My newest Yi San ff. Inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Pairing: Lee San and Song Yeon.(:D)

I know it's short, but it's pretty sweet in my opinion.

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Short Summary : He told her he couldn't live a day without her and it was true. So he did everything in his power to keep her by him, just like Hades did for his Persephone. Loosely based on the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Something was wrong. It was obvious, she was crying, her face to the floor while holding on to his portrait. If she held no feelings towards him beyond friendship she wouldn't be acting like this.

Then it hit him. This was very much like a legend he read a long time ago. It was about two gods. He loved her, Persephone was her name, but she showed no signs of loving him so he abducted her and convinced her to eat a few seeds of a pomegranate to make her stay with him. And in the end she fell in love with him, Hades the god of the Underworld..

So with his mind made up, he rushed outside after her, gripped her arms with his hands and pulled her back into the room, closing the door after them.

He hugged her body to his and whispered in her ear again that even if she might want to leave him, he couldn't let go of her, for to him it meant to stop breathing. She sobbed against his clothes, telling him that she loved him but there was no way for her, a lowly damo, to ever be with him, a king. He responded by attaching his lips to hers and stealing away her breath.

He pulled her out of the room and with him to his own room. He took a silk rope and tied her to him. This way she would never leave him. She smiled and reached out her unbound hands to caress his face, her smile reflecting on his face.

He knew at that moment that she loved him too. The moon's rays bathed both of them in its pale silver-blue light. Her skin looked almost white in contrast to her dark hair, deep brown eyes and full light pink lips.

She shivered against him and a smirk made its way on his face. His lips attacked hers once again as he untied the rope. This was his way of making her stay. He gave her a taste of what could be hers. He gave her the choice.

Now, Song Yeon was not stupid. She knew that the choice was hers, as it has always been. Her arms went around his neck, a smile adorning her lips as she passionately kissed him. This kiss was like no other, for she poured every ounce of emotion in it, her love, desperation, hope, grief, and everything in between.

And with this kiss their fate was sealed, his and hers.

So this was it. I might continue or not.

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