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Edward POV – I stepped out of my silver Volvo into the car park. I looked at the towering sign of Casa De Cullen and sighed.

I was not looking forward to returning home. I knew that Esme and Alice were going to be mad at me for staying in Alaska so long. It was longer than I had ever been gone before but I needed to clear my head. I needed to figure out my feelings for Bella without the influence of her blood or any of my family. I now knew that I loved her. It was crazy but I had fallen deeply, madly, crazily in love with a human. Even now I was excited about seeing her. After seeing my family and facing the music I would go to her house and sneak through the window. I would spend the night just watching her sleep, and then in the morning I would meet her outside the house as she went to school. I would admit my feelings and hopefully she would say she felt the same way. I couldn't think of the alternative. I had fallen and fallen hard.

I grabbed my bag full of my clothes out of the boot and walked towards the restaurant but then I stopped and frowned. Something wasn't right. It was a Friday night one of our busiest nights of the week and the place was closed. No sign of human life coming from inside. I opened the door and switched the light on. The place was deserted. Plates full of rotting food lay around; broken glass was on the floor and a banner that said "Congratulations Rosalie & Emmett!" was ripped and dangling sideways from the wall. I felt sick and worried. I walked across the hall and through the door leading to the hallway. I walked towards the office and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw "ROSALIE HALE IS A COMPLETE BITCH!" spray painted on the door. I dropped my bag and ran out of the restaurant. My mind was all over the place going through every possible scenario but then I couldn't think of any. Vampires couldn't get sick or die; we had done nothing to provoke the volturi. I stopped and laughed at myself. The family were probably just taking a week off or something. I took a deep breath and slowed down as I arrived at the house but then I froze as I heard my family's thoughts. Bella was dead. I dropped the floor as the pain overtook me. I was in shock. I couldn't breathe even if I needed too. I got flashes of everything that had happened the past month. Rosalie was Bella's daughter and Adam knew about her so Emmett had killed him. I don't know how long I sat there listening to all the details letting wave after wave of pain hit me. Before I knew it I had stood up and starting ripping trees of their roots launching them again and again as far as I could. I carried on doing this until I couldn't take it anymore. I just collapsed and broke down. Nothing mattered any more… nothing…nothing….nothing.

Alice POV – It had been a month and Edward was still not back. I was really worried about him. I knew how he felt about Bella and I didn't know how he was going to go on without her. She was to him the way Jazz was to me.

"You ok?" Jasper interrupted my thoughts. We were both cuddled up on the couch watching some trashy teen soap.

"Yeah" I said absentmindedly

"Thinking about Edward again?" he asked

"I can't help it" I turned to him "He's going to be so devastated"

"We will help him through it. I know it will be hard. Bella's death has been hard on all of us but Al, listen to this place. It's silent. Let's just enjoy the silence for now until Edward gets home yeah?"

"Yeah I guess" I agreed reluctantly. I knew Jasper was right but I still couldn't help worrying. I settled back down on the sofa but my phone beeped. I had got a text. I groaned and sat up grabbing my phone from the coffee table.

"Oh my god Jazz, It's Edward"

Rosalie POV –

"I want a baby Em, I mean how hard is it for normal people? It's just not fair" I cried throwing myself on the bed

"Honey I know but don't you think … well don't you think your just…trying to replace Bella" he said softly sitting on the bed beside me.

I winced upon hearing her name but tried to cover it. I leaned up on my elbows "Em, B…Bella was my daughter and I loved her but she's …she's…dead and that's it. She's gone and I'm over it. I'm finished, I just want to be a mother Emmett and I know that's never going to happen" I said my voice shaking. He growled and stood up, walked over to the wall and punched it

"Damn it Rose when are you going to stop lying to yourself, to the family… to me" He shouted.

"I don't know what you're on about" I said stubbornly. I was sat on the edge of the bed and he kneeled down in front of me and shook me

"Show some emotions for god's sake. You never talk about what happened to you. It's like since Adam died you've been emotionless, dead inside" he looked into my eyes. "Babe I just want you to talk to me" he said the pain and hurt showing deep in his eyes.

"Why? Why do I have to live that moment again and again? Why would you want me to? I saw my daughter get hit by a car and die in my arms and it was all my fathers fault. I do not want to go through that again!" I shouted

"Babe you're allowed to grieve you know" he said softly to me "you're allowed to cry and be upset and angry at the world and I want to be here for you while you do that and I want to help you heal but you're not letting me. You're not letting me in and I don't know what to do. Please talk to me" he begged

"Just leave me alone Emmett and stop being so goddamn pathetic" I snarled pushing pass him and slamming the door behind me.

Alice POV

"They're fighting again" I mentioned to Jasper.

"I know" he sighed

"It's been the fourth time this week" I said

"I know" he repeated "Alice, stop changing the subject. There was nothing you could have done" he hugged me "Stop beating yourself up"

"Jasper, I am supposed to be able to see the future. I didn't see that Edward was coming back, I failed him. Jasper he found out about Bella's death through our memories. It's my entire fault" I started dry-sobbing and he put his arms round me

"You have been under so much stress this month; Things are bound to fall through the holes. Alice it's not your fault" he soothed and although the sound of his voice was helping me it wasn't making me feel any less guilty. "Come on, what did the text say?"

I sat up and read it out for the thousandth time that night "I just got back and heard about Bella. I need some time alone. Please respect my wishes and don't come looking for me and don't blame yourself Alice. I love you all, Edward" I read out

"See, Edward even says that he doesn't blame you" Jasper pointed out

"He's probably just saying that to make me feel better" I said upset

"Alice, stop this now" he said firmly "It is not your fault, Do you hear me?" I nodded even though I still couldn't help feeling guilty. But then I began to have a vision.

It was daytime and we were outside Casa De Cullen. There was a group of people there watching. The doors opened and I watched as Rosalie and I walked out. I had a relieved look on my face but Rose looked upset. As soon as we stepped into the car park Carlisle grabbed Rose and she began screaming. Carlisle was keeping hold of her and walking towards an ambulance with her in a tight grip. She began screaming louder and turned to Emmett.

"EMMETT! EMMETT PLEASE HELP ME!! HELP ME EMMETT PLEASE!! EMMETT!!!" but he didn't. His face was expressionless as Carlisle bundled her into the ambulance and only as it drove away his face crumpled. I was pulled out of my vision and saw Jasper looking at me concerned.

"I've just had the weirdest vision" I said shakily to him

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