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" Issues"

Chapter 1

" Keepin' Up With The Kids"

The sun was rising and it was a beautiful day for the city of Konoha. Naruto scrunched up his eyes after hearing his alarm clock going off and began to stretch. He ended up falling off of the bench that he was sleeping on.

" Damnit." Naruto growled out while scratching his behind. He looked over at the used hand twisted alarm clock that he had found in the trash and turned it off.

" Ahh! I'm going to be late for a shower!" Naruto yelled out as he brushed the dirt off of his school uniform and took his book bag underneath the bench in the park that he was sleeping on and ran off, making sure that he didn't miss anything. He wanted to be there extra early to get the breakfast that they serve to students for free. He walked a couple of miles until he reached the school and was relieved that no one really had arrived yet. He stepped into the school and first went to the boys locker room. He looked around and made sure that no one was there before stripping off his clothing and stepped into the shower. After washing himself clean, he stepped out again and put back on his dirty clothes.

' Note to self. Go to Sakura's place this week to get my clothes washed.' Naruto thought out then left the locker room. While he was walking down to the cafeteria, he saw Ino standing by her locker.

" Good morning Ino!" Naruto yelled out so loud that the noise made the blondie cringe.

" Not so loud Naruto. There is no one else here but you and me well except for the teachers so you don't need to be that loud." Ino spoke out a little more harshly then usual.

" Sorry Ino." Naruto mumbled out while scratching the back of his head.

" It's okay, I just had a bad morning that's all." Ino said as she took our her tiny purple purse out along with her backpack and slammed her locker door.

" Naruto did you just take a shower or something? Your hair is all wet." Ino raised a blond eyebrow at the other blond.

" Yeah, I live near the school so I just decided to take a shower then run over here to catch some breakfast." Naruto said but he hated to lie. It was the only time that he would lie so none of his friends or no one in general would know that he had been homeless from the past six months.

" Oh okay well I am going to go use the bathroom so I'll see you in Ms. Karin's class." Ino waved at the male then walked away. Naruto grinned back then began to walk towards the lunch room.


Once Ino got into the women's bathroom, she made sure that no one was in the stalls before locking the bathroom door. She walked over to the mirror and glared at herself while picking up her purple mini purse. She opened up the purse and took out a tiny razor blade and a large band aid.

' You are so disgusting. It's all your fault that they fight all the time.'Ino thought to herself as she lifted up her long sleeve shirt, revealing old scars and slice one cut on her skin.

She was so used to the pain and blood that it didn't effect anymore. She still remembered the first time that she had cut herself. She was 14 years old at the time and it was the first time that her parents were arguing. Ino couldn't take the noise so she went into the bathroom and saw her mother's razor. It hurt too much to hear the people that she loved the most fight so she took the razor and cut herself, making her feel better when the pain subsided.

Ino shook the bad thoughts out of her head and rinses off her new wound, before putting a bandage on. When she was all ready to go, she looked down at her cell phone and figured that everyone should be getting to school now. Ino walked out of the bathroom and glanced down at her phone. First she tried calling Sakura but there was no answer then dialed Hinata's number to see if she was at school yet.

" Hello?" Hinata picked up the phone after a couple of rings.

" Hey girl! Are you at school yet?" Ino asked while walking down the hallway.

" I am on my way, I just need to do something real quick then I'm headed there."

" Okay well get here as soon as possible okay? Love you!" Ino chimed out.

" Love you too Ino, bye." Ino heard Hinata hung up and smiled. Ino just hated to be alone after cutting herself.


Hinata hung up the phone before getting pulled by a little girl. Hinata looked down to see a three year old look a like tugging on her arm while smiling.

" We here mommy!" The little girl screeched out with excitement as they walked closer to the day care center.

" Yes we are here. Now you be a good girl today Ayama while mommy goes to school okay?" The seventeen year old mother looked down at her child while smiling.

" Love you mommy!" Ayama said then hugged her mother while they were standing outside of the building.

" Love you too, bye." Hinata have her daughter a kiss on the forehead then walked away from the building after watching her daughter go into the building.

Hinata looked down at the watch that she was wearing and gasped out on what time it was. Usually her mother would take Ayama to day care while Hinata walked to school but her mother had to go into work early today. Thankfully for her, the day care was pretty close to the school as she began to walk. After a couple of minutes of walking, she heard a car honking noise and turned her head and smiled. The person who was honking was none other than her friend Shikamaru. Hinata rushed over to the car and smiled at the male.

" Good morning Shikamaru!" Hinata spoke out.

" Morning, want a lift?" Shikamaru asked and Hinata nodded her head then walked over to the passenger side of the car and got in. The car ride was silent except for Tool playing out of his car speakers but neither of them minded the silence. When they arrived at the school, Shikamaru parked his car then averted his eyes over to the female.

" You can go on ahead, I'm going to smoke one last cigarette before going in." Shikamaru told the girl.

" Alright, I'll see you in class. Thanks again for the ride." Hinata said then got out of the car. Hinata was just glad that she was not going to be late for school today.


After Shikamaru noticed that Hinata was gone, he pulled out a joint that he had made before leaving his apartment and going off to school.

' Delicious breakfast.' Shikamaru thought to himself as he lighted up the joint and began to inhale the smoke.

This was all part of his daily routine before heading to school. First he would wake up, snort a line of cocaine to wake him up then drive to school. When he gets there, he smokes to calm down his nerves because he wouldn't want anyone else to think that he was on drugs. Everyone thought that he was a pure genius which he was but there was one thing that he loved so much more. Escaping reality. Once he was done, he put some visine in his eyes to make him look like he was sober and light up a cigarette to cover up the smell of weed. Shikamaru then walked out of his car and headed into school. Once he got into class, he noticed that most of his friends were there and decided to take a seat in front of Sasuke who was sitting next to an empty desk and sitting next to Naruto on the other side. Ino and Hinata were sitting behind the boys, talking about girl things.

" Morning." Shikamaru muttered out like he was about to take a nap.

" Shikamaru you missed it! Ms. Karin was giving Sasuke such a dirty look not too long ago. I swear she wants to jump his bones!" Naruto chuckled out.

" Shut up idiot." Sasuke spat out then rolled his eyes.

" Hey Sasuke, can I see you for a moment?" Karin, their homeroom teacher called out then Sasuke got out of his seat and followed the older red head out of the classroom.

" I hope she doesn't rape him." Naruto joked out while Shikamaru put his head down on the table and decided to take a nap.


Sasuke walked out of the classroom with his teacher and she stood by the door.

" What do you want?" Sasuke asked in a bored tone of voice.

" I just wanted to tell you that I need to see you for lunch. I need to talk to you about something important." Karin gave Sasuke a dirty look.

" In case you forgot, it's a half day today so we don't get lunch." Sasuke rolled his eyes at his teacher.

" Oh..." Karin whined out then the school bell rang. Sasuke looked around and noticed that no one was no longer in the hallway.

" Just give me a call later okay?" Sasuke said in a bored tone of voice which made his teacher excited.

He stepped away from the teacher, ignoring the smile that she was giving him and walked back into the classroom and taking his seat. Sasuke glanced beside him and sighed out because his best friend still hadn't shown up for school yet. He looked back up at his teacher who was staring at him with lust filled eyes. Sasuke looked down at his desk while ignoring her roll call. There was a knock at the door which caused Sasuke's head to jerk up to see Sakura entering the classroom.

" Nice for you to join us Sakura." Karin gave her a smirk and Sasuke knew that Karin hated Sakura with a passion because she knew that his heart belonged to Sakura and no other but while they remain to be fuck buddies, Karin couldn't touch Sakura.

" Sorry I'm late." Sakura spoke out as she hurried over to her desk and took a seat beside the Uchiha. Sasuke couldn't help himself but smiled at the pink haired girl. He was so happy that he knew that she was safe. Sakura could feel his gaze and looked over at him and stuck her tongue out. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her and she couldn't help but shake her head and pay attention to the teacher. Sasuke couldn't help himself but give her one last look before paying attention to his teacher.


At the end of the half day of school, Hinata declined to hang out with her friends because she needed to pick up her daughter from day care. She just told everyone that she had a lot of homework to do but was fortunate that no one pushed the topic further but only because everyone was wondering where Sasuke and Sakura had run off to. When she got to the day care, she noticed that Ayame was very happy.

" What are you excited and happy about?" Hinata asked as she held the girl's hand and began to walk home.

" Can we get ice cream?" Ayama asked so Hinata looked down at her child and couldn't refuse to say no.

" Sure, you just knew I was going to say yes, didn't you?" Hinata teased the girl and she nodded her head.

" You came early so that means ice cream!" Ayama chirped out.

Hinata loved her daughter will all of her but she often wondered what he life would have been if she didn't have a one night stand with her ex, Kiba. Hinata and Kiba were an item until she had found out that she was pregnant at the age of 14 and he decided to dump her. Hinata was heartbroken but her parents were supported so after she had Ayama, they all moved to Konoha to start a new life and would tell people that she was her younger sister. Well anyone that would ever see them together. Hinata was glad that they had finally reached to the ice cream shop so she could take a break from walking. Right as the pair were walking over to the entrance, a couple came out that cause Hinata to stop walking.

" Hey Hinata!" Sakura greeted as she walked over to her friend with Sasuke walking behind her.

" Hey guys, what are you two doing here?" Hinata asked as she prayed that Ayama would keep her mouth shut.

" Getting some ice cream." Sasuke muttered out then looked down at the child and raised an eyebrow.

" Hi there, I'm Sakura and this is Sasuke. What is your name?" Sakura asked.

" Ayama." Ayama spoke out.

" That's a nice name Ayama." Sakura replied.

" We should go Sakura." Sasuke said and Sakura nodded her head.

" Well we gotta go and get our daily walk in but I'll see you at school tomorrow Hinata. Bye Ayama." Sakura smiled at the pair while Sasuke just nodded at Hinata before they walked over.

" Who were they mommy?" Ayama asked her mother after they were long gone.

" Those were mommy's friends." Hinata spoke out while she felt bad that she had to hide the fact that Ayama was her child.


Sakura and Sasuke kept on walking as they approached a park. Sakura had to get at least thirty minutes worth of exercise a day because of her diet.

" Are you okay?" Sakura looked over to see Sasuke with a worried expression on his face.

" I'm fine Sasuke. I wonder who that little girl was that was with Hinata. They looked so much a like." Sakura wondered.

" Probably a sister or cousin." Sasuke replied back then noticed that it was starting to get a little cold out so he took off his jacket and put it on Sakura.

" Sasuke, I'm not cold." Sakura whined out as she put on the jacket because she knew that Sasuke wouldn't take no for an answer.

" It's going to be getting cold and I don't want you to be getting sick." Sasuke answered back in a monotone voice.

" I'm already sick." Sakura sighed out.

" You will get better." Sasuke replied.

" Sasuke I wish you would stop acting in this fantasy while ignoring the facts that I'm- argh." Sakura suddenly wasn't starting to feel well.

" Sakura?" Sasuke was beginning to worry then noticed Sakura running over to a nearby tree and started to throw up. Sasuke sighed out and walked over to her side and pulled her long pink hair back so it wouldn't get in her way.

" Sasuke? Sakura?" Sasuke whipped his head around to see Naruto approaching them.

" Idiot." Sasuke smirked out then Sakura was done and wiped her mouth and looked up in horror to see Naruto standing there.

" Sakura! Are you okay?" Naruto asked in a concern tone of voice.

" I'm fine Naruto, I just ate something that didn't agree with me." Sakura giggled out but deep down inside she hated lying. In fact she was far from fine because she was dying and the doctors said that she only had five months to live. Sasuke and her family were the only ones that know that she was very ill.

" Okay I was just worried that's all." Naruto smiled at the pink haired girl. Sakura smiled then noticed the time on Sasuke's watch that he was wearing.

" Alright well we better go Sasuke. I don't want my parents to be worrying over me." Sakura told the Uchiha.

" You are right. I'll talk to you later dobe." Sasuke smirked at his friend.

" Bye teme. Bye Sakura and I hope you feel better." Naruto waved at his friends as the couple started to walk away.


Naruto watched as he friends walked away and then decided to start his walking journey down town where he begged for money. Naruto hated being a bum but after his mother remarried to an asshole, Naruto decided to move out but didn't want any help from his friends. He was going to make it on his own just fine. He blamed his pride problems from his father that had passed away. After about two hours of walking, he had finally made it downtown where no one he knew ever came down. he stood in front of a video store and began to beg for money.

" Excuse me, care to spare some change?" Naruto asked an older gentlemen.

" Go get a job you crazy bum!" The older male yelled out before walking away but Naruto was used to rejection. The economy was so bad at the moment that places were ether closing down or not hiring otherwise Naruto would get a job. After a couple more tries people started to give him some money and one person even gave him a snickers bar.

" Naruto?" Naruto froze while eating his candy bar and turned around to see Ino with her parents.

" Hi Ino!" Naruto yelled out but he was nervous that he had gotten caught trying to get money from people.

" What are you doing out here asking people for money?" Ino raised an eyebrow. Her and her parents as just walked out of the video store when she noticed Naruto asking strangers for money.

" Oh well I forgot my wallet...and... I need money for... the bus." Naruto lied through his teeth.

" That sucks Naruto, I would ask my parents to give you a lift but they are well you know what they are like but here's some money." Ino said as she handed him a twenty dollar bill.

" Thanks Ino." Naruto smiled back.

" No problem well I better go before my parents have a fit but I'll see you tomorrow." Ino waved at the male before going over to her parents. Naruto waved back and was happy that he had money so he could eat and find a way home.


Ino suffered in the back seat of the car while listening to her parent's arguing. It was all Ino's fault that they decided to go to the video store and that they started to fight again.

' Fuck I really need to get the fuck out of here.' Ino thought to herself as she looked out the window when the car came to a stop at a stop light. Ino thought of something because she knew where she was.

" Hey mom, can I see Shika? His apartment is right over there?" Ino pointed out, causing her parents to stop fighting.

" Sure." Ino's mother replied then when the light turned green, she drove over there. Ino's parents knew Shikamaru and knew where he lived so they had no problem with her hanging out over there.

" Do you want us to come get you?" Her father asked but Ino shook her head.

" No, I'll get Shika to drop me off." Ino waved at her parents then walked over to Shikamaru's apartment, knocking on his door. A couple of minutes later, a sleepy looking Shikamaru opened up the door to see Ino.

" Ino? What are you doing here?" Shikamaru asked as he closed his apartment door.

" Are you okay? What's that smell coming from your apartment?" Ino asked.

" Essences. What are you doing here?" Shikamaru asked again.

" I just wanted to hang out." Ino responded.

" Well why don't we go over to Sakura's house instead? I'll take you." Shikamaru said as he dragged the blond over to his car.


To say that he was surprised to see Ino coming over to his home unexpected was an understatement. He had just gotten done using his bong when she started knocking on the door while his supplies were scattered all over the place. Thankfully for him and his brain, he came up with the idea to go over to Sakura's so Ino could hang out over there. The other reason was he knew that Sakura had pain killers for some weird reason and he could find a way to take some for his own. Once they got over to Sakura's house, they went up to the front door and Sakura was the one that opened up.

" Hey guys." Sakura spoke out because she knew they were coming. Ino had called her and gaven them the okay for them to come over and hang out for a while. After they entered the home, the three seventeen year old walked up to Sakura's room.

" Thanks for letting us come over, I would had figured that you would had been with Sasuke." Ino commented out as she ran over to the bed and laid down.

" Yeah well he had gotten a phone call and someone wanted to hang out with him so I made him go." Sakura replied as she joined the girl on the bed.

" Wow he actually left your side?" Shikamaru asked sarcastically while casually looking around her room in search for pills.

" Yeah he didn't want to go so I kinda forced him." Sakura said then looked down and started to feel sad.

" What's wrong forehead girl?" Ino noticed how sad he friend was getting.

" I think he's seeing someone and not telling me." Sakura answered out truthfully.

" What makes you think that? You are the only girl for him." Ino said.

" I just have that feeling. Forget it, anyways Ino, I got the latest issue of People magazine." Sakura quickly changed the subject because she knew if they stayed on the topic, Ino would push Sakura to start dating Sasuke. Sasuke and Sakura were jut close friends and nothing more.

" Hey I'm going to use your bathroom okay?" Shikamaru told Sakura who just nodded her head while half listening to her friend. Shikamaru walked over to her bathroom that was connected to her bedroom and closed the door. He started to look around and opened up the cabinet that looked like a mirror.

' Score!' Shikamaru thought to himself as he found what he was looking for.

He grabbed the two different bottles of pain killers and hid them in his pockets but took a pill out to pop it in his mouth. When he was done, he flushed the toilet so it would seem that he had to take a piss and walked out of the room and took a seat, enjoying the high that he was about to endure.


About two hours later, Sakura said farewell to her friends and closed the door behind her. She walked back up stairs and couldn't help but feel pain in her body. She closed her bedroom door and went over to her dresser and stared herself in the mirror. She sighed out as she took off her pink wig, revealing her hairless head and looked away. She decided that she was going to go to sleep but before she did she needed to take her medicine and went into her bathroom. She was hoping to find her pills but frowned when she couldn't find them anywhere.

' Where could they be?' Sakura thought to herself as she left the bathroom and bedroom to go find her parents.

" Hey guys? Have you seen my pills? I can't find them anywhere." Sakura asked her parents.

" Did you check the bathroom?" Her mother asked.

" Or your backpack?" Her father asked.

" Yeah I checked everywhere." Sakura answered.

" Maybe you misplaced them but don't worry, I'll call the doctor and get you some more tomorrow." her mother said.

" Okay thanks, goodnight." Sakura told her parents and walked back to her bedroom. It still irked her that she had no idea where her medicine was and decided to call Sasuke to see if he knew where she had put them.

" Sakura?" Sakura couldn't help but feel warm inside when she heard his voice. Sakura loved Sasuke with all of her heart but knew that they could never be because she was dying and didn't want to be loved by anyone.

" Hey Sasuke, are you okay? You sounded like you were panting or something?" Sakura was wondering why he sounded like he was out of breath.

" I ran to my phone. What's up?" Sasuke asked.

" I was wondering if you have seen my pills? I can't find them anywhere."

" I don't know, last time I saw you with them was in your bathroom. Do you want me to come over to help you look for them?" Sasuke asked.

" No it's okay I'm about to go to bed anyways."

" I can still come over."

" No Sasuke but thanks anyways."

" Are you sure? I'll be there in five minutes." Sasuke replied.

" No! Don't come over! I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight." Sakura said.

" Fine but I'll come pick you up for school so you don't have to drive."

" Whatever bye." Sakura rolled her eyes at Sasuke's over protectiveness.

" Goodnight."


Sasuke hung up the phone and sighed out. He hated how he was always worried about his best friend. They had known each other along with the rest of the gang except for Hinata since they were in middle school and Sakura made sure it stayed that way even when his parents died when he was 15. Sasuke was left with a whole bunch of money so he stays in an apartment by himself. Sasuke and Sakura became closer then but it wasn't until he found out that she was sick when he started to be over protective over her. Sasuke had fallen in love with her before he found out that she was sick and the feelings only grew stronger in time. Sasuke was frustrated sometimes because he knew it wouldn't work out between them because Sakura would always push him away whenever he would mention the topic.

" Are we going to continue where we left off?" Sasuke looked over to see a naked Karin laying on her bed. Sasuke knew that the moment was gone the minute he heard Sakura's voice.

" No, I should leave." Sasuke stated as he started to put his boxers back on but was stopped when Karin jumped out of the bed and prevented him.

" Come on Sasuke, my hubby won't be home for another hour and I'll help you relieve you from your stress." Karin said as she placed her hand down his boxers while whispering into his ear.

" And I will let you scream out Sakura's name again. I know you enjoy doing that." Karin spoke out and Sasuke grunted then turned around and started to make out with his twenty five year old teacher while imagining the time where he and Sakura had made love that one and only time.


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