Sorry this is not an update but I just wanted to apologise for not updating this story in the past few months.

The reason why I haven't been updating is because I've recently started a new twilight fanfic story called Love You To Death and it has had a great reaction. People are reviewing far more than they did for this story so I've been concentrating on writing chapters for that.

People don't seem to like this story as much as they liked A Rose By Another Name. I know that it's probably because I killed Bella off and to be honest I knew when I killed her off last year that I would be taking a big risk and I get that this story is very depressing. There is about 5 chapters left of this story and I will be finishing them because I believe that this story deserves a proper ending.

I promise you 100% that the Cullen family and particularly Rosalie ARE going to get there happy ending so just keep reading and It will be worth it. I will be resuming this story in the next few weeks and hopefully it will be finished by December.