Chapter 1 ~ Captured

The door to the cell was suddenly wrenched open, and Hermione pressed back against the stone wall of her prison as a dark, lean and familiar form billowed inside. Strong hands gripped her shoulders painfully and shook her until her teeth rattled.

"You have a choice," Severus Snape hissed at her, "a dubious choice before you are brought before the Dark Lord. I know how his mind works, girl, and if you would live through this you will listen to me and listen well."

Hermione stared up at her former Potions teacher with fear-filled brown eyes. His pale face was twisted, the thin lips held tightly and the hawkish nose wrinkled with purpose. His black eyes were filled with desperation as he looked at her.

"You are important, Hermione Granger. As of now, you are the Dark Lord's focus. He wants to see you broken, torn, weakened before him. You are in his clutches now and subject to his whims . . ."

The silken voice hesitated for an instant, and in that instant Hermione felt horror take hold of her soul . . . the look in his eyes, it was so pained but so compelling.

"You have a choice, Miss Granger . . . between me and a slew of randy Death Eaters. When you are brought before him, the Dark Lord will offer you to me. If I decline, your fate is assured . . . you will be subjected to many men and possibly women. I know I am not your ideal lover, but with me you have a chance of survival if I ask the Dark Lord to keep you for a plaything. With the others, you will surely die a lingering, painful death. Regardless, you will be taken publicly, before everyone. I am the lesser of two evils . . . so tell me, and tell me now what do you choose?"

Snape shook her again, desperation making his belly tight. She had to live. He hoped her aversion to him would be tempered by the other choice. It wasn't lust, it was hope that drove him now.

There was noise in the corridor outside the cell as Death Eaters approached.

Snape shook her again.

"Tell me! Tell me now!" he hissed at her.

Hermione blinked at him, tears coursing down her face. This wasn't how she envisioned her first time would be . . . but she wanted to live. If that meant belonging to Severus Snape, then so be it.

"I choose you," she whispered.

Snape released her and withdrew as the door was wrenched open.

"Come with us, Mudblood," a voice demanded, catching the witch by her arm and leading her away.

Snape followed.

It was all for the Greater Good.

A/N: A short that popped into my head. I'm relatively sure it's not an original scenario, but I was compelled to share it. Thanks for reading

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