===Seto pov===

I am Seto Kaiba C.E.O of Kaiba Corp., I am 23 years old my hair is chestnut brown and my eyes are blue. I have two brothers Mokuba Kaiba is 16 years old and Seth Kaiba is 23 years old. Mokuba is the only relative I care for deeply, he has jet black hair that past his shoulder and violet eyes. As for Seth I don't really care about him, he is my look a like twin brother but he is the opposite of me, he doesn't work he only likes to spend money, and pick up women of the night. Seth has lime green hair and yellow eyes.

I was on my way to Seth mansion, he told me that he wanted me to take care of something important for him. Just probably gonna give me something lame. At least this will keep him off my back, just because he doesn't work doesn't mean he smart, he could bring Kaiba Corp. within a blink of an eye. The limo stopped in front of a rich mansion then I got out and went inside the mansion, there I saw Seth with his familiar white school uniform, he was flirting with one of his maid's god she stupid enough to even work here let alone fall for his stupid flirts. I cleared my throat, he stopped and looked at me

"Glade you could come Seto, Lena you can leave I promise to gave you a raise if you clean up my room" he said seductively

"Oh Seth you're such a bad boy" she said

"Only as Bad as you want me to me" he said

He dismissed the maid then walk over to me with a stupid grin on his face

"So how have you been dear brother" he asked

"I would be in a happy mood if i didn't have to see you" I said

"Aww is that how you great your own brother" he said

"Shut up what was so important that I had to come all the way down here" I said

"I really can't explain it, it's better to show you" he said

I followed him up the stairs and down two hallways he had his mansion decorated poor showing nothing but rich looking art all over the walls, then he stopped in front of a door he pulled out a key and slipped it into the door lock. He open the door and motion me in, I went inside first and looked around. It was a white room with no windows and only two door this one and other one by common sense was the bathroom, there was also a plain queen size bed, and there were sex toys scatter though out the room.

"What the hell is this" I said angrily

"This is just the room where I keep my pet" he said

"You finally turned to bestiality" I said

He chuckled evilly then looked at me

"Not really, Joey come out you stupid mutt" he said

Then a boy no more the 19 years old came out on his hands and knees from behind the bed, he had hair the same color as gold and chocolate brown eyes. He was bear naked but, what look really strange was he had ears and a tail of a dog he also wore a black collar, and he looked starved and beaten to death. The boy came over to Seth and nuzzled his leg, Seth smirked and petted Joey like a dog.

"Joey this is my brother Seto, Seto this is my pet Joey" Seth said

I stared at Joey more, his eyes looked empty like there was thought in his head. I felt sad for him, just how long had he been with this man and why was he even here in the first place.

"So what do you think Seto, Joey is a cute mutt isn't he" he asked

"What the fuck is it with the ears and tail" i asked

"Don't worry they are just toys, he is just a...normal boy plus he also knows some tricks" he said

He snapped his fingers, Joey flinched and moved to the front of Seth pants, he unzipped them. I turned my head in disgust. Seth moaned loudly say things such as 'faster' and 'suck more', after sometime I heard him pant heavily. I turned my head to see that they were finished. Seth pat Joey head and Joey helped Seth zip up his pants then he licked the white liquid off his face.

"See its better then that old sit trick" he said

"You're sick, I thought you liked women" I said

He smirked and pulled out a long silver chain and attached it to Joey's collar, and then he pulled Joey up roughly Joey let out a small whimper and stood on his feet. Seth wrapped an arm around Joey and nuzzled his neck

"I do but you can't help mutt fuck this mutt brains out" he said

"So what do I have to do with this" I said

"I'm going on vacation for three months and I need someone to take care of this mutt for me. I am sure you would love to have him" he said

"And I was your first choice" I said

"If you don't want too I could find someone else to do it. I am positive they would love to have someone like Joey" he said

I growled in disgust, Seth is so low sometimes. I looked at Joey and he looked afraid at what was going to happen, damn it I would never forgive myself if I see this poor boy with someone worse than Seth and Seth was worse.

"Fine I'll take care of him" I said

"That is good to hear brother" he said

He walked up to me and handed the silver chain, then he walked up to Joey and kissed his forehead.

"Be a good mutt or else I will have to punish you" he said

===end of part 1===

Cat: so there's a new series yay

Joey: you are weird now I see why Kaiba wants to kill you

Cat: *cat ears pop out* i know I'm so bad sometime lol

Dark: bad you're evil

Cat: thank you

Dark: I'm the one whose suppose to be evil not you