TITLE: Having You

Rated: M

Author: XxblackwingsxX

Beta-reader: My brilliant friend, Irrevocable Truth (Leona)

Summary: When Mikan Sakura got desperate to earn cash on Christmas day, she didn't expect to find herself losing her virtue and her heart to an elite bachelor named Natsume Hyuuga.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice.

Author's note: Revised and Edited at 5/12/10.


A woman sat at the foot of the king-sized bed, nervous to the point that her body was shaking uncontrollably. She tied the satin robe tightly to her body and wrapped her hands around herself.

"You can do this…" she whispered as a sign of self-assurance. She inhaled a good amount of air before slowly releasing it.

Just as she was about to repeat the process, there was a knock on the door and a young man in his early twenties came in, wearing faded jeans and a burgundy sweater that complimented his eyes.

'God,' she thought.' How great his sexual magnetism is…'

Those eyes, as she noted, were the rarest she had seen. It was crimson and it contrasted to his pale complexion. His raven locks were tousled and he had that oozing distinction that could be detected from an immeasurable distance. It wasn't her nature to drool but right now she had the urge to do just that.


The moment she heard his voice, she snapped out of her trance and tried to regain her composure.

"Hi," she answered timidly.

"Glad you didn't throw yourself all over me." His lips curved into a smirk.

She was taken aback by his reply and raised a brow at this. "I should've guessed that a man like you has arrogance like the statue of liberty," she replied mockingly, appalled by such an attitude.

He stopped in his tracks and it was his turn to raise a brow. "So I was told," he replied dryly, leaving her alone for a while.

The silence after their brief conversation brought back the feeling of dread and anxiety on her. She gripped the sheet under her hands until her knuckles turned white from doing so. She tried to comfort herself again with reassuring words, but it wasn't effective enough to stop the blood from draining her face.

What was she thinking when she said she'd accept the job? Yes, she was desperate for some cash because of her grandfather's hospital bills but giving her virtue to a stranger wasn't her idea of fast money. At nineteen, in the generation nowadays, it wasn't unlikely to find someone her age… impure, but to her, having grown up in a secluded part of the town without much interaction with the opposite sex, it was an impending disaster.

"Just make him happy for the night… that guy's in abstinence since his only sister's death months ago and he ought to cheer up. It's Christmas day dammit."

The words of the raven's friend suddenly popped out. As she stared at him, his back towardsher while he placed his groceries in the kitchen cabinet, she wondered if this man was really having difficulties with the death of his sister. If yes, then he mustn't be that much of a jerk as he had implied. If yes, then she wouldn't mind consoling him. And if yes, probably, she wouldn't care that much about giving her body to a complete stranger. An attractive stranger, that is— not a filthy old rich geezer.


Suddenly remembering why she was there, a blush crept to her cheeks as she looked away from his lean figure. She then thought about whether or not he was good in bed, not that she knew the standards. She heard and read about hormonal urges, being horny, having mind-shattering orgasms and the bliss in lovemaking but hadn't experienced any of those mentioned above. She's a nineteen-year-old virgin for Pete's sake!

"So, who sent you here?" he asked, turning to look at her while crossing his hands across his chest.

He saw the color rise to her face and place a hand to one side of her neck.

'Maybe to hide her embarrassment,' he thought, 'But why would she? If she's one of those cheap whores she must be skilled on this.'

"He said he's your friend. His name is Koko and he wants me to… entertain you. As if I know how…" She whispered the last part; as if afraid he'd hear.

He caught it anyway.

He stared at her. He noticed when he entered that she was attractive, but perhaps it was an understatement because she was more beautiful than any of those sluts he had ever met and bedded. Not that he had many to compare her to. Truth be told, this would be just his third time in case. The first two were, well, a pleasure but he was intrigued to find out if she was anything like them.

Her skin was pearly white, she had an abundant mass of reddish-brown locks that reached an inch or two under her busts and an oval-shaped face, and had an expressive set of hazel eyes. He had met more gorgeous, hot-looking women in his field of career as one of the partners in the H & N accounting firm but no one caught his attention and interest like she did. Add it to the fact that she was wearing his favorite robe…

'Why are you so enticing?'

"I-I must warn you though… I'm not tha-that experienced in this field." She stuttered, melting under his intensified scrutiny.

Seeing her flushed face, he almost laughed because she was acting like a damn virgin… or was she? "I forgot to ask, what's your name?"

"Mikan." Her voice was soft and velvety. "And may I ask what yours is?"

He was surprised that she didn't know him or she was pretending not to. But the genuine curiosity in her voice couldn't be mistaken. He chuckled. "Natsume. Natsume Hyuuga."

Her eyes widened in pure shock. "You're the Natsume Hyuuga?"

"I'm the Natsume Hyuuga.."

"I can't believe this! My neighbor said you're young but I didn't expect you to be this young. How old are you anyway?" she asked incredulously.

"Twenty-five. And must I say thank you for the compliment?"

"Oh no need for that," she replied huffily and pouted. She felt like an idiot for not knowing, and that pretty much explained the extravagant furniture inside his condo unit. There were several paintings that hung on the walls. A plasma television was located at the upper side of the bedroom and the table she placed her clothes on was thick glass. And remembering her clothes, the color in her cheeks deepened.

'If I could just kiss her until she's moaning with need and...' He couldn't quite understand how that train of thought got inside his mind when he planned to question the woman first. She was just… irresistible in all ways.

His eyes darted from her luscious lips to her adequate breasts. Just the mere fact that he'd be able to have it in his hands later on made him grunt in arousal.

"What's wrong?" He saw her stand and walk towards him. Her voice was filled with an innocent concern.

She was tall, he noted, for a woman, since she came past his shoulders and he was 6 ft. 4 inches.

"Did I say or do something?" she asked again and he smelled a faint scent of sakura on her.

She placed a hand on his forehead. Her touch brought electricity sprinting all over his body and he was glad that he wasn't the only one surprised by that.

She hastily pulled her hand back and stared at him with those wide hazel eyes filled with doubt and confusion.

"Do you plan to seduce me this way?" he said huskily and towered over her. He placed his forefinger on her chin and tilted her head up. His other hand was on her waist, pulling her closer to him.

"No-no… I-I don't know what-what you're talking about."

She could feel her head becoming light at the intimate contact and her heart, which was doing numerous somersaults, didn't help either. His scent was filling her senses and she was pressed against his hard build.

Before she could even think of resisting, his mouth slanted over hers. She was stiff as a board at first but she couldn't help but melt in his warmth. Her knees were already weak as Natsume deepened the kiss. His tongue coaxed her to respond, roaming in her cavern and she marveled at how unyielding she was. She wrapped her arms around his neck instinctively and ran her fingers through his soft locks before pulling it lightly as their tongues finally met and started to dance. A gurgle-like sound erupted from her throat when he nibbled her lower lip, sending a wave of unexpected heat jolting through her body.

Natsume never imagined that he'd lose control just by holding her close. The scent of her was intoxicating and once he had tasted her, he couldn't quite get enough. His heart beat was going erratic on his chest as he continued to savor her sweet taste. But when he felt the peak of her mounds harden against his chest, he knew the bulge couldn't be hidden now and damn, his pants were going tight. He broke the gap temporarily and watched her gasp for air, her eyes were closed and her swollen lips were parted. God forgive him for wanting her so badly.

It took half a minute before the brunette recovered from the intensity of the kiss. Realizing that her fingers were still tangled around him, she blushed and tried to calm her ecstatic heart. She tentatively pulled herself away from him - though the distance was just within an arm's reach. She stared at him and when hazel and crimson locked, she terribly missed the warmth his body had provided her and the sensation he had awakened in her. She was confused though - why was she reacting like this to the man she had just met?

The innocent look she was wearing caused him to groan yet again. It made him even more excited and if she deliberately planned to use this method on him, she had succeeded. He gathered her close so quickly that only a yelp was heard from her before he crashed his lips on her inflamed ones. Unlike before, his restraint on himself was thinning, resulting in his brusque manner.

The kiss, compared to before, was rougher but she didn't mind a bit. He filled her with so much passion that it almost overwhelmed her so she responded just as much. She was held captive by his left hand, which was grasping some strands of her hair and she felt his free hand brush over her breast. She arched towards him and pressed her body selfishly on him when she felt it being squeezed.

Natsume didn't think twice about picking her up without breaking their contact and gently placed her below him on the large bed. It surprised him that despite the fact that his need for her was starting to cloud his awareness; there was a small part in his mind telling him that he mustn't rush things up. So he followed his gut. He only pulled his sweater over his head and left his pants intact before starting to trail light kisses on her neck up to the hollow base of her throat. He deepened it until it reddened. He heard her moan.

"You're mine." He said hoarsely, his voice was dripping with lust. He tugged the satin tie off and her robe came off. He tossed it aside, his eyes admiring the body before him.

The possessiveness thrilled her and his touches built a heat on the region in between her thighs. She satisfied her hands by kneading the muscles on his back, feeling it ripple under her touch. She gasped when she felt her left nipple being played with by his tongue before he brought it to his mouth and the fingers on his other hand fondled the other. The room felt humid all of a sudden and she couldn't tell what was around her anymore. She only concentrated on the sensations he was giving her.

The raven could feel her restlessness below him. He ran his free hand across her navel up to her damp core and inserted a finger. He heard her moan and continued pleasuring her by inserting another one until she started rocking back and forth. He covered her lips once again and his arousal pushed him to the edge when he felt her becoming hot on his fingers. Overcome by his need, he was on top of her seconds later, and swiftly entered her. In fact it was so swift that he almost didn't notice the barrier he broke. He only noticed it when tears gushed out from her eyes and he almost froze. Yet, knowing that there was no going back, he waited for the pain to subside before continuing.

"Hush love… I'm sorry for the pain but it'll be gone any moment from now…"

His voice was enough to caress her crying soul and she nodded despite the pain that nearly obliterated her. She managed to give him a weak smile before she felt him move inside her in an excruciatingly slow manner. Her nails dug on his bare skin.

She was so sleek, so hot and so tight, he thought, that he could feel himself swell seconds after he penetrated her. Torn between his primitive want and the need to take it slow for her, he pulled himself out, though not completely, before plunging in again. He repeated it twice and was amazed byher eagerness; when he pulled out for the third time, she raised her hips to meet him and take him deeper. He guided her smooth legs around his waist and sped up his pace. Grunting, he claimed her lips yet again.

Lustful cries and moans could be heard as the two raced to reach the sweltering point where their thirst could be quenched.

The brunette stirred, feeling something hard pressed against her back. She moved her head to the other side only to find a sleeping raven. His left arm served as her pillow and the right was wrapped around her curved waist. A smile played on her lips and despite the hurt in between her thighs, which was normal for a first-timer, she felt wonderful.

'Hush love…'

The endearment he used in their lovemaking made her blush.

"You're awake," Natsume said and buried his face on the mass of auburn locks that spilled on the pillowcase. "I love the scent of your hair… it's refreshing," he added and the color deepened on her cheeks.

He licked and nipped her earlobe as he ran his hand on her thighs. Hearing her moan, he chuckled and stopped his ministration on her.

"You're such a virgin…" he said.

"Now I'm not…" She feebly smiled and Natsume dreaded that she regretted it. Seeing the hard lines on his face she said reassuringly, as though reading his mind. "… but it was the best night of my life, thanks to you and your kind heart."

"My kind heart?" he asked, surprised by her flattering remark.

"Yes your kind heart. Probably you didn't know this but I could feel that you were trying to make it easier for me. When you realized that I was in pain, you stopped until the pain ceased." She then shifted to his side and buried her head in the nook of his neck. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed contentedly. "It made me so happy knowing that you care."


"You guessed that I was a virgin?"

"It's more of I noticed… In case you don't know, we, guys in general, also feel pain when we take a virgin." He said matter-of-factly.

"Thanks for the enlightenment." She looked up to him and grinned.

His heart fluttered. God, having her in his arms, he couldn't quite understand the glorious feeling that was filling his chest. Knowing that he was her first, he suddenly felt proud and his chest welled up with pride. But the thought of other guys touching his voluptuous tangerine made him fume.

"Why did you decide to give up your… virtue?" he asked, attempting to change the topic and the course of his thoughts.

"I need money for my grandfather's hospital bills so that St. James' could discharge him. I haven't got any experience in any work since…" she blushed, "… we used to live comfortably and my dad loved to pamper me to the extent that he didn't want me to be taught household chores. So when they died, my grandpa did the same even though we barely have food to eat. It'd be so much better if I could get my inheritance much more early, but I need to wait until I turn twenty-one. So… a desperate time called for a desperate measure. I know I look like a coward for doing this but… I don't know what to do anymore. I feel unsure and alone."

Tears formed behind her eyes and he kissed her lids. In return, she planted a kiss on his chin.

"I'll help you, don't worry…"

And she smiled at him with genuine appreciation. "Thank you," she replied, misty-eyed before they both drifted to sleep.

When he woke up, Natsume found himself empty-handed. In panic, he called Koko to askif Mikan came to him and was stunned when he said that she didn't come to collect the money.

"Where the hell did you go?" he groaned in frustration and paced back and forth wearing only his robe. That's when he noticed the note that was on his table.

It said:

"Thank you so much for everything…Merry Christmas."

He reread the sentence three times before slamming it back.

"Damn. I'm going to find you Mikan…"