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This was made for a 30 themes challenge with a friend, but instead of making it a series of unrelated oneshots, I decided to mantain certain continuity between them, as well as a plot.

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t o p l e s s

Setting: After Degeneration

Wow, folks! It seems that tonight is one hell of a night. Look at that rain!


Another apocalyptic night in New York! It seems that the rain isn't going to stop for another two hours.


Here in the LaGuardia Airport seems like many people are going to have to say the night here. Most of the hotels in the area are booked because of the catastrophic rain. In other news…


Claire sighed, utterly annoyed by the news of the rain. Really, did they need to talk about it in every news channel? You just needed one look outside to know that it was pouring litters down there. The huge raindrops hit her windows like projectiles, and even if she hated to watch TV, she needed some kind of noise to distract herself from the rain and the thunders that echoed through her apartment.

She finally turned off the TV as she couldn't take much more of the news. She stayed in silence while pondering what to do. She didn't feel like getting up from her comfortable couch, but it seemed like she didn't have any other choice. Stretching herself and looking around the living room, she spotted the small CD case Chris had gotten her from her birthday last month.

"This could cheer me up," she said with a smile, opening it and placing the CD on her player across the room. As soon as she hit the play button, the speakers went on blasting heavy metal music—Claire's favorite.

She decided to get something to eat, but since no one was willing to deliver a pizza with that rain, a sandwich will made do. Dancing to the beat of the guitar solo and singing at the top of her lungs, she headed to the kitchen.



Leon's blonde hair was splattered all over his face when he finally got out of the rain. His plane had been delayed for four hours until he moved some strings and got it in the air. He needed to get to New York fast, he had a pending meeting with some Government Officials the next day and running late wasn't really an option. That was before the damned rain, of course.

LaGuardia airport was chaotic, people everywhere looking for a place to stay and Leon didn't think he was going to end in the same place, for one he had a room reserved in a near by Hotel. His plan fell apart, though. When he got to the Hotel and got told that his reservation didn't come through, making Leon just like those people in the airport.

He hated surprise visits. He really did and so he didn't even bother to do them, but in this case… Leon had to admit that having a friend living near-by was a blessing. He had hoped to call Claire before making an appearance, but his cell-phone was out of service.

It was because of the rain, god damnit.

So, that's why he ended just outside Claire's door. Simply pondering to ring the bell or just leave. He seemed quite put off at the blaring music coming from inside—probably Gun's 'n' Roses, Claire's favorite band.

It was going to be awkward, he knew. Crashing in Claire's apartment for one night… was just out of the question. He couldn't remember why, but there was something that he couldn't put a finger on about the last time he stayed in her place.

What's so wrong about it, anyways? Claire's your friend.

There was a silence within his inner debate.

Well, yes. She was his friend, but also—

In the Jungle, Welcome to the jungle!

Leon blinked several times. He now really wondered if he was in the correct apartment. What was up with that strangled singing? He gazed at the number in gold at her door. 205. Yes, that was definitively Claire's.

He didn't have a choice. It was now or never.



Claire put the plate in the sink, deciding it was best to wash it later. She was feeling lazy and ready to head back to her couch.

Ding. Dong.

Who could be at this time and with this weather? She stretched some more, grabbed the remote and muted the radio for a second, and then she headed to the door, opening it without any second thoughts.

"Leon?" she said, her voice dubious. He was soaked and his hair was sticking to his face. She recognized him because he was wearing that leather jacket, his favorite since he came back from Spain. Well, that and the fact that he was kind of the only guy she knew.

He must have been in a horrible mess to end up like that! His clothes were trashed and wet and the mud in his hair wasn't going to come out so easily. And what was up with his face? He was beet red and frozen with an odd face… disbelief mixed with… realization?

"Claire…" was all that he could say.

Then he remembered why he was so reluctant to crash in her place in the first place.

Claire Redfield had been alone her entire life, even if she had her over-protective brother to be with, he was never around that long. So, she had grown accustomed to her loner life, in her own apartment with her own rules. And one of those rules was that she liked to go about with short shorts and a bra.


Another crossroad in his life, he could either ask Claire to put something on or not. Maybe she wouldn't even notice…

How wouldn't she notice with his eyes eating her like that? She was self-conscious all of the sudden and placed her arms over her chest, making a strong point in not to look at her.

"Thank you," he whispered, almost to himself.

"What can I help you with, Leon?" she asked, almost too distant.

He couldn't blame her, he was just about to ask her a favor and he had decided to ogle at her breasts first. Well played Leon, well played.

"I'm sure you've heard how the city collapsed." He began, his eyes almost pleading to her. Let me in, let me in. It's freaking cold here, "I was wondering if I could crash here. Just for tonight, my Hotel was booked… and…"

"Sure," she said, moving aside so he could enter. Just as Leon was about to cross the living room she added, "Just so you know, Chris is here. He won't be happy when he knows what you were just doing…"

He literally stopped dead on his tracks and strongly debated about running outside. He had seen the man back from his trip in Africa.

"Claire, I didn't mean—"

She threw her arms in the air, laughing heartedly. She gave him a pat in the back and the showed him the way to the bathroom.

"I was joking! C'mon, Leon. I'm a big girl already."

I can see that.

"Make yourself at home." She smiled warmly, then stroked—tugged violently—Leon's hair, "and stop staring like that."

"At least have the decency to put something on!" He said, almost yelling. He took refuge in the bathroom closed the door.

"Ugh, Leon!"



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