Lovino lightly snored as he slept on the lawn: the grass green and lush and as comfortable as any bed. Guitar music filled the air as Antonio sat beside him, long tan fingers deftly working the instrument's stings. The late afternoon sun kept them pleasantly warm; reflecting off the red skins of tomatoes picked earlier that day.

Suddenly the music stopped. Lovino cracked open an eye as Antonio lightly shook his shoulder.

"Lovino…" Antonio whispered.

"Nnn…" he mumbled back.

"Lovino…" this time a little louder.

Slowly he raised his arm to check the time, squinting as the light shone off the ring on his finger. 3:54.

"Bastard…" he said with a yawn, "I've still got… six more… minutes…"

"But Lovino!"

Lovino whipped around into a sitting position, "What!? What the hell could you possibly wa-"

Antonio's pressed their mouths together and silenced his words. The Spaniard used his own momentum against him, so he had no choice but to lean into the kiss. But it didn't matter. He would have kissed back anyway. Either that or punched him. But it was definitely one of those two.

When the need for air forced them to break apart, their faces remained close. Lovino's eyes were closed, but he could feel Antonio next to him; hear the sound of his breathing.

"Hey, Lovi?"

He opened his eyes, "Yeah?"

Antonio smiled, "There's a turtle on the roof."

As if fleeing the scene of a crime the older man jumped up. He grabbed his guitar and the basket of tomatoes and ran towards the house, leaving Lovino stunned and still sitting on the ground, "You'll get it down for me right?" he called over his shoulder.

Shaking of the shock, Lovino leaped to his feet, "Like hell I will asshole! Get back here!"

Arriving at the house they shared, Antonio turned and smiled, green eyes shinning, "Please, Lovi?"

He crossed his arms and shot Antonio a glare, "No."

"I'll make dinner!"

"You're gonna have to offer me a lot more then that if you think I'm going to crawl up to the godforsaken roof to get some stupid, idiotic, little-"

"I'll make pasta for you!"

Lovino ran a hand through his hair and gave an exasperated sigh. Damn that man. "…Fine."

Antonio, obviously pleased with the outcome, disappeared into the depths of their house. Rolling his eyes, Lovino headed off to the garage to find a ladder. What was so important about a dumb turtle anyways?

Finding the ladder buried under about a century's worth of stuff it took Lovino a few minutes to get it out. Still a bit sleepy, he dragged it all of five feet to the edge of the house and propped it up against the rafters.

Stupid Antonio, he thought to himself as he began to climb, there probably isn't even anything up there! Must just be a leaf or something that got caught in the-

His inner rant stopped when he poked his head over the edge and came face to face with a tiny green head and two pitch black eyes.

"Holy shit… there really is a turtle up here…"

The creature in question was sitting next to the chimney, looking about as lost as a penguin in the desert. For a few seconds it stared at him, then went back to looking around the roof. Never taking his eyes off the turtle, Lovino slowly maneuvered his body up onto the shingles and started crawling towards it.

"How the hell did you get on the roof in the first place?" he asked the turtle as he moved closer, "Last time I checked, turtles didn't have win--!"

A loose tile sent Lovino hurtling towards the edge of the house. Panic swept through him as he tried to grab something, anything to stop his fall. His hands reached out, desperately trying to find some sort of purchase to hold onto. But their frantic search was to no avail. He just kept falling and falling until-

Lovino finally found a handhold at the edge of the roof, the rest of his body dangling in the air. His feet scrambled against the walls of the house in an attempt to pull himself back up.

"A-ANTONIO!" The fall might not be enough to kill him (He was a nation after all. He could be shot or stabbed and he still wouldn't die) but he would rather not have a few broken bones, "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ALREADY, DAMMIT!"

From above he watched Antonio run out the front door and look around for him.

"Lovino?! Are you okay? Wait… where are you?"

"Up here, idiot!"

Antonio looked up to the roof, "What are you doing up there?"

"Well, you're the one who told me to get the stupid turtle, dumbass!"

"Oh, right! Do you need any help?"

"No, no. I don't need any help. I actually enjoy hanging by my fingertips from a two story building."

"That's kind of a weird hobby, don't you thi-"

"Of course I need help! Now quit standing there like a moron and get me down!"

"O-okay. Don't worry, Lovi! Umm… Where's the ladder?"

Lovino let out a small yelp as one of his hands slipped off the side. The muscles of his other hand started screaming in protest, "I don't care what you do just hurry up!"

"Alright, Lovino. You can let go now!"

Looking down he spotted Antonio standing below him with his arms spread wide and a goofy smile on his face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"I'm going to catch you, of course."

"W-what about the ladder?!"

"There's no time to go get it. Just trust me, okay?"

Lovino rolled his eyes, "That's about the last thing I would ever want to DO-!"

His last word came out as a scream as his fingers relinquished their grasp on the roof. Time seemed to slow as he fell, taking eons to even get to the first floor. But before he could even comprehend the fact of how fast he was going his was face down on the ground where they had been sitting so peacefully not ten minutes ago. Quickly he shot up, checking himself for bruises or anything broken.

"Well, that turned out better then expected. Thanks for, well… trying to catch me, y'know…"

Receiving no answer from the energetic Spaniard, Lovino turned and raised an eyebrow. Antonio was lying on his back, idiotic smile still plastered on his face, unconscious from his fall to the ground when he tried to catch him. Sighing, Lovino stood, brushed himself off, and grabbed Antonio's wrists. As they slowly proceeded into the house he looked down at Antonio's face and shook his head.

"You really are an idiot sometimes, you know that?"