It was strange.

It never should have been.

For God's sake, it wasn't even legal!

But they were in love, and that was all that counted.

Juno was sitting in their spaceship; they were given a new one after the events that happened with Mizar, the first one having been destroyed by some drones. He was sitting in front of the control panel when his sister came behind him, as silent as a ninja, took off his helmet and ran away with it, releasing his dark blue hair from their confines (A/N: I don't know what his hair looks like since we don't see it in the game, but my guess is that they're his sisters color and the same hairstyle as Derek in Life with Derek).

''VELA! GIMME MY HELMET BACK!'' he yelled, running after her. Vela went into their living room (A/N: yes, they have one… don't question it) and hid his helmet there, behind a couch. Juno then came in, the look on his face telling her that he was very angry. He jumped on his younger twin, pinning her to the ground with his body. He looked her in the eyes and said, with the scariest tone he could make: ''Where…is…my…helmet?''

It was only after saying that that he noticed their position: he lying on her, their legs entangled, their faces only inches apart. Then Vela did something that neither expected: she lifted her mouth to his and kissed him.

But the most surprising of it all was the fact that Juno kissed her back, his tongue going in between their lips to meet hers, deepening the kiss. They only broke the kiss when they both desperately needed air. Opening their eyes, they saw that they were both blushing.

Then they realized what had happened. And Juno rolled off of Vela. They both sat there, on the ground, trying to think of something to say. It was Vela who spoke first.

''Hey, Juno… wanna know something?'' At his nod, she continued:'' I…I love you.''

She had just finished her sentence that he turned her way and kissed her, a small chaste kiss compared to the one they had earlier. ''I love you too.''

They knew it wasn't normal, but they wanted it anyway. They realized that by being twins, they were each others soul mates, being the missing part of the other sibling. She was water, he was fire, but they complemented each other so well that it didn't even matter in the end. They were always there for the other, they loved the other and that was all that mattered.

They continued kissing, just there in their living room, for God knows how long, and that was all they did a chaste kiss here and there, sometimes deepening it, but never going too far too fast, for they had all the time in the universe.

Outer space does that to you. You feel king of the whole world, and have all the time that you want, because there is neither day nor night. And it doesn't matter if you fall in love with your brother or sister, because there is also no law…well… almost no law.

Strange things happen in the strangest places.

And so that is how one strange but life lasting relationship began: that of the twins Juno and Vela.

A/N: When I say that she was water and he was fire, I meant that she could hold her breath under water and that he could walk in lava. :D Sorry for the crappy ending, please don't flame me but constructive reviews are welcome. Don't forget that English is not my maternal language but Canadian French is.