Prompt: 003-Sandpaper

Title: Sandpaper

Summary: /Jacob's hands were like sandpaper./ Blackwater. Drabble.

Word Count: 100

Jacob's hands were like sandpaper.

He did a lot of manual labor: repairs, construction, chores -- making his hands hard, calloused and rough.

But his warm hands, with all their flaws, knew how to love.

They knew how to touch, they knew how to care.

They were gentle on her, feather-light, as if afraid to break her.

Leah knew this for a fact.

So, when she curled up on the couch, breathing slowly and half-asleep, her heart fluttered when a familiar hand pushed her hair back behind her ear.

It was a familiar feeling, and she knew it well: Sandpaper.

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