Donna lay on her back starring back up at the three suns of Shentencly. The Doctor was off playing with some kids. Its was only three days after Midnight and Donna still hadn't gotten over it. So many things traveled through her mind.

She'd almost lost him, and that terrified her. But what bothered her the most was that she didn't do anything to help.

Donna felt her eyes water and she brought her hand to the side of her face. She did nothing! What kind of companion was she? She was weak, obnoxious, useless, broken, and unimportant. All she did was get in his way, and hold him back.

She didn't even deserve to travel with him. She didn't deserve their engagement, or the baby. She couldn't even help him bare the burden he carries.

Donna was shaken from her thoughts by a firm hand on her arm. She looked over to see the Doctor sitting down next to her.

"You alright?" he asked looking out over the view.

Donna rolled over to her side and looked up at him. She nodded. He grinned and looked down at her. "Liar." Donna let out a soft laugh. "What's wrong?" Donna sighed and opened her mouth to speak, but kept silent for awhile.

"….I didn't do anything. I'm sorry, I truly am. I mean what kind of companion am I?"


"I'm weak and useless. I pout and complain. I know I'm rude, annoying, harsh, and I know I put you down a lot." The Doctor sat and watched as Donna pulled herself into the sitting possession.

"I didn't do anything! I let them try to murder you." Tears swam down her face.

"And I can't help you. With your burden. I mean you can always see who dies and why and how they died. I try my best to try to carry it with you, but I can't. And I know you still cry over the loss of Rose and I try to take your mind off of her, but I feel as if no matter what I do all you see is her and that doesn't help you."

"Donna, please…"

"I don't deserve to wear this ring or deserve this miracle inside me, but I can't bring myself to let you go. I know I'm just being selfish, but I can't do it, I – I just can't!"

"Donna." She ignored him and looked down. He grabbed her arms firmly; Donna starred into his eyes. He gave a small smiled and leaned in closer.

"Donna, it's not you fault. What happened on Midnight was not your fault. And Rose." He let out a dry chuckle. "Yes I'm still morning over her, because she was important to me." He saw hurt flash through her eyes.

"But Donna, you're important to me too. You're so much more than that. Donna I love you and I would never ask you help me carry this burden. I wouldn't." He pulled her into a hug and held her there.

"And sure you can be annoying, and hard headed, harsh, and you do complain a lot." She pulled out of his arms.

"Oi, spaceman, to the point!" she snapped. He smiled and nodded.

"Right, sorry. My point is that even though you can be a handful I still love you. And you're the one who deserves more, not me. And I'm the selfish one. I put you through danger every time we step foot out of the TARDIS. And even though I fully understand that I could possibly loss you on adventure, I could never bring myself to part with you." He stood up and looked down at her.

"So Donna could you please forgive me for being so selfish?" He extended his hand like he did at Midnight. Donna looked at his hand for a moment. He waggled his fingers and gave a toothy grin. "Come o-on."

Donna, without touching his hand, jumped into his arms, resting her head on his chest.

"I forgive you Doctor." She buried her face into his shirt and let a few tears fall silently. After getting over the shook of her action, the Doctor wrapped his arms around Donna and smiled.

"I love Donna Noble." She nodded into him and mumbled 'I love you too.'