Running is what she concentrated on. Nothing else. She couldn't distract herself with the voices chasing her. An escape was what she was looking for and this was it.

Rogue was her name and she was scared. Trask and Stryker had kidnapped her and tortured her as well as her powers. Now, after five years, she was free. Many had begged her to take them with her too, even if it meant using her curse. She would have...but it would have meant doing something they nor she would be proud of later.

Continuing to run she soon made a turn and hid as the men hurriedly ran past her. A smirk lit her face as she thought of how stupid they really were. She decided that a strong jog would suffice as she regained a little strength. Continuing onward, she still looked back to make sure they didn't follow. Rogue heard voices coming up ahead and hid in a clutter of trees and climbed. Looking down, she saw a tall blonde walking with a rugged brown haired man. The woman looked at the moon as the man gazed at her. "Chere?"

"Oui, 'Enri?"

"All mon life I been waitin' for de right femme ta come in mon life."

"So have I?"

"'re mon special someone."

Henri kneeled before her and produced a ring box. Opening it, Henri asked the one question every woman waits for. "Mercy, sil vous plait marry moi."

"No matter what." Mercy said as she hugged him and kissed him briefly. "Of course I'll marry you."

Just then several guards surrounded them and produced guns. Rogue cursed herself for bringing this on the couple. "Where is the mutant?"

"What mutant, homme?" asked Henri in disgust.

"The mutant that is hiding in these very swamps with the power to kill us all if she wanted to. Everyone search the area. Don't stop until you find the blasted piece of crap."

Several of the soldiers left to look around except for five. The man who had talked to Mercy and Henri started looking up in the trees until he spotted her. ~Oh, snap!!~ "Soldiers!"

They started shooting at her until she lept out of the tree and onto the ground. She groaned when she realised she must of broken a rib...or two.

"Nice try." the soldier said as it towered over her.

"Whoa, homme. You found dis femme on OUR land. Eit'er you get our permission t' take 'er, or get lost." ordered Henri.

Mercy knelt down to Rogue and tried to see her wounds, but the southern jerked away. "The mutant doesn't even want to be near you."

'Maybeh that's 'cause o' mah powers." Rogue sneered.

The soldiers were taken aback. Rogue never talked; not even when she was tortured. "Get lost, hommes!" Mercy shouted.

The men turned around and started walking away unwillingly, they had not wanted to get on the opposing side of Rogue's power so they agreed. Mercy looked at the torn, broken and hurt girl that lay before her. "Are y' okay, chere?" she asked.

"Ah have had betteh days. None come ta mahnd, but ah have. 'Least ah hope so."

"Y' don't remember?" Henri asked.

"Ah've been in Stahker's and Trask's grasps foer fahve years. Ah don' remembeh mah last name." Rogue said.

"Mon word." Mercy said in surprise.

"Ya get use ta it."

Rogue got up and straightened what was left of her clothes and started to leave. "Petite?" Henri said as he tried to grab her elbow.

"NO!!" Rogue said as she jerked away. "Don' touch meh!"

"He ain' gonna hurt y', chere." Mercy reassured.

"Not 'im. Its meh."

"What?" Henri asked.

"Look ah appreciate ya savin' mah lahfe from the gahs with problems, but ya don' e'en know meh."

"I'm Henri, she's Mercy. Y' are?" Henri said with a smile.

"Not gonna fall for that, shugah, but mah new name is Rogue."


"Already on it." said Mercy as she put her phone to her ear.

The phone continued to ring and then Mercy heard Tante Mattie's voice. "Bonjour?"

"'Ello, Mattie. We jus' found a fille wit' many injuries and maybe a few broken bones. She has shredded clothes and small body. Her name is Rogue and she is-. Chere, how old are y'?"


"Twenty-une. Non, she don want any 'elp. Oui, we insisted. Oui, she is a mutant. Non, she was runnin' from some soldiers. I- Tante- Non we didn'- Oui Tante."

Mercy hung up the phone and looked at Henri. "She said t' bring 'er o'er no matter what."

"Y' gonna come, or do we do it forcefully?" Henri asked only half joking.

"Ah ain' gonna. Sheh can' help meh. Ah appreciate ya savin' mah lahfe, but-"

Rogue was cut off by Henri gently slinging Rogue over his shoulder. "HEY!!"

"Desole, chere. We are tryin' t' help y' an' dose wounds." Mercy said as she looked at Rogue's position.

"Then put meh down." Rogue said.

"Non." Henri said.

"Is this the best way ta spend the nahght y'all get engaged?"

"We'll make it up." Mercy said with a wink.

"Ugh. Love is wasted on the morons."

'Y' change y' mind when y' find love, Rogue." The lovers said together.

"Lahke ah eveh will." Rogue muttered under her breath.

It was silent after that and it took about a half hour until they had arrived. Right as Henri had set Rogue down so they could walk inside she sensed/smelled a presence and stood in front of them right as a bullet was shot. The bullet started heading for them without the couple really seeing it. She took action and stopped it telekinetically. Mercy saw the bullet and looked at Rogue shocked.

From the lack of strength, Rogue released the bullet and it landed in her chest. She fell on the ground and Mercy ran inside for Tante while Henri tried to help her, Soon she saw a woman coming to her aid and then everything went black.