Sora no Otoshimono: Ryõ no Tsubasa.

HELLO, EVERYBODY! Have you had a nice Christmas? First of all, I have to apologise. Remember I said I would take a break from Fanfiction? Nantena (I lied). I found a manga a few months back, and I liked it a lot. But it took me hell of a long time to find ch. 10 – 31! And this manga was named Sora no Otoshimono. I liked it so much, I decided to write a fanfic about it. I hope all of you who read this find the story entertaining and gets your own ideas. Please tell me what you think of it by giving reviews. The main title of this story is suppoused to mean "Wings of the dragon".

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This story is written from mainly two perspectives; Tomokis (1st person) and 3rd person. Tomoki-perspective always begins and ends with &&& .



[special name]


Prolouge: Fallen.

Fields of green grass. Puddles of water here and there, and white clouds floating slowly over the blue sky.

Im sure… you've never seen this kind of dream before. In this dream, a girl I have never seen before sat right next to me. For some unknown reason, I like this girl very much, and she kind of likes me too.

However, when the dream is about to end, the girl just vanishes into the sky.

And I would find myself crying… As I wake up from the dream.


A bird flutters it's wings as it flies in the rays of the morning sun. Doves and other small birds gather them self at roofs or powerlines.

Inside a house, there is a black haired boy sleeping. A female voice calls for him, and the owner of the voice shakes him lightly.

"Tomo-chan! Tomo-chan!" A girl sits besides the boy with a worried look on her face. "Wake up, or we'll be late! Tomo-chan!!"

But "Tomo-chan" just turns over. "Just a bit longer, just a bit longer… Don't worry about it…" he says as he smiles. Who wants to leave their cosy and warm futon.

The girl pouts. "Oh geez. WAKE UP!" she yells as she throws the blanket away. Then she notices something.

"GYAAA!" The scream makes the boy sit up quikly. "What is it? What is it? Sohara, did anything happen?!" he asks as he looks around in panic!

Up from an opening in his pajama pants, something stands tall and mighty. His face gets covered in worried stripes as he explains. "This here is a tea twig, you see to be uprising means something good is bound to happen, Sohara-san…"

Unfortunatley, his explenation was not accepted, and the karate chop sent him flying and bleeding.


Good morning, everyone. My name is Sakurai Tomoki. A pretty normal student, as you can see. And the girl is my childhood friend, Sohara. "Tomo-chan, you idiot! Hentai!" She tries her best so I don't sleep in every morning.

'Seriously, she didn't have to go all out on me, did she?' I thought while rubbing my swollen cheek.

To wake me up with that karate chop, I (am so troubled by that)/ really appreciate that.


As Tomoki and Sohara arrive at their school, they see a big crowd in front. "What's with the crowd in front of the school gate?" wonder Sohara.

"This is bad! This is really bad!" Tomoki turns to the voice coming from behind.

It was a blonde boy who was freaking out. "Som- someone is about to jump off the school building!" "WHAT?! Jump off the building!?" yelled Tomoki in shock.

They hurried into the school yard, and yes, standing at the edge of the roof, was a young man. Students shouted "Don't jump!" "Just stay calm!" and such, but it didn't look like it had any effect on him.

"I-I-it's for real! What do we do? What do we do?" asked Tomoki, and the boy repeated him. "Eh? Isn't that… Sugata-senpai?" said Sohara as she looked up. "Sugata-senpai?" asked Tomoki, not moving his eyes.

"It's that guy from 'new continent discovery club'. That well known geek in school."

Behind Sugata Eishirõ, was a hang-glider. His short-cut white hair was whirling in the strong wind up at the roof.

"Hmm… Wind force, checked." He said to himself as his sight glided over the gardens and the fields. "Although the wind direction… Isn't completely in my favor…"

He grabbed his hang-glider and readied himself. "However, it's good enough for my experiment. Now that the coast is clear…" He began to run.

"Eh…? You're kidding…" said Sohara, not beliving what she saw. "He's gonna jump?!" Tomokis heart skipped a beat.

Sugata Eishirõ gracefully glided through the air, just like a bird. He didn't even look down at the gaping students below.

Everybody followed him with his eyes, until… *GASHA-N*

"Get over here, Sugata!" yelled the vice-principal with a gleam in his eye and a shinai in his right hand, as he ran over to the crashed boy.

"Okay, okay. Everyone, please return to your classrooms now." Said a teacher, sweatdropping.

"We're leaving, Sohara." Said Tomoki emotionless. He had lost all interest in the event that had just occurred.

Sugata rubbed his head as he sat up on the treebranch. He was bleeding from a small cut on his forehead. "Ugh… Is it about the weight? Some sort of miscalculation?"


That day… Those unforgettable days we're about to go through… That's how it started.


"The same dream again, huh?" Tomoki covers his eyes with a hand, trying to see anything. The grass is suddenly covered by a large shadow. He looks up, and sees the winged girl.

"Save me…" she says. "The sky has captured me…"

"Eh…? Huh?" Tomoki doesn't understand the meaning of it. The light becomes stronger. "The sky… Has captured me…"


SUMMARY: Tomoki has his dream again, this time by sleeping in the classroom (again). After a lot of suggestions on what he should do, Sohara manages to take Tomoki with her to Sugata (Who's speaking ill of me behind my back?) for advice. But Tomoki refuses, since all he wants are his peaceful days, but he soon gives in to Sohara (after she was threatening Tomoki indirectly with her karate chop).

Sugata tells them about a strange circular thing in the geomagnetism, which is created by the axis consisting of the north pole and the south pole of our planet Earth, gathering and forming the 'geomagnetism'.

He belives that Tomokis dream is just the same as 'the new continent' (the circle. Check the manga for more info). And that night, at 12 o'clock, the 'new continent' will pass over Somari. The three is to meet under the great sakura tree (which have lived for over 400 years).



Tomoki was sitting on the ground and stared up at the night sky, only lit by the millions of trillions of stars.

The vice-principal, who was still angry for the earlier happening, had caught Sugata. And Soharas mom didn't allow her out that late. So Tomoki was practicly alone.

'And I thought we made a promise.' He thought. 'Eh? Which means I, Tomoki, is the only person here?'

He got up on his feet in one move. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It was you guys who said to come!" he said angrily. "Im leaving! Im really leaving!"

He flicked his cellphone open and looked at the clock. It showed 23:58 PM.


"The sky… has captured me…"

Flashback end.

"Ha-ha… Just what's gotten into me?" he said to himself, and Sugatas words echoed through his mind. "Tonight, at 12 o'clock, the new continent will pass above this town. That dream of yours is about the new continent. The new continent is welcoming us."

0:02 AM. "See… Nothing's happening…" The cellphone suddenly rang, startling Tomoki.

"What was that about, senpai?! Where you trying to freak me out!?" yelled Tomoki into the phone as he dried his tears.

"Tomoki? Ah, my bad. Took me some time just to make a deal with that beardy." Sugata was pushing his bike to the limits. "Im making my way towards you as fast as I can. I want you to calm down and listen carefully."

"GET AWAY FROM THERE NOW!" Tomoki didn't move of surprise. "Eh…? Ah?"

"When I was on my way there, I read the latest data I had gathered. Something weird…" Sugata was interrupted by a sudden static. "Hole *ztztzzz* Normal moving *ztztzz* Sudden stop…"

"What did you say? I can't really hear you." Said Tomoki, and didn't get a clue of what Sugata had said.

"Your *ztztzz Above…" Tomoki looked up and saw… A huge black spot in the starry sky!


Something crashed down with such force, the ground was trembling! Tomoki managed to jump away just a second before the impact.

Most people would most likely run away, but Tomoki crawled back to the edge of the smoking crater.

"Wh-wha-what just happened?!" he asked loudly as he looked down. The first thing he noticed was a pair of…


" #%&=!!" He jumped back while yelling out this censored sentence. "A HUMAN?!"

'Why? Why's there a human falling from the sky?' he thought, shivering of fear. "What… In the world is going on here…?" he stammered.

'No… That isn't a human…' He looked more closely. 'If that's a human… How can it have wings?!' There was a girl laying unconscious in the bottom of the crater.

Is it alive? Or is it dead? Speaking of which… Why is it completely unharmed?

Anyway! This thing right here will surely stir up a lot of trouble. It's only a matter of time until Sugata-senpai gets here! (Sugata: Who's speaking ill behind my back?)

That's it! I'll leave this matter to him since he can fly as well, and I'll just go back to my old self watching TV, eating and then go to sleep.


Suddenly, a pair of gigantic pillars crash down, one of them right in front of our hero! Curling himself togheter to a ball, he tries to protect his head with his arms from the falling stones. "I… I don't want this anymore!" Another rock crashed down next to him.

"Damn it, stop getting in my way! I still wanna go back to my peaceful life!" Tomoki yelled with snot and tears running down his face.

But a great shake made him stop. A pillar had landed only millimeters from the winged girls head! "Hey, hey…" He bagan.

It was dead silent, not even the wind made any sound. Still, it was there. For a moment, Tomoki Sakurai, our protagonist, fights an inner battle.

"It's fine right…'cause… Even though it fell from the sky, it's still unharmed." More pillars fell down.

Tomoki begins to run again. "So I'll just keep care of that thing. Peace comes first."


Tomoki jumps down in the crater, shouting "DAAMN IT!"

"When I get home…" He takes a grip around the humans arm. "Im gonna watch some TV…" He tries to lift it. "…And go to sleep! Screw this, why's it so heavy?"

Tomoki is nearly hit several times as he tries to do his heroic act. "Why?! Didn't I just say I want to continue living my peaceful life?" he yelled.

The biggest pillar Tomoki had seen until now, was coming straight at him from above!


Suddenly, he sees the ground from an all new angle. Feathers float silently past him. He turned around and looked at the reason for this strange situation.

A beautiful girl with pink hair and deep, dark-green eyes, holding her arms under his, had saved him. The same girl Tomoki had tried to save seconds ago. Tomoki didn't notice he had lost his right sock and shoe.


I've repeated saying the same thing too many times, I'm sure all of you are getting tired off this.

'Imprinting.' The chain from the girls collar takes form from nothing and is wrapped around Tomokis hand.

I… Just want to live a peaceful and normal life. That being said, I'm still surrounded by a killer karate chop girl… And a freak who wants to fly. (The new continent has finally come to this town.)

Besides, that dream I've been having even sent me an SOS signal. And lastly… An UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) has fallen from the sky.


Tomoki takes an uncurious look at the chain surrounding his right hand. "…What… is this?" he asks. The girl is silent.

"How do you do?" she suddenly says. "I'm your entertainment-purpose 'angeloid', type Alpha [IKAROS]."


With that… Those unforgettable days I'm about to go through…

"As long it is something that pleases you, I will comply with any commands…"

…Have just begun. "My Master."




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