A/N: Tara challenged me to write this. LOL Complete crack of course and I would never be this cruel to Dean. Hopefully he can forgive me. LOL No offense meant to any fans of this movie. I just prefer the real mythology. ;)

"Don't." It was a plea, broken and desperate. Limbs trembled within the restraints, the mind teetering on the edge of insanity.

He couldn't take another moment of the torture. Not this. Not again. It was too much. Stealing his will to fight, eroding his intelligence with every passing minute.

"Please…please. Don't. Not again. I'll take anything else. You can flay me…you can put those bamboo spikes under my nails again. Feed me razor blades…anything. Just don't…don't make me go through it again."

Alastair grinned, his lips drawing back to expose his teeth, wide and wicked like a shark moving in for the kill. "As tempting as your offer is? I've yet to find anything as effect as this. Make yourself comfortable…I can do this all day." His finger pressed the button and once more, an image was projected on the wall for his subject to watch.

The screams were raw and agonising, as Dean Winchester was forced to watch Twilight…again.