Sora no Otoshimono: Ryõ no Tsubasa.

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Chapter 1. Conquer the Two-face.


Tomokis dream, once again…

I sit up and glances at the fields. 'How should I put this… I've actually… gotten used to this dream.' I thought as I looked around me.

…So… That means, next up is that 'Save me, I've been captured by the sky' will be coming, huh.

A shadow covers Tomoki and he turns around, unsurprised. 'See, here it comes.'

The girl floats in the air and looks down at Tomoki for a second, before she opens her mouth.

"That angel… Please treasure her." I was stunned. It was a different dream, again!

"Please treasure that angel. Never ever… Let go off her."



Tomoki found himself laying on his futon. The birds chirped outside, and a car passed his house.

"Tomo-chan! I have cleaning duty today, so I'll be heading ahead first!" shouted Sohara from his yard. "Don't be late, okay?"

'What was that about? Today's dream…' He thought, thinking back.

The angel… Please treasure her.

'Angel… What's that?' Tomoki asked himself and sat up. He noticed there was someone else in the room.

"Good morning… Master." There, holding down her skirt, sat a human with wings.


Ahh… That reminds me, that thing fell from the sky yesterday. An U.M.A. (Unidentified Mysterious Animal)



The night before:

Tomoki takes a look at the chain surrounding his right hand. "What… Is this?" he asks.

"Uwa… What the heck is this? I can't unlock it!" He yells as he tries to take it off, with no success. "Damn it. Damn it!" Tomoki tries harder and harder.

"Damn… IT!" He pulls a little to hard and… Falls over the angel. Fortunately, her breasts makes Tomokis landing softer. Unfortunately…

"This is truly shocking." A certain man pushes his glasses longer up on his nose. "Who would have thought Tomoki is such an enthusiastic person!" said Sugata Eishirõ as he saw Tomoki and the winged girl.

"Stop spouting nonsense… Just figure something out and help me already…" Tomoki said sweatdropping and showed the chain to Sugata. But he was completely interested in something else.

"Anyway, I have never seen nor heard of this life form before. However, there is one thing I can be sure about." Tomoki looked questioningly at his senpai. "One thing you can be sure about?"

"She must be a resident from the new continent!" said Sugata, confident as hell. "HOW ON EARTH DID YOU REACH THAT KIND OF CONCLUSION?!" yelled Tomoki frustrated.

Finally, Sugata examined the chain. "Looks like it'll be quite a while before this lock is undone." That answer shocked Tomoki till the bones. "No way! What should I do then?!" asked Tomoki. "Hmm… Say…" began Sugata.

"Tomoki, do you live with your family?" he asked, pushing his glasses up on his nose again. Tomokis face was normal at first, but when he answered, he got lines of worryness, but his expression didn't change. "No… Um… I'm living… Alone… Kinda."

"Well then." Sugata was already on his bike. "He-hey!" yelled Tomoki after him.

"Since you're living alone, there shouldn't be any problems. Why don't you enjoy a life with just the two of you?" suggested Sugata and placed his foot on the pedals. "What kind of suggestion is that?!"

"Also, don't forget to report to me daily." In a second, Sugata had build up a speed and was already moving with speed stripes. "Who would do that…?!" yelled Tomoki after him, but Sugata didn't hear him. "JERK!"


Back to the storys present…

"What's the matte, Master?" asked Ikaros. Tomoki had hid himself under the thick blanket. "Nothing… It's just that my stupidity is making me feel pathetic…" said Tomoki from under the blanket. "Even if I had to take that karate chop from Sohara, I shouldn't have gotten involved with Sugata-senpai…"

'No… But wait! Those words in my dream, "Please treasure the angel"… Could it be that this thing has some kind of connection with my dream?' Tomoki puched away the blanket. 'If that's how it is…'

"Say… Abou-" The angels face was suddenly veryclose to Tomokis.

She sat down in front of the surprised boy. "Master… As long as there is something that pleases you, I'll do anything… Please command me."

Tomoki blushed slightly, unable to speak as his sight fell down to the angels surprisingly large breasts, both only covered by a small piece of clothing.

"Things you'd like to have are fine as well, for we are the angeloids, created to please our masters…"


"Things you'd like to have…" What does she mean by 'things I'd like to have'? Does that mean I can have anything I want…? Speaking of which…

What a nice smell… "K…" The angel looked questioningly at me. "K…?" she repeated.

"Cash. Right. Normally." I finally managed to say something. At first, she just looked at me. "Cash… It is…?" I was exhausted.

'That was close…' I thought as I tried to catch my breath. 'Almost lost myself on an U.M.A! If so, does that mean I'm falling in love with my worst possible trouble?'

'Get a grip, Tomoki!!' I turned around with a smile. "Uhm, I'm kidding, just kidding. Money doesn't mean everything, anyway."

"About 100 billion in cash. Is this fine with you…?" she asked. "Ah, right. If I were to have so much money, I can buy everything I want?"

"Ha…?" What in the world had I just said? The UMA held up a strange-looking card and uttered one word. 'TRANSPORT' The card broke up into pieces as a strange light was emitted.

The room was filled with a force I had never felt before! Books were flying, my pajama-jacket was flipping. I was completely stunned.

Wha… What is going on here? The card had transformed into a calculator with wings. The UMA pressed some buttons and…


A ton of money suddenly fell down on me from nowhere! And it was real Japanese money! 10 000 yen bills. 'FOR REAL?'

"Do you have any other commands, Master?" asked the angel.

I ran over to her. "EH? What the? How did you do that?!" I asked. "What's that thing that looks like a card?! Lemme have a look!"

"Do you mean… This?" She gave me the card. "This card… If it is to be defined in the local language, it would be a transport device." She explained. "Transport device?" I was still confused.

"Yes. In order to exact Masters wishes, it will have to obtain the required machine from 'Synapse'." Another thing to confuse me. "'Sy… Napse'?"

"I have no information related to 'Synapse' inside me." She said, and made me even more confused.

"I just awoke when I received the summoning from Master a few days ago. That was the only detail regarding the card from the backup inside my body. As for other things I only know a bit."

She lent backwards a little and her wings fluttered lightly. "I am an entertainment-purpose angeloid, [Ikaros]. A product created for the sole purpose of pleasing my master." Ikaros said. "Pro… duct…"

I stared at her cute, melancholic face. "A product…? This one…?"

His antenna transforms into a flower. Oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway.

"And umm, what else can you do with this?" I asked. "Anything…" answered Ikaros. "ANYTHING?!"

"Then, how about… Something like this…?" whisper, whisper

"…Yes, it's possible."

"OHOHOHNN~~~~~3" I knew exactly what to do. But I should wash away the nose blood first.



At the same time, another place…

Geographical scanning complete. Mountains, sea and forests. And lots of wind. An ideal place, and also the only one where she can have landed. The crater there says more than a hundred words. For heavens sake, what will happen? Last time she went down, she killed millions after what I heard. But what will happen this time?

Landing procedures, complete. J… Oh, goddammit! They didn't disappear? Damn, that's gonna be a problem. Oh, well… First, I have to search.


Some says it's difficult to take off a girls bra when you stand in front of them. I don't know, but I do know that this very morning, Sohara Mitsuki had trouble taking on hers.

"Gee…" She shighed. "It grew again. Aww… There's no need for them to grow so big…" She didn't notice the invisible square which had just entered her room (Dah, who would? It's invisible, dammit!).

"'AWSOME!! Being an invisible man is just too awesome!!'" whispered Tomoki, staring at his childhood friend, his face redder than reddest. "'Excuse me, Master, this is…?'" asked Ikaros.

"'Guys, huh… Are dying to become invisible men, Ikaros-kun!'" Tomoki couldn't do anything to prevent the noseblood from coming, but he enjoyed every moment. "'Ha…'"

"'Hold it, I'll just play a small prank on her…" Tomoki reached his hands forth.

And groped Soharas breasts from behind! "HYAAN!?" Screamed Sohara in surprise.

"FUHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Tomoki as he ran away, his nosebleed running constantly. "Good! Operation successful! Next target, Ikaros!"

"Yes." Ikaros was flying behind Tomoki, the chain connecting them rattling. "Say, Master…" began Ikaros.

"Is there any meaning to what you did just now?" The answer was simple (if you were Tomoki). "PUNISHMENT! This is my payback to the violent girl who only knows to greet me with her karate chop!!"

"Good! Next one, next one!!" This time, Tomoki wanted time to stop so he could…

Stand naked in public, his [black spot] completely visible! (trunk was censored, I know. Sorry girls.) "Master…?" Tomoki had forgotten Ikaros for a moment, and the fact that she was a girl, but it didn't seem like she was affected by it.

"Uhm, see?! I just want to try this out, that's all! Anyone would want to do things they normally wouldn't dare to do while everyone is staring at you, right?" Ikaros nodded. "That must be it! Everyone is like that!"

"Great! Keep on moving forward!" Tomoki let the world stay still the rest of the day, and used the opportunity to check out girls panties, get stuck between girls breasts, etc., etc.


The following evening, Tomoki ate a luxurious dinner. Some of the dishes were roasted pig, baked lobster, beef steak and matsutake mushrooms.

And he ate till his hearts content, dressed as a prince (he even wore a real crown!). "How does it taste, Master?" asked Ikaros, sitting next to Tomoki.

"SUPERB! Ikaros-kun!! The dishes you made are simply delicious!" said Tomoki with a big smile and gave Ikaros the thumb up as he said it. "Thank you for the praise."

"Though…" began Tomoki as he began to feast on the lobster. "You can't find these rare ingreadients nearby, right? - It must be that card, huh?"

Ikaros nodded. "Yes. Take out the food converter from the card, and then by using carbon dioxide in the air…"

"Ah, no need for that. I don't understand anyway." Interrupted Tomoki. "Yes. In that case, are there any other commands?" she asked patiently.

"Other commands…?" Tomoki put down the glass of wine. "Eh…" He tried to think of something. Somehow, Ikaros's body was very…

"Strip." He said, and dried his mouth. "…Things like that?"

"Understood." Ikaros' dress suddenly became much more loose, and she began to undress herself!

"WAA! My bad, my bad! I was kidding, just kidding!" yelled Tomoki as his nose began to flow like a waterfall. "Just pretend I didn't say anything!"

"Once a command has been issued, it cannot be terminated." Ikaros explained as she let her skirt fall to the floor. "I was created based on this type of program."

"Wai- 'Cannot be terminated'?! This-" Ikaros was now standing butt naked in Tomokis room. "Are there any other commands?" she asked.

"No, no, no, no!! That's all for today and I'm tired! Talk to you tomorrow!" said Tomoki loudly as he held his right arm against his nose and waved with the other, pushing his head against the wall.

"I've done all the things I want for today…" He said sitting on his mountain made off 100 billion in cash, holding a handkerchief in front of his nose and a cigar in his left. "All that's left is conquer the world, huh?" He laughed loudly, enjoying the feeling of 100 billion in his butt.


The next morning…

The sun was shining extra brightly this day, and the birds sang as usual. Tomoki was sound asleep. *DON DON* Hard knocks on the door woke him up from his peaceful sleep.

"Tomo-chan!! Wake up already, Tomo-chan!!" It was Sohara, and she sounded angry. "How come you didn't come to school yesterday? Did you know the teachers were really angry with you?" She kept knocking.

"Oh, gee… Open up, already!" she yelled. Tomoki made his way down the stairs.

"Shees…" He said, scratching his head. "Making such a fuss in the morning…"

"Coming, coming…" He said with a yawn as he opened the door. Outside was…

No one. No one was standing in front of the door. In fact, there was no one outside either. Neither the birds could be heard. The chain around Tomokis right hand didn't make a sound either, but it was there.

"Huh…? Sohara?" Tomoki could have sworn that she had been knocking on his door seconds ago. He noticed a girls uniform in a pile and a bag, like the one Sohara had, laying on his doorstep. "What's going on here?" asked Tomoki himself.

He picked up the jacket and looked at it. "In a short while, 'conquer the world', will be completed, Master." It was Ikaros. The transport device-card was shining, meaning it was in use.

Tomoki turned his head slowly. His face was filled with fright. "You mentioned yesterday, that the only wish you had left is to conquer the world." Her face was emotionless as always. "Just as you had wished. "Just as you had wished. The program, 'conquer the world', has been now been activated."

Tomoki ran into his house, leaving Ikaros outside. "According to the survey…" began Ikaros, as Tomoki turned on his TV and went through the channels.

"Currently, nobody who recognized Master as their ruler existed. Therefore, the program assumed that to have every human eliminated would be the most efficient way."

"And for that, it is still eliminating the remaining humans." There was only snow on the tv-channels. No one was running the studios, and no signal was being sent or recived.

"Right after that, based on the standard set for Master's servants, it shall re-establish a whole new human race."

The fear crept through Tomokis body and mind. "To have living humans… all eliminated…?" He began to shiver. "Termination…?" he asked, his voice notably filled with fear.

"Unable to comply." Said Ikaros. "I was based on this type of program."

Everyone would be gone. Sohara was gone. The girl who had been with him since childhood. He fell to his knees in the dark living room. "Master?"

He was all alone. Somari was silent, and soon, the whole world would be.


Another place…

"Here's your pizza, sir." Said the maid as she came the table. "Ah, finally. Mmh, it smells delicious." Said the boy sitting there. "I certainly ho…" The pizza fell to the floor and the plate was shattered.

"What in blazes?!" Everyone in the restaurant was suddenly gone! Only their clothes were left. "What the hell is going on?" the boy asked himself. "This better not be their doing."


The ball hit the ground and bounced forward a feet or two, before it stopped. Tomoki, still in his pajamas, was sitting on a bench at the playing field, Ikaros standing next to him.

"It's true…" It was only the two of them. "Not a single person is… Is left, huh."

"My deepest apologies." Said the angeloid. "I originally thought… That was what the command meant…" Tomoki held up the folded uniform, which had belonged to Sohara.

"I wonder what I should do now…" said Tomoki to himself. "If you desire…" Ikaros transported a gun. "I can just dispose of…"

"Good idea…" interrupted Tomoki. "That would be a great help." He didn't even turn around as he said it. "It's just too much trouble. I've had enough of this…"

Ikaros looked first at Tomoki, then at the gun. "Yes…" She placed the gun to her head, and a finger at the trigger.

As she was about to pull of, Tomoki grabbed her hand and pushed her over! Ikaros got confused over this sudden act of his. "Mas… ter…?" He laughed, but it wasn't a real laugh.

"Just kidding… I'm just kidding…" He was crying. "Just terminate it… Okay? The command a while ago… Just pretend I never said it… Yea?"

"Termination of commands… Unable to comply…" The same answer as before. "JUST WHY?!" yelled Tomoki.

"I knew it myself… You're not even at fault" Ikaros was still holding the gun, but the grip loosened. "You're just trying to obey my commands."

"It's all my fault… I made that stupid wish without even thinking about it…" said Tomoki. "That's why… You don't need to disappear at all."

The angeloid looked at him. "Still, commands cannot be terminated…" she repeated again. "Hey… I'm begging you…"

"Just because of me… Everyone… Has vanished…" yelled Tomoki loudly as he cried. "How am I… Supposed… To know… What to do now…" The tears dripped down at Ikaros laying beneath him.

"So I beg you… Don't leave me alone… Please have the command… terminated…" He lowered his head. "Stay by… My side…"

Ikaros placed a hand on his head. "Yes… Master." Her master had fallen asleep.


Ahaha… If only, this was just a bad dream, how great would that be…


I opened my eyes to a new morning. The birds were singing, and a car passed my house slowly.

"Tomo-chan! I have cleaning duty today, so I'll be heading ahead first…" Soharas voice called from the yard. "Don't be late, okay?"

It was a dream? Really a dream!? I'm confused. I've been dreaming since the start of chapter 2… What on earth is going on here? I noticed someone sitting in front of me.

It was Ikaros, holding that card again! "Don't tell me…" She nodded. "Yes. 'If this was just a dream', according to the wish you made. To have everything turned back to normal through the format of a dream…" She made the card disappear. "Is this unacceptable…?"

"THAT'S NOT IT!! It's fine this way, fine this way! GOOD JOB!" I shaked her hand in appreciation. "Thank you for the praise." Said Ikaros. "However!"

To tell the truth, I'm so beat… "Uhm… Master…" began Ikaros. "That… Should that be converted into a wish from that dream as well?" she asked.

I turned my head to look at her. "Ahn? What's it?" I asked.

"'Stay by my side'… You mentioned it before… So… Should that converted into a wish from that dream?" I had forgotten that I had said that, and being reminded of it made me blush.

"It will be fine if I just let Ikaros do whatever she wants, right?" I said, and pulled the blanket over me. "Eh…?" Ikaros didn't understand.

"What is… That supposed to mean…" she asked before I interrupted her. "That's what I mean!!" I yelled.

"That is what I mean! Mhm! Mhm!"

Ikaros smiled very, VERY faintly as she looked at her master. "Yes." she answered.

Just like that, 'relucantly my life with a U.M.A living with me began. Now that I recall that time…

Maybe it's no longer 'relucantly' anymore…

"EH!? You can't even make money anymore!?" I yelled. "Yes. The card for 'transport device' has become a thing in that dream as well." My wonderful life was shattered once again.


Huh? Sohara was back already?


Tomoki was wrong, it wasn't Sohara who was knocking on the door. It was a boy with orange hair who was waiting outside. He was dressed in an open parka, and was holding a skateboard under his left arm.

"Good morning. Sorry for knocking on the door so early, but could you tell me the way to the closest military facility?" he asked when the door was opened.

Tomoki stood silent with a silly smile on his face and thought about it for a second. Should he answer "No." and close the door to avoid trouble, or should he say "Which direction did you come from?" and risk that his (not so) peaceful life would be filled with more trouble?

"Which direction did you come from?" Tomoki asked. "That direction." Said the boy and pointed to his right.

He turned his head to see if he was pointing in the right direction, and Tomoki saw a metal piece which looked like a jaw covering the boys left ear, just like Ikaros (but hers looked like fly-engines).

"Are you an U.M.A.?" he asked out of the blue. The stranger looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "I have no idea what a U.M.A. is. Sorry."

"Master, is something wrong?" asked Ikaros, as she came out in the hall to see what was going on. The boy stared at her. "What the hell…?"

"IKAROS!!" The boys expression had changed completely. He was smiling all over and his eyes twinkled. "What are you doing here? Why did you call this guy…" His voice slowed down. "…Master…?"

A gun was placed at Tomokis forehead. "What have you done to her, human?" asked the orange haired boy, and a threatening atmosphere filled the air.

"I'm entertainment-purpose angeloid, type Alpha [Ikaros]." Said Ikaros and lifted the gun of her masters head. The boy looked at her, then at Tomoki, who held his hands up into the air, and sighed.

"Fine. I finally found you. Good shit." He placed his gun back into his belt and held a hand to Tomoki.

"Sorry for threatening you just now. Just call me Janus, okay? Nice to meet you." Janus smiled.

"N-nice to meet you too." Tomoki shook hands with him.

"Can I come in? You need to tell me everything, and I mean everything about how you met her." Janus pointed at Ikaros.

"Oh, don't worry about the gun, it's not a real one. It shoots pellets, but they do sting."

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Ah, yes, I almost forgot. Bonus for the readers:




Type Alpha.

Hair: Pink.

Eyes: Dark-green.

Height: 162 centimeters.

Weight: 48 kilograms.

Wingtype: Variable. Light pink.

Ikaros/ Icarus: He tried to escape from his exile on Crete by using a pair of wings, glued to his back with wax. But Icarus flew to close to the sun, and the wax melted, resulting in Icarus falling into the ocean and drowned.

Ikaros has a melancholic and emotionless face, thus her voice stays the same 98% of the time she speaks. She means good, but it doesn't always end as she hopes for.


Tomoki Sakurai, Sohara Mitsuki, Sugata Eishirõ and Janus are gathered in the living room, where Ikaros has prepared a simple, but luxurious Japanese breakfeast for two.

Tomoki: Huh? And I thought that card was gone?

Ikaros: Yes. However… Even though I can no longer obtain anything from that card, there's still one more physical object of that quantum food converter left… Although it's an older model.

Sohara: Tomo-chan! I want that tooo!!

Tomoki: 'I want that tooo!!' This isn't some toy for kids…

Janus: And you're not?

Ikaros: Ah. If that's what you're concerned about, there's actually another solution.

Tomoki and Sohara: HEH?

Janus: Oh no…

Ikaros (holding up some cards): Although the abilities are greatly limited… There are still a few more of these old model transport devices left…

Tomoki (This guy never learns his lesson): 'What!?' *ching*

Sohara: 'I want!! Food!!'

Sugata (eating the rice): 'This rice… Really delicious…'

Janus: Fuck. This is gonna end twice as bad.


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