Author's Note: This E/O Challenge was supposed to be done by the 6th of December. But I was busy. I couldn't however let these wonderful people think I counted their birthdays for naught. So here it is, the belated birthday drabbles for The Tribble Master, IheartSam7 and SidJack. The challenge word was "hold".

Disclaimer: Letting reality keep a hold on me and admitting "I've gone to witches, the good, the bad, the indifferent" but none could help me gain ownership. Guess Kripke got a staff of voodoo priests working for him...

Word Count: 100 in each! Not to let our gracious hosts Onyx Moonbeam and Enkidu07 down.

Warnings: Not very specific but certain spoilers for season 5.

Loop Hole - For The Tribble Master, some Drunken!Castiel

Castiel hung limp and groggy between the Winchesters.

"He shouldn't have been affected" Sam worried, taking better hold. He hated the idea that anything mortal could beat God.

"He's been cut-off from Heaven for a while" Dean soothed. "The witch wasn't aiming for the angel inside, she didn't know. And it's Jimmy's uniqueness that allows Castiel angelic actions. The power-draining curse targets exactly that – the victim's unique traits. He'll be fine."

"It'll take Bobby a few more days to prepare the counter-spell." Sam sighed, slightly reassured. "He'll be 'human' until then."

"Long enough to get him drunk again" Dean chuckled.

Hold Me Tight - For IheartSam7, confused, concussed, sad, miserable, moaning, suffering, queazy Sam

Sammy had buried his face in the moulding fur of the abandoned Teddy, rocking and crying for mommy. A scene of utter loneliness.

"Just do it!" a harsh voice commanded. A stark contrast to the boy's misery.

Someone was shook into action and strong hands separated child and bear, viciously throwing the Teddy into a fire. Sammy, pitifully screaming, fought the grip and tried to throw himself after it. But as the curse broke Sam recognized his father's hold and surrrendered to soul-wrecking sobbing. John hugged his crying son, blinking away his own tears while nodding his thanks to Bobby.

Stand By Me - For SidJack some h/c Sam and Dean, with supersweet moments, maybe some leg injuries thrown in for either or both boys

What happened? Where am…I?

"SAM! It's on fire, we have to get out. SAM!"


"Sam, if you can hear me, I'm stuck…"

I'm… coming. I can… crawl…

"Sam? Thank God, push… What happened to…? We're leaving! Now!"

A roof beam… shouldn't be a problem. If I could use my legs.

"Aaahrg! I'll drag you. Don't let go."

Fresh air!

"Hey! Call 911, broken legs! Sammy? It'll be fine, you're a hero. You, you didn't even have to use your height to win this one."

"Dean? It's never been… a question of height. Just… brains."

"Hold that thought, little brother."

It's so wonderful with vacation, I love writing and I love writing for challenges! Happy Birthday stay writing!