feet away from me and looked me in the eyes. The creatures eyes were small and yellow. The creature let out a growel that made my heart stop beating anfd my breathing stop all at once. then it started to stand up on its hind legs. It was hunched over and was now eye level with me. then it tilted its massive head back a let out a long howel. This was not like the normal wolf howel that would make you a little bit un-comforatble, it was a loud deep, spine chilling, heart stoping howel. Then it came to me what this creature was. this was a real wearwolf. Not like the ones that Jacob called himself, but real children of the moon. There was a big full moon in the sky to confirm my prediction. I slowly started to bac away, but then I steped on a twig making it snap under my foot. I looked back up to see the monster looking at me again. then my fight of flight insticts kicked in, and I took off at a dead sprint. I heard the beast behind me and saw one on each side of me in the trees. I pushed my legs faster and faster, until i was hit and sent flying. I landed at the base of a tree and ther infront ov me was th monster. I screamed Edward's name as the wolf came close to me. Suddenly there was a growel that I was praying for. The wolf went flying off into the trees and Edward was standing infront of me. I stood up and saw the wolves circling us. Then Edward began to speak.

"Bella, my phone is my back pocket. Get it and call for help. I dont care who you call. Then I want you to run."

I nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket, and quickly called the first number on hes phone. Jasper.


"Jasper! Help. Its Bella and there are wearwolves and Edward is here all alone and they migh kill him!"

"Bella slow down. When you say wearwolves do you mean the real thing not the la push ones?"

"Its the real deal."

"Were on our way."

I closed the phon, and looked up to see Edward pinned down by a wolf and the other two watching. I could see a gash across Edward's cheek, and the wolf was about to kill him. So I picked up a rock and threw it at the wolf. To my pleasure it hit the wolf on Edward on the head, the bad part was the wolves were coming at me. I saw Edward jump up and another wolf lunge at him. I took off running again with the two wolves behind me. I had no clue where I was going, but suddenly I wnt through some bushes and smacked nto somthing cold and hard. I looked up to see Rosalie. I jumped behind her and the two wolves jumped out of the the bushes. As soon as they saw all of the Cullens the turned around and took off. All of the cullens went after then except Esme. I started to shake and trmble and cry. Esme scooped me up in her arms and headed home. Edward was in trouble and this was all my fault. I should of just stayed home. When Esme got back to the house she gently set me on the coutch. The only thing on my mind was Edward.