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Mai's House

10:32 A.M.

I curled up in my chair, and pulled my knees close to my chest, and hugged them. Naru's face haunted me a bit. I've never seen him like that before. His voice was so strained. So desperate. Even though it wasn't very noticeable, I could trace the hints he hand given off. Something was troubling him deeply. I bet even if I did go to sleep, Gene wouldn't come. He never came unless something paranormal was going on.

'Mom. Dad. I need you.' I thought silently to myself.

I checked the time again, and sighed. My mail would be here by now, but I didn't want to get it. Not yet anyways. I reached over the arm of my chair, and grabbed my tea cup. The warmth soothed my cold fingers and quelled my throat. I don't know why, but I felt like crying. I know its Naru's business and all, but something was off.

'You're afraid you'll loose him again, Mai.' I hugged my knees tighter, and answered myself. "I am."

Trying to bring myself out of the depressing mode I had set myself in, I stood up and stretched. I need a walk. I walked towards my door, and slipped my shoes on, and grabbed my black coat. I buttoned the large buttons in the front, and let the bottom of it fall to the back of my knees. I slipped on my white fingerless gloves, and wrapped a black and white stripped scarf around my neck. I grabbed my black messenger bag, and slipped it over one shoulder. I stepped outside of my apartment, and into the cold snow. I shuddered and brought my jacket closer to me. I knew the way by heart, and slipped behind some buildings to take my own path to the graveyard.

The snow wasn't disturbed by anything, and the cemetery seemed peaceful and tranquil. I spotted their graves under the tall oak tree, and I made my way over there.

The snow crunched under my feet, and I noted that I was the first one here since the snow had fallen again. Some birds sang freely and played in the new snow.

I found their head stones and stopped in front of it, smiling gently to myself. I was always at peace.

"Hi mom, hi dad. I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while. Things just got crazy at the office." I stopped thinking about my morning. "And I think things are going to get crazy again." My eyes started to sting, and I shook a little. "You know, I don't think I've ever gotten over it all, mom. I've done well so far, keeping my grades up, getting into high school, making enough money to get by on my own. But I'm starting to wonder if things are going to go down hill for me." I spoke softly, and a tear rolled down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away, and snuffled. My cell began to ring, and I jumped, surprised. I fumbled in my pockets, and found it. Naru's name appeared on the screen. I answered it quickly.


"Mai?" He sounded calm, and collected, like nothing had gone on. "Where are you?"

I stopped. He never really called me outside of work, but this was absurd. I sniffled a little, and tried to calm down from my near break down.

"I'm at the cemetery." I answered. "Naru, is everything alright?"

There was a pregnant pause, and I wondered if we were still connected.


"I'm still here. Listen Mai, stay where you are. I'll come and get you, okay? We need to have a talk."

I nodded my head, even though I knew he couldn't see me. His voice was gentle, and soothing, not like I knew it to be.


"I'll be there in a few minutes."


And with that, he hung up on me. I sank to my knees in the soft mound of snow, and bent my head. What is wrong with all of us? I hugged myself again as the wind bitterly blew against my face, and I closed my eyes.

"I'm really confused now, I feel like something really bad is going to happen. I think it's because of all the secrecy. Ever since Matsu-san's visit this morning, Naru's been…well…different. I think he's worried, but won't show it." The wind blew harshly against me, and bit my skin, as if to agree with me.

And then, it was silent. The birds had left, and took their melodious songs with them. It was empty. My legs grew a little numb, and I took the chance to stand up.

"I miss you." And tears sprung to my eyes again.

I stepped back, and turned away from their graves. I remembered Naru's words as I started to walk away. So I found a bench, and cleared the snow off it to sit down.

"Mai, you're going to get a cold if you don't get a heavier coat on." A firm voice scolded me from behind. I turned quickly, and found Naru. I stood up, and smiled at him, regardless of the scowl he was wearing on his face. He slipped off his coat, and put it over my shoulders.

"Here, stay warm, idiot."

My grin turned to a scowl. So he was still full of insults. Big surprise there. His expression was a little bit more readable, more relaxed. He looked over to my parent's head stones, and his expression softened. I watched his face, looking for something, but I didn't know what.

"Want to meet them?" I asked.

I guess I startled him, because he looked down quickly at me, and was confused.

"Who?" He asked.

"My parents. Come on."

I walked back to their graves, and felt Naru a little hesitant, but he soon followed me. I stopped when I got close enough, and he stopped next to me. His eyes searched the graves, recognizing the name, Taniyama.

"I'm sure you know what its like," I started. "To lose someone you love very much. It hurts at first, but then that feeling is numb. You never get over the lost, because they're right here." I put my hand over my heart.

He looked down at me, and actually smiled. I was taken by surprise, and didn't have much time to react before he turned his back to me.

"Mai, let's go. We need to talk." He said softly.

I bid my parents a silent good bye, and began to walk with him towards a black car. Naru's cell began to ring, and he dug in his pocket to answer it.

"Hello? Oh, mother." And with that, he switched over to speaking to her in English. Something I didn't know at all. I thought about learning while Naru left for England, but I never had time to pick it up. I never met his mother, Luella, but from what Madoka has told me, she's a wonderful person. Naru doesn't mention his family much. That's why it was a shock to us all when he told us about Gene and the real reason for him and Lin being in Japan.

When I reached his car, he opened up the passenger side, and held the door for me with one hand. I got in, and buckled up while he remained outside, talking on the phone. I heard my name mentioned a couple of times, but I chose to ignore it.

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