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Amu's POV

I am in Math Class in Middle school.

Even though I thought everything would change, a lot of things didn't.

Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia are still annoying, Rima still loved comedy, Nagi and Kukai still loved sports, and Tadase still wanted to take over the world.

Still, a lot of things did change.

Yaya was now the new leader of the Guardians now that everyone has graduaded.

She has started to act more grown up, but she'll always be the same old annoying baby she says.

A lot of people are starting to appreciate Utau's music again.

She's been busy with shows but manages to stay in touch with all of us.

The big change was Ikuto was leaving to looking for his father.

It's been a year now. I thought gloomily.

Just as I spiraling into a pit of self-pity and depression, the teacher called on me.

"Yes?" I asked nervously.

I hadn't been paying attention.

"What is the answer?" He asked.

I struggled to understand the gibberish he had chicken pecked on the board.


Rima-chan rolled her eyes next to me.

"42." she whispered.

"42!" I blurted out.

"Correct, moving on."

Rima-chan stared at me long and hard for awhile.

Then she looked away, back to the board.

I sighed.

She was going to pelt me with questions later, but I wish I had her concentration.

Maybe, just maybe,then I wouldn't be thinking about him.

Normal POV

A blue haired teenager was leaning with his arms crossed on a wall outside a cafe.

He looked bored out of his mind, like he couldn't believe he had found himself in such a quiet and quaint little street.

But his hands and his eyes betrayed him.

His hands kept strange impatient movements, as if he were playing some instrument to some silent melody.

And his eyes kept flickering at the clock stationed across the street, to scanning the crowd.

Ikuto shifted his feet.

He had finally met someone who had knew his father.

After all these years of sacrifice and pain, this year of scavenging the earth, Ikuto had finally found his father.

And he couldn't even show up on time.

And suddenly, he saw him.

Aruto. His father.