An hour earlier-

Krista groaned as she slowly slipped into consciousness. "What the heck?" Krista said as she looked around the room.

No one was there and the room was destroyed. She looked at her lower half as a wave of pain washed through her. There was a side of a wall laying on one of her legs, completely immobilizing it. Trying to move it Krista screamed in pain as she felt it dig deeper into her. The scream echoed around the room as pain claimed her whole body. Looking at it again, she groaned. "I don' want to get surgery AGAIN."

Looking around, she saw that it was too late. Apocalypse was out. "CRAP! I try and do good, but look where it gets me."

Looking one last time, Krista held on to her leg as well as she could...and pulled. A cry escaped her lips as she fell back. She looked at the now busted door and heard voices. Remy, Orla, and Cellya where here. "Of all the people!" Krista said as she looked down at her leg again. "Well..better late then never."

She pulled out one of her small weapons and thanked the lord for mesmero's stupidity. Holding out the laser, Krista broke the piece of concrete in two. Looking at her leg, Krista saw how bloody it was. "And this is why it doesn't come in handy to be a mind controller when ya CAN be a flyer."

Krista ripped apart her trench coat and tiedit as tight as she could around her wound. The bleeding hardly stopped, but she knew it would later. "Well...time to try out this miserable leg."

She slowly stood, but toppled to the ground and hissed in pain. Looking at the door, Krista heard slightly loud voices as Remy said, "She used herself to fix all of YOUR problems."

Krista immediately cursed Mesmero for telling them her true intentions. She tried again to stand and succeeded in doing so. As she tried walking to the door all of their words went unnoticed to her until she reached the door and Orla said, "Logan!"

"Logan." Krista whispered as she saw his shadow down the hall. "Oh, crap. He used Rogue."

Apocalypse's blue gaze landed on where she stood. She quickly leaned behind a scattered concrete wall and hid. He didn't notice her, so she stood again. Limping out and into the hall, she walked with the shadows. Taking a left, Krista was able to see the whole scene play before her without anyone noticing. "She lies. She was under my control the whole time."

"Is dat true?"


Krista saw Cellya walk to Mesmero's side and held back a gasp. Cellya wouldn't do that, right? She watched as Logan walked over to Orla and Remy and said, "What the- Gumbo?"

"Oui, wolvie."

"Logan...we just made a huge mistake that could have cost Rogue and Krista their LIVES."

"Oh, so true." said Mesmero as he unchained Rogue. She fell to the ground and Remy ran to her side.

"She's here." Rogue whispered.

"Quoi, chere?" Remy whispered back.

"Krista. She's here."

"How do y' know?"

"Use your empathy, shugah."

Remy did and felt confusion from Logan, regret from Orla, sorrow from Cellya, power from Mesmero, faith from Rogue, NOTHING from Apocalypse, and one other feeling that he realised was pain and hurt from Krista. He looked into the corner and saw her shape as she leaned against the wall. "Youre right, chere."

"For once...ah'm actualleh more than glad."

He chuckled, but stopped when Apocalypse looked at them and then held up his hand. "Get away from my queen."

"Feelin's gone, shugah."

Remy helped her stand and a voice came out from above the rest. "If ya know what's best for ya, you'll take that back."

They all looked to see Krista's peircing sky blue eyes almost glow in the shadows. She was angry and it was noticable. "Petite?"

"Yeah." Krista said as she limped out of the shadows.

"You can do nothing, supposed granddaughter. Your task is complete. You may go now."

"No. I'm not goin' ANY where." she said as she cracked her knuckles.

"You can't even fight, Hypna." said Mesmero with a smirk.

"If ya don't remember...I don't need to be close to a person to use my powers." Krista said as she stood in a strong stance.

"You don't have the guts."

"Remy, Orla. get the others outta here."

"But-" said Orla as Remy said, "Mais-"

"GO!" she ordered agian.

Remy and Orla helped Rogue and Logan out of there. Cellya tried to go, but Remy sent her a death glare...besides...Mesmero ordered her to stay.

"Give us your best shot." he said with an evil smile. "You know it will destroy you to even try and contain Apocalypse."

"Then I better do my best." Krista said.

A smirk appeared on Krista's face as she looked out the window and saw the others leave in the jet. "Go ahead and try, supposed granddaughter."

"No one knows what it's be the bad girl. To be the sad girl behind these blue eyes. And no one knows...what it's like to be hated. To be fated to telling only lies. But my dreams...they aren't as empty as my concience seems to be. I have hours...only lonely. My love is vengeance that's never free. No one knows what it's like to feel these feelings. Not like I do. I BLAME YOU! No one bites back as hard. Not on their anger. None of my pain and woe can show through."

Krista was running out of breathe because she couldn't pause through the whole song. If she did...she would lose them, so she held on. She continued to sing and change lyrics to fit her life.

"But my dreams...they aren't as empty as my concience seems to be. I have hours...only lonely. My love is vengeance that's never free. No one knows what it's be mistreated. To be defeated. Behind blue eyes. No one knows how to say that they're sorry and don't worry. This time...I'm not telling lies. But my dreams...they aren't as empty as my concience seems to be. I have hours...only lonely. My love is vengeance that's never free! No one knows what it's like to be the bad girl. To be the sad girl. Behind my blue eyes!"

Krista saw Mesmero, Apocalypse, and Cellya fall under her hypnosis. She smiled and said, "Die. Do nothing, but DIE today."

As those words escaped Krista's lips, Apocalypse followed them. He used his powers and made the rest of the building collapse. Krista was in the mess. In the rubble. In the disaster. But this time...she wasn't the bad guy...and she was happy with just that. Remy, Rogue, and the others DID watch the building collapse. Everyone except Logan DID cry. Thing is...they all knew it was for the best.

After that...I guess you could say that the story Meeting Enemies has come to an end, bu if you don't want it to...tell me. I got MANY more enemies up my sleeve, but I need to know if you want it to end there.