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This was one thing that Sakura thought she was never going to have to do. Right now she was on her way to take the life of the man that she loved the most in the world.

Uchiha Sasuke.

She had to do it; She would not sit back and watch as he became consumed more and more by evil. It was the most painful thing for her to feel. Sasuke was getting farther and farther away from her and she felt it with every fiber of her being. She just loved him so much that she couldn't lose him to himself. She would be the one to release him from his sorrows.

As she continued to follow Kiba, she kept thinking about what she would say to Sasuke when she saw him. She was drawing a blank. What could she say to him? I love you so much so I have to kill you? That couldn't even be an option. So, she trusted herself to figure it out when the time came.

Kiba was trailing Sasuke's scent easily. Sakura was behind him and then Lee; Sai brought up the rear. They were all getting closer to Sasuke, much to Sai's displeasure. He had a clone back with Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto telling them about Sakura's plan. If Sakura were to reach Sasuke before they got there, then there's no telling what might happen.

They were so close to Sasuke now that Sakura was able to feel two immense chakras ahead of them. He must be fighting someone Sakura thought as she felt the chakras clash together.

A few minutes later the group approached the battle. They hid themselves as they observed what was going on. Sakura saw that Sasuke was fighting…Danzou! Why is he fighting Danzou! What in the world is going on? She looked around some more and noted a girl with red hair and glasses. She was off to the side looking out behind some rocks. Sakura had no idea who she was. It didn't matter at that moment, however. She turned back to the battle and watched as Sasuke summoned a giant hawk. Sakura wasn't able to catch anything that the two men were talking about from her position. But, she was able to see that Sasuke was getting angry with what Danzou was saying to him.

The hawk and Sasuke swooped down at Danzou. Sasuke unsheathed his katana as he jumped at his target. Danzou reached out and grabbed his neck with an arm…full of Sharingans! Okay, someone has to seriously explain what the heck is going on here! Sakura was so lost with everything that was happening.

Sasuke was able to bring his katana down to separate the disgusting arm from its' body. However, soon the arm disappeared and so did Danzou. He reappeared on top of a pillar. Then they just stood there staring at each other.

It didn't take Sakura long to figure out that they were now fighting with genjutsu.

The genjutsu battle…

Danzou watched as Sasuke disappeared in a flurry of crows. What? He suddenly felt a presence behind him. Turning, he found Itachi staring at him, sharingan blazing.

"Itachi! How!"

"Danzou, you need to pay."

Crimson tears flowed down Itachi's face. He reopened his eyes.


Danzou erupted in black flames. Itachi watched as the man before him was eaten by his fire.

"Nice try."

Itachi's eyes widened as a kunai was thrust into his chest.

"But, this is my world."

The world around distorted and reality could be vaguely seen.

Back to the real world…

Sasuke fell to his knees panting. His hands were holding his head in place. He was in such terrible pain at the moment. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to fight Danzou.

Danzou looked down at Sasuke. His eyes shone victoriously at the sight of the worn out Uchiha.

"I can see that you are now out of chakra."

Danzou ran at Sasuke and pulled him up by his throat. Sasuke gave out a gurgled sound as he felt his air being choked away from him. His body was slowly becoming less responsive. Is this it? Am I going to die here?

Danzou smiled smugly at Sasuke and threw him to the cold ground. He wasn't going to just kill him now. He would prolong his win as much as possible.

From the forests edge Sakura watched in horror as Sasuke was thrown to the ground, completely drained of chakra. Her mind buzzed and all she could think about was the first day she had seen Sasuke. The innocent boy that she had fallen in love with was now going to die right in front of her eyes.

Even though she came to kill Sasuke, she knew now that she would never be able to do it.

And she didn't want anyone else to kill him either.

So, she couldn't stop herself as she rushed passed the coverage of the forest. She didn't stop even when all eyes were on her. She ran until she was within 20 feet of the two men. Sakura's rage consumed her as her fist contacted with the earth. The ground beneath their feet shook and parted under the pressure. Danzou was surprised at the sudden outburst that he was forced to let go of Sasuke.

Sakura wasted no time in rushing over to Sasuke before he fell into one of the crevices she had just made. She awkwardly held onto both of his arms to pull him up into a safe position. When he wouldn't fall over she got to her feet and looked over at Danzou. Danzou glared at her when their eyes met.

"Aren't you Haruno Sakura? Tsunade's apprentice?" His eyes then turned to slits, "What do you think you are doing?"

She wasn't so sure of what she was doing. Her emotions were the only things that were driving her actions. She answered him with the partial truth.

"I'm not quite sure at the moment."

The red head ran down from her viewing position and joined the group.

"Sasuke!" She cried out with worry as she knelt down next to him.

Kiba, Lee, and Sai also came out from the trees. However, they didn't go over by Sakura. They were all unsure of what to do in this situation. Sai was very confused, wasn't she supposed to try and kill Sasuke? Then why did she save him?

Sasuke looked at Sakura's back. He was unsure of how he felt to see her there. He was surprised, but also a little weary. Was she going to try and bring him back to the village? Was she going to pretend that everything was okay? But what really surprised him more was what she did to the ground. When had she gotten such monstrous strength? This obviously wasn't the same girl that he left on a bench all those years ago.

Suddenly Madara appeared between Danzou and Sakura. He looked at Danzou and brought both of his hands up into a shrug.

"Sorry, Danzou. I guess you'll have to finish your fight with Sasuke later."

His chakra disappeared altogether and made Sakura jump in surprise when he suddenly popped up in front of her.

"You, you're coming with me." He absorbed Sakura into his mask.




Madara didn't pay any attention to the girls' teammates screaming out her name. He turned to Sasuke and Karin and absorbed them both as well. Then Madara disappeared from sight.

Fu and Torune came back to the world - returning from one of Madara's worlds. Both men were faced down in the dirt. They were both still breathing and alive.

Danzou walked over to them. Fu woke up and shook his head. He slowly got up into a standing position.

"What happened?" Fu asked.

"We were hoping you could explain that to us," came a voice over by the forest line.

Danzou turned his head in the direction of the voice.

"Hatake Kakashi."

Kakashi, Yamato, Naruto and Sai (the clone) were now standing with the other Konoha Shinobi. There was a puff of smoke and Sai's clone left.

Fu grabbed one of Torune's arms and brought it over his own shoulder. He then stood up and stared at the Konoha Shinobi. Things weren't looking good. He couldn't talk to these shinobi about anything that happened. He turned around and noticed that to his relief that his two companions were now ready to leave.

"Sorry, but we will be leaving now."

Danzou, Fu, and Torune then vanished in a puff of smoke.

Kakashi sighed and turned his attention to Sai.

"What happened here?"

"Sakura was able to reach Sasuke while he was fighting Danzou. When Danzou was about to win, Sakura launched herself into the battle. She managed to separate the two. Then Madara appeared and absorbed Sakura, Sasuke, and another girl into his mask."

Kakashi was boiling right now. He had just lost another one of his students and he didn't know what would happen to her. Would she become a prisoner to Madara? Would she be killed? There were so many things that could go wrong. Something wasn't right though. Why would Sasuke and Madara already have another girl with them? "Who was the other girl?"

"I'm not sure who she was. She had red hair and glasses." Sai thought for a moment. "She seemed to know Sasuke, though."

Kakashi nodded. "The best thing we can do now is all return to the village. We have to inform everyone about the situation. We will also be able to see if Tsunade has woken up yet."

Naruto looked out over the clearing. Why couldn't he make it to his teammates in time?


Sakura found herself in a place full of boxes. She had never seen anything like it before. She looked around and saw that there were boxes as far as the eye could see.

Her eyes then landed on Sasuke. The red-haired girl was still sitting close to him. Sakura felt anger well up inside of her. Who was this girl!

She calmed down a bit when she saw Sasuke glare at the girl when she tried to hug him. It was strange looking at Sasuke. When she really looked at him all she could see was her teammate. She couldn't see the man that betrayed her village or the one that left her on a bench.

It was just Sasuke. Nothing bad ever came to mind when she thought about him. Her feelings ran to deep to ever be changed.

Madara instantly popped up in front of Sakura. She hid her nervousness well, no one could possibly be able to tell that she was scared of this man. Hey, you would be afraid of a person who had the ability to disappear and reappear whenever he wanted to, too.

"Why did you bring me here?" She questioned. She was happy that her voice went along with her face and didn't show her nerves. She inwardly patted herself on the back.

"Was it true? What the old man said about you being Tsunade's apprentice?" He bluntly asked her.

"…Who wants to know?" She asked unsurely.

"Oh, how rude of me. I completely forgot to introduce myself, didn't I?" His voice held just a hint of sarcasm. "My name is Uchiha Madara."

"…Uchiha…?" Sakura looked over at where Sasuke was now standing. "But…?"

Sakura really didn't know what to make of all of this. Weren't Sasuke and Itachi the only remaining Uchihas left after the massacre? And now that Sasuke killed his brother, he should be the last Uchiha. Was this person really an Uchiha just like he said he was?

Looking at Sasuke's face didn't really help with her confusion. His facial expression was emotionless. But what she could see in his eyes was that this man wasn't lying to her. She still didn't know what to think. Instead of asking one of the many questions on her mind, she decided to answer him.

"Yes, I am the 5th Hokage's apprentice."

"Hm…So does that mean that you are also a medic nin?"

"…Yeah." As much as she tried she couldn't think as to what he was trying to get at here.

"Then, would you mind healing poor Sasuke over there." He pointed at Sasuke to emphasize his point.

Sakura looked at the young Uchiha.

"Why?" Why do you need to heal him? What are you planning?

"Well, you know he's probably injured from his fight." He shrugged. Sakura could tell he was just being a smart ass.

Uchihas sure are difficult.

Sakura knew that he wasn't going to give her a real answer to her question. So, she just turned around and walked towards Sasuke. The red-head glared at her the whole time she approached them. Sakura didn't miss the fact that Sasuke had stiffened when she was only a foot away from him either. She told him in a quietter, "This will be easier if you lay down."

He stared at her for a few seconds before he complied with her suggestion. She kneeled down next to him and slowly put her hands on his stomach. As soon as she felt him beneath her hands, something hit her like a ton of bricks to the stomach.

This was Sasuke.

She was so close to him now. Her feelings came at her intensified as her hands glowed with her chakra. She closed her eyes partly in concentration, but also because she didn't want him to see the emotion that was surely flooding her eyes.

She restored his body to its original condition. His chakra was pretty much still drained though; He needed to rest for that to restore.

"Alright, you're fine now. All you need is rest."

As she looked down at Sasuke, Sakura thought about how she had told herself that she was going to kill him. And yet here she was, healing him. But she knew, as soon as she saw him fighting on the bridge with Danzou, that she couldn't kill him. She didn't think this way because he was stronger than she was, but because she loved him. She loved him with her whole being.

Her face was set in determination at her next thought. She would save him from his own hell. She would. No matter what she had to do, she would do it. For the man she loved.

She stood up and turned her attention back to Madara. He seemed to be calling the shots around here.

"So, what now?"

Sakura was not expecting what came out of his mouth next.

"You come with us."

Sakura openly gaped at the masked man.

"Why would you want me to come with you?" She was in shock, so her question came out a bit shakily.

"You are a highly skilled medic nin. It would be very useful for you to stick around with us." He rationally explained to her.

Sakura didn't know what else to say. She wouldn't be able to take on Madara in a fight. She was good, but she wasn't that good. And she knew it.

She could try and run away. But that seemed highly impossible because she didn't know where they all were.

Then she remembered her promise to save Sasuke. This was her one chance and she was thinking of ways to get out of it!

She could find an opportune moment to escape later. This would also be a good chance for her to save Sasuke. She would be with him for a while, so she would definitely take advantage of every opportunity she was given.

She knew she could do this.

She had to.


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