Question and Answer Time!


Due to countless reviews asking the same question over and over again. I am extending Letters to include this page for a limited time. Simply because I do not have the effort nor the time to reply to each and everyone. There are a couple questions that were repeated over and over, so I will list them here with their answers, also, a question that I feel needs to be addressed has been added to the list...its short

Question One: Did Bella Love Jasper? Yes, she did. I would like to think (as the writer) that until she met Jasper, she had never experienced such feelings as she did for Jasper, so it took her
long as she did to figure out what it really was that she felt for Jasper. I listed one clue (from memory)- when she asked Jessica for an answer and
Jessica simply just nodded, smiled and refused to give an answer- clearly indicating it was something that only Bella could answer. In the end, it was
really seeing the affection that Renee and Phil had for each other and having the talk with Renee that made her start to realize that her feelings for Jasper
weren't exactly platonic in nature.

Question Two: Did Jasper know that Bella loved him, even though she never told him? Yes, he did. It is not really clear (nor is it meant to be, simply because of the structure), however,
Jasper was able to tell from her mannerisms when she wrote some, if not most of Bella's
feelings. Furthermore, her continuously telling him to be careful alerted him to the fact that there
something else was going on.

Question Three: Will there be a sequel? No. There will not, simply because of the ending and there is nothing for me to continue on plot wise. I never intended for it to have a sequel. It was
written to betray a 3 concepts: the anguish and tenderness of being in love, its ups and downs, friendship and the pain of not being able to be with
the one you love. The song "Burn For You" by John Farnham, which I advised for readers to listen to whilst reading chapter fourteen is meant to
place particular emphasis on the anguish and tenderness of love and not being with the one you love. Alternatively, Patrick Swayze's
"She's Like The Wind"
is another song that I listened to whilst writing this story. So, focusing on the afore mentioned concepts- there is no more
needed to be written about and its for that reason, that I will not even attempt one.

Question Four: Why is Letters so depressing at the end? To say depressing is an exaggeration in my view. As I mentioned above, the story is meant to play on fragile emotions- the setting of
Jasper living in the 19th century and Bella in the 21st helped considerably. Jasper died for a reason- which was to bring the book to
its final climax and to fully enforce the feeling of loss, devastation and worry that Bella felt when wanting confirmation that what she
had learnt was fact. Most of my work, is inspired from many different avenues and most of the time, I will include in my work my
own life experiences or views. This is one such an example. It was not my intention to cause some readers sadness (though, to
know that it caused some readers to weep is a great honour...if that makes sense).

And finally, the most sought after question...

Question Five: Will you write an alternative ending where Jasper becomes a vampire and meets Bella and they have a happy ever after?

No, I will not write an alternative ending to post here or to send out privately. It will, as I mentioned in question three's answer, defeat the purpose of writing this story. I know that a lot of readers wanted this to happen and told me so in almost every review. I admit, constantly reading those exhausted me greatly, so much so that at some points when writing it, I just wanted to go into my stories file and delete the document all together and shred all physically written parts through the paper shredder. Then I would receive a review that would encourage me to keep going. It was a viscious cycle in the end.

What some readers know about me is that I like to keep people on their toes, to have them not expecting the events in the next chapter of everything I write. It keeps me inspired, keeps me striving to write better and better each time. To date, a majority of my works on have resulted in happy endings- I like happy endings, but I love the ones that are sadder, bittersweet, horrific even and, this story just isn't suited to a happy ending.

I am positive and I will speak truths here; that if I hadn't already written the final chapters before commencing the beginning of Letters that, after the amount of reviews I received where I was urged to write that Jasper becomes a vampire, that my original intended ending (whatever it would have been) would have been thrown out of the window and I would've done everything in my power to make it as horrific an ending as all humanly possible.

So no, you will never read Jasper turning into a vampire because it isn't concievable with the plot (Jasper would have been given a high ranking soldiers burial, his missing body would have been noticed) and Bella will never meet Jasper- short and sweet and I like it that way.