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b e t w e e n h e a v e n a n d h e l l

She barely could feel her legs when she got out of that damned plane. It took sixteen hours to get from New York to China, and Claire Redfield was beginning to get a little mad. She was now in Hong Honk, but sadly she didn't have much time for sight seeing as she was there for official matters. TerraSave had informed her of this trip weeks prior, sending her reports of it every now and then; however, Claire still didn't have much of a clue of what it was all about.

There wasn't anyone waiting for her at the Airport, and for the first time in the trip she felt completely alone. It was nothing new, yes, but it saddened her. She was on her own, only with a piece of paper and an address—probably for her hotel.

Her assignment was simple. She had to attend several meetings with the CEO's of the most prominent Pharmaceutical Companies in China. According to the report, she wasn't supposed to go on alone, but several issues had come up with the other members that were assigned as well, so she was on her own for now.

As soon as Claire got her things, she quickly made her way to get a cab. She was lucky that she managed to get one in such crowd—apparently some flight was running late and many people were stuck in the airport. Her hotel wasn't anything luxurious as Terra Save used its money on more important things, but it would have to do for her. After sleeping (or trying to) in abandoned houses during the Racoon City incident she couldn't really complain.

Her room was fairly small, but she was more than happy to have some privacy now. She didn't even bother to unpack as she wasn't going to stay long. After checking the whole room for anything suspicious, she decided to get ready for the meeting she was supposed to be attending in an hour.



The meeting was to be held in a convention center downtown. Claire was anxious, hoping that someone from Terra Save would show up in any minute, meanwhile she tried her best to socialize with the CEO's of the companies. She caught some names, most of them were related to the now disbanded WilPharma, but thankfully there were none from Umbrella. She looked across the room, analizing faces and wishing that everything went as smoothly as it was supposed to: she had recieved a briefing earlier, before leaving her room, explaining that an exchange was supposed take place in the party—apparently someone had bought the T-Virus sample and was going to make a move tonight.

Claire kept her eyes open for anything out of the ordinary, but the truth was that this party looked like any other boring CEO celebration. It was full with men in black suits, speaking about their savings, positions and even their affairs. She sighed and moved from the spot she was standing as a man was approaching her to ask her something, probably for a dance. She escaped elegantly and stood close to the ladies restroom, just before catching a glimpse of a man going into said room, later followed by another.

What the hell...

The redhead made her way to the hall that led to the bathrooms, but she was suddenly intercepted by a pair of hands that pulled her inside the men's restroom. She didn't manage to yell but instead, she sharply stabbed her attacker's foot with her left heel. She smiled to herself when the man staggered back and released her.

Well, they're at least good for something.

She quickly turned and aimed her gun right on his head.

"I didn't think that the first time I would see you in a dress would imply getting assaulted," Leon said with humor. Claire lowered her weapon instantly, looking dumbfounded. "Nothing to say? I just saved you from some really close-range gunshots."

Claire opened her mouth to say something, but bullets were heard loudly across the hall, followed by the guests shrieks and screams. Leon and Claire exchanged looks and bursted out of the restroom. People were running outside to avoid getting caught by any of the bullets and chaos ensued, as usual. She spotted the two mysterious men from earlier and made a run for them, but Leon didn't hesitate to stop her.

"Kennedy, what are you doing?" she yelled, "They're getting away!"

"This is an official mission from the U.S. Goverment," he said flatly, "I don't need you to get involved."

"I'm already involved. I'm in a mission with Terra Save—look we don't have the time—" she stammered as the subjects went out of her sight. Leon chuckled and she stared at him angrily, "What's so funny?"

"I've already got someone to take care of them,"

Claire raised an eyebrow. She was sure Leon usually worked alone and the thought of him having a sidekick... just wasn't right.

"And who might that be?" Claire demanded, still trying to pry off Leon's grip.

Leon's voice was silenced with a huge explotion coming from the back of the building. They both made a run to escape before saying anything.

What followed was the usual procedure. The police got to the scene and by the time they began asking questions Leon and Claire had already left the teared convention center. They ran a couple of blocks until they reached a parking lot. She wasn't taken back by the fact that Leon had rented a car for this assignment, but what really surprised her was the person sitting in the pilot seat.

"Leon—" she choked, "What is she doing here? I thought—"

"It's actually a really long story," Leon explained, getting in the black car, "We can talk about it in the way,"

Claire just stayed there, watching the pilot with intense eyes. The woman behind the wheel was of asian descent and wore a red dress. She looked sly, holding a white suitcase with one hand, probably containing the sample of the T-Virus. Claire stepped into the car very slowly, never getting her eyes off Ada Wong.

Leon sighed to himself, knowing no matter how much he tried. This wasn't going to be an easy night.

Ada smiled as usual and got the engine started.

Author's Note: Just to clarify, I, by no means, hate Ada Wong. I consider her a strong, interesting and beautiful character. I thought it would be cool to include her in this story to add up to the plot and Leon and Claire's relationship. Now, with that clear, this marks the steady updates for this fanfiction!

Thanks a bunch guys!