Diamond in the Rough- Chapter 1


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"Happy birthday Bella!" squealed an overly-loud voice in my ear, making me let out a loud yelp of shock as I shot up in my bed, feeling the blood rush.

"Alice!" I croaked through my sleepy haze, making the pixie giggle happily as my eyes adjusted to the obscenely bright light coming from my window. The curtains were drawn back, revealing the white, cloud-covered sky that was ever present in this quaint little town.

"Come on!" cried Alice, making me frown as I pressed my face into the pillows, yawning.

"Mom's making your favourite pancakes, and I'm sure Emmett has something up his sleeve for you." Said Alice knowingly, poking the small of my back. I squirmed and frowned, not wanting to get out of my warm covers just to eat food.

"Bella." Warned Alice, making me frown as I glanced at my clock.


"Christ Alice!" I groaned, earning me a sheepish smile from the pixie. "You woke me up at seven o' clock on my birthday?" I demanded.

"Seven-oh-two." She corrected nonchalantly, making me roll my eyes as I laid back down, determined to sleep for a few more hours before I gave in to Alice and her crazy birthday plans.

I hated my birthday.

"Come on!" she said, her voice almost whining as she jolted me out of my exhaustion once again.

"No." I said firmly, trying to nudge her off of my bed with my foot.

"You're seventeen now!" she cried, making me sigh as I glanced at her.

"I know, Ali." I mumbled.

"So you're technically the same age as Edward, and that's worth celebrating!" she cried happily, her eyes alight with pure joy.

And mischief.

"What are you planning?" I demanded, spotting that glint in her eye. Instantly, her face went void of any plotting and she masked her guilt with innocence instead.

Nice try.

"Why would I be planning something?" she asked innocently, a huge smirk making its way onto her face.

"Alice." I warned, sitting up in my bed. She just frowned at my stubbornness and sighed heavily.

"Just get out of bed, and we'll see." She said ominously.

"I won't." I said firmly, making her sigh as she stood and rolled up her sleeves.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way." She said dangerously, the mischief returning to her face.

Scheming pixie.

"Alice, it's my birthday, let me sleep." I said angrily, making her giggle.

"No can do." She said simply, tearing my duvet off of me. The chilly air hit me and I groaned, glaring at my sister.

"Seriously?" I asked, making her smile as she nodded and offered me her hand. Determined to get my way, I huddled under my sheets instead, knowing Alice couldn't tear those off without ripping them.

"Bella." She said lowly, making me frown as she stalked closer. I knew I wouldn't win, but I'd go down trying.

"Up." she ordered, leaning over me. I sat still, not wanting to face my family downstairs. They made such a big deal about me getting old, and it sucked. I didn't want to get any older than my family, and I knew that in another year, I'd be older than Edward.

And that was bad. Very, very bad.

"Eddie's waiting for you downstairs." Said Alice slyly, making me blush furiously.

"So what?" I said, my voice wavering. She just laughed and leaned over me, whispering in my ear.

"You know what." She said happily, making me groan. Alice was always insinuating things between Edward and I. It was no secret that she was trying to play matchmaker with me and her brother.

Not that I minded, of course, but Edward obviously did.

"He's waiting, and he has something for you." She said. That made my bed even more appealing.

"I thought I said no gifts." I grumbled, making her laugh.

"And since when does Edward listen to anyone?" she asked, making me shrug. "Actually, since when do any of us listen to anyone?" she asked.

"All of you?!" I shouted, making her smirk.

"Yes, we all got you a gift." She said happily. "And you'll like them. I've seen it." She added, tapping her temple gently.

Of course she'd seen it. She'd force me to take them.

"Come on." She said, finally getting tired of my procrastinating as she reached down and pulled me out of bed, making me groan as she placed me on my feet.

"Downstairs!" she trilled, pointing her manicured finger towards the door. At least she wasn't forcing me to get dressed and put makeup on like she normally would.

"Fine." I grumbled, sighing as Alice pranced around me and danced down the stairs, her feet barely touching the steps as she loped down.

"Birthday girl's coming!" she cried, alerting the entire house to my impending arrival. I blushed scarlet at her words and I saw my burly brother laughing as he caught sight of me.

"Happy birthday, Boo!" he said loudly, making me smile.

"Thanks Em." I said softly, making him grin. Unable to help himself, he met me at the bottom and swept me into a huge hug, swinging me around easily.

"Seventeen." He mused, looking me over. I blushed and nodded as he led me into the kitchen, where the rest of my family was.

"Alice, you woke her up?" asked mom exasperatedly, making Ali nod as she bounced over, tugging me away from Emmett.

"She's slept enough." Decreed the drill-sergeant pixie, making Jasper laugh indulgently.

"Isn't there some rule that says she can sleep in today?" he asked, glancing at me as I stared at Alice in wonder. Her energy was never-ending.

"Nope!" she said happily, making Jasper shake his head.

"I'm inclined to agree with Jazz." I said firmly, making Alice sigh as she rolled her eyes. "He is older." I argued.

"And I'm cuter." She said sarcastically, making me sigh as I sat down beside Jasper, who just smiled sympathetically.

"Happy birthday, darlin'." He said gently, making me smile.

"Thanks Jazz." I replied. Mom also wished me a happy birthday as she started to pour pancake batter onto the griddle, just as the front door opened and dad came home from his night shift.

"Good morning." He said, coming into the kitchen. He hugged me gently and smiled, making me sigh happily.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart." He said softly, kissing my cheek as I thanked him. Before he got too settled in, he ran upstairs to change out of his scrubs, just as Rosalie came into the room, Edward behind her.

"Happy birthday." She said with a soft smile, making me smile back. Rose had been so protective and attentive since my incident a year and a half ago, and I knew she still hadn't forgiven Edward. She usually tried to ignore him as best she could, no matter what the situation. If she wasn't ignoring his presence, she was telling him off or yelling at him for something trivial and stupid.

That was typical Rose behaviour.

"Thanks Rose." I mumbled, accepting her warm embrace as mom finished breakfast. Edward approached me and smiled, sitting down on the stool beside mine.

"Happy birthday, Bella." He whispered softly, making me shiver as he nodded towards me.

"Thanks." I mumbled, blushing. My blush made him smile as it always did, and I was still shocked when he ran a finger over it lightly, thinking to himself.

"Edward." Snapped Rosalie angrily, watching his affectionate gesture. Mom, who'd been smiling at the two of us, sighed, shooting Rose a sad glance before she looked back at Edward and I.

I knew they knew something that I didn't.

Ever since the incident last year, everyone besides Rosalie had been watching Edward and I every time we were together. It was hard to get time alone with him anymore, since Alice had taken a liking to staring at the two of us expectantly whenever we sat together. Rosalie hated having him anywhere near me, but after a particularly nasty argument between us, she'd grudgingly allowed me to spend time with her "asshole brother", as she so eloquently called him. She still hated him, but I knew she'd get over it eventually.

Edward himself had been acting strangely ever since his return, but I assumed that boiled down to the fact that he'd felt sorry for leaving the family. Since his return, he was more affectionate with me than before, and he rather enjoyed spending every available moment with me, regardless of what I was doing. He watched me read books, he watched me sleep, he watched me eat, he watched me finishing my homework, he came for walks with me, he always drove me wherever I needed to go, and he hated hunting now, since I couldn't come. It had been quite strange at first, not being able to even move without Edward following, but I'd grown to love his constant presence, and I'd be very unhappy if he decided to change that again.

His affection had also undergone quite the change since he came back from the far south, where he'd wandered during his alone-time. Before, Edward was glad to smile at me, hold my hand and help me down from chairs and such, but he wasn't one for constant embraces or anything. Lately, he'd taken a liking to hugging me whenever I came near him, and I had to say, I loved it too. Before, he'd give brotherly hugs and make friendly gestures towards me, but these were different. They were more… loving?

I couldn't describe it to you if I spent years writing it out. A hug from Edward was indescribable.

Instead of just giving me a small squeeze, he'd taken to prolonging the hugs and burying his face in my hair to smell it. He enjoyed running his hands up and down my back, and he'd even kissed my cheek once or twice.

I nearly swooned every time.

"Breakfast." Said mom suddenly, drawing me out of my musings as she placed a platter of pancakes bacon and orange juice in front of me. As awkward as it was, having almost everyone in my family watching me eat, I did anyways, making sure I didn't drop any or spill my juice as I could have. I was a klutz, and we all knew it.

"So, Bella." Started Alice, turning to face me. I glanced at her and she smiled happily, her whole face lighting up. Jasper chuckled as she observed me and my innocent pancakes.

"What are we doing today?" she asked, making me shrug. She beamed and clapped her hands together, making Emmett laugh behind me.

"Presents!" she cried happily, making me groan as the entire family laughed. Dad came back downstairs, his hair damp from the shower as he watched me interestedly.

"Just go with it." He advised softly, making me nod and Alice squeal.

"Great!" she cried, jumping out of her seat.

Alice and birthdays never really mixed well together.

"She's excited." Noted dad, making everyone nod as I took my empty plate to the dishwasher.

"Bella!" cried Alice from the living room, making me sigh as Edward took my hand, sending a jolt of electricity through it.

"Come on, my Bella." He said softly. Rosalie, ever the pessimist, scoffed loudly and walked ahead of us, but the look on mom's face was irreplaceable. She beamed at her eldest son and dad smiled as well, taking her hand in a similar fashion as Edward led me into the living room. We were met with the largest pile of gifts I'd ever seen at any of my birthdays and I groaned.

"Alice." I said, making her smile innocently as Edward sat me down in front of the pile, right on the chair Alice had ready for me.

"It would be better not to fight me on this." Said Alice firmly, making me nod as I put on a smile, not wanting to offend anyone. Jasper smiled at my effort and sent me a wave of peace and anticipation, making this present-act more believable.

"Here we are!" cried Alice, handing me my first gift from Alice an. I gently tore the paper off and smiled knowingly at the clothing box, having expected this from my sister.

"Thank you." I said honestly, pulling out the midnight blue sweater dress with matching flats.

"It looks good on you." Alice said happily, making me grin as everyone else just laughed at her foresight. I examined it a bit more before I tried to put it back in the box, only to be stopped by the pixie.

"What are you doing?" she asked, making me groan, realizing that I hadn't escaped Alice's dress-up session as I thought I had.

She was just waiting for the perfect dress.

"Come on!" she cried, bringing me to the downstairs bathroom, where she had a bunch of appliances and products ready for her insane plans.

"Alice." I complained, earning me an eye roll as she turned around, letting me put on the dress. I had to admit, it looked very nice, and I was shocked when Alice didn't spend a good hour on makeup and hair. She settled for a light layer of eye shadow, some mascara and some lip gloss, simply pulling my hair back in a knot at the nape of my neck.

"Perfect." She said happily, looking me over as she stood me up. I smiled at her, thanking her gently as she led me back out, where my family waited.

"Nice Boo." Said Em, appraising me. Rosalie shot him an incredulous glance, but he just shrugged indifferently, making him smirk.

"You'll catch flies, you know." Said Em suddenly, turning his gaze to someone else.


His lips were gently parted, making Alice puff up proudly as he watched me sit back down. When Emmett made his comment, his mouth snapped shut with an audible click and he turned his head back to the mountain of gifts instead.

He was staring.

At me.

Cue the blush.

"Next!" cried Alice, making me smile as she handed me a poorly wrapped gift that could only mean one thing.


"That's from me and Rose!" he cried, confirming my suspicions. Happier than usual and quite interested, I grabbed the small box and undid the bow, opening the white box inside.

A set of keys.

"It's outside." Said Emmett as I gawked at the small tool laying on the cushion.

"A car!?" I spluttered, taking the key out of the box. I held it gently in my palm, turning to gawk at my brother instead. Rose smirked and shook her head at my reaction, obviously having expected it.

"That piece of shit truck you bought was getting on my nerves." Said Emmett honestly, making me frown. Last year, I'd gotten a job at Newton's store, much to Edward's displeasure, and I'd earned enough money to buy a second hand truck from someone in La Push. I liked the Beast, but Emmett- along with the rest family- hated it.

"A car?!" I demanded again, flushing red with rage. What happened to no gifts?

"Yes, a car." Said Emmett happily, glancing out at the garage doors. "And a damn fine one too." He added, making me splutter incredulously.

"That it is." Added Rose, her eyes alight at the idea of my new vehicle. She adored cars, and I knew she'd probably already tinkered with it.

"Don't give her a stroke." Said Alice playfully, snatching the key out of my hand. I stared as she examined the logo, already knowing what it was.

"A Mercedes." She noted, making me huff angrily as I glanced towards my burly brother.

"Thanks?" I said, my voice squeaky, and quite frankly, mad.

"You're very welcome." Said Rosalie softly, just as Emmett handed me another large box from the pile. Knowing it was also haphazardly wrapped made me stare at it, knowing they'd given me something else, on top of their extravagant first gift.

Despite the size, it was incredibly light.

"Open." He ordered, a wide smile on his face as I tore off the paper, not bothering to be careful. He smirked as I opened the white box, seeing it's emptiness.

"Thanks?" I said, confused.

"I updated the stereo." He said happily, making me stare.

"Emmett." I said seriously, making him grin.

"You're welcome, Boo." He said happily, snatching the box away.

"A car, Em?" I demanded again after a moment's silence.

"Yes, it's a car." He said, speaking slowly and calmly.

"Wow." I said, knowing better than to argue with hot-headed Emmett over a car. He'd win any argument about it, so it was pointless.

"I know." He said smugly, settling down in an armchair now that his time was up. Alice giggled at my dumbstruck reaction before she handed me another box- a well wrapped, sophisticated one.

And it was huge.

"That's from me." Said Jasper softly, smiling sheepishly as he felt my annoyance, knowing how much I hated this part.

I couldn't give them anything back, and it bugged me.

"Thanks Jazz." I said, shooting him a small smile as I removed the paper gently, not wanting to tear it off like a barbarian. Inside, there was a large, handmade chest with a small lock on the latch.

"Wow." I said, touching the wood surface. Jasper smiled wistfully, knowing I'd like it, and stepped forward, handing me an old key from his jeans pocket. I took it gently and smiled, unlocking the chest and opening it up.

Inside, I found a collection of classic novels- all collector's editions. I was stunned, and quite pleased, even if it must have cost him a fortune.

"Thanks Jasper." I said, smiling at him. Emmett smirked and rolled his eyes as Jasper stepped forward and sat down beside the box, taking out an old version of Pride and Prejudice.

"I've been bidding on them for quite a while." He admitted softly, looking at me softly. Unable to help myself, I reached over and hugged him, making him chuckle as he patted my back in return.

"I made the box." He added, making me stare. I knew my family was crafty, but wow. The chest was incredible, with all sorts of detailed work and carvings.

"Thank you." I whispered again, feeling quite overwhelmed by all these gifts.

"You're quite welcome." He whispered, smiling as he took my key back and put it on a silver chain, fastening it around my neck. Alice smiled at the fashionable accessory he created and I sighed as he closed the chest softly, locking it back up before he moved it over beside Emmett's empty stereo box and car key.

"Here dear." Said mom, handing me a long, thin box. I immediately knew that it was jewellery, and I hesitated before she smiled and forced me to open it. When I did, I found a small note from her and dad, telling me to have a wonderful birthday and that the gifts inside cost them nothing, since they were heirlooms.

First in the box was a golden chain- a thick chain with a shiny golden cross hanging off of it. I knew immediately that it was from dad, and I smiled widely as I pulled it out, handling it carefully.

"You're not particularly religious, but it has its own meaning." He said gently, smiling as he came forward. "It belonged to my mother." He admitted.

"Thanks dad." I said, examining the old pendant carefully.

"I had it restored and the chain is new." He admitted gently, glancing down at it.

"Thank you." I said, earning me a hug as he smiled and gestured for me to look inside for mom's addition to the box.

There, sitting on the small cushion was a silver charm bracelet with a solid silver heart hanging off one of the hoops.

"That belonged to my grandmother, and she passed it down to me." Said mom gently, allowing me to examine the shiny piece of jewellery. "I thought it was fitting to pass it on to you now."

"Thanks mom." I said, making her smile as she approached and fastened it around my wrist.

"It fits." She said happily, making me nod as I examined the charm in the light.

"Thank you." I whispered, hugging her as she kissed my cheek.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart." She said softly, backing up.

"You know what these are!" cried Alice, shoving the rest of the pile at me. I frowned as she handed me a box, which I knew held clothes.

"Of course I do." I mumbled, earning me a loud laugh as she gestured for me to open her many gifts.

Four pairs of jeans, ten shirts, three dresses, one ball gown, four pairs of heels, one pair of flats and two sweaters later, the pile was gone.

"They're all perfect on you!" squealed my overexcited sister as she kissed my cheek. "I love birthdays!"

"Thank you Ali." I said, glad that I hadn't been dragged along for whichever shopping excursion allowed her to buy all of those clothes.

"You're quite welcome." She said sincerely, making me grin as she began to fold and sort the clothes she'd bought.

"One left." said Edward gently, speaking for the first time since earlier this morning. I jumped at the suddenness and closeness, not having realized that he'd been watching over my shoulder the entire time.

"Relax, silly Bella." He whispered, smiling at my rapid heart rate.

"Yeah." I said, taking a deep breath as I tried to ignore his suddenly intoxicating scent.

"Here we go." He said, offering me a small wrapped cube. I smiled gently as he laid it in the palm of my hand, sighing gently.

"It goes with Esme's." he said gently.

"Thanks." I said, reading the small card he'd attached to it.

Happy birthday, my Bella.

I know you protest the idea of gift-giving, but I can safely assure you that this gift was free, just as the gifts from Carlisle and Esme were. It was, as theirs were, an heirloom from my mother's family.

All my love,


Love? Wow, I could definitely get used to that. Especially with Edward's name afterwards.

"Thanks Edward." I said, unwrapping the paper. Inside, I found a white box that looked suspiciously like a box for a ring.

"Wow, so soon Eddie?" asked Emmett, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh stop it." Snapped Edward glancing at his brother.

"So soon what?" I asked, confused. Edward sighed and glared at Em as the latter turned to me, smirking.

"I didn't think Eddie would pop the question so soon, Boo." He said seriously, making me frown. I glanced at the box, suddenly apprehensive.

"It's not." Said Edward firmly, looking at me reassuringly. I sighed, whether in relief or disappointment, I had no idea. Marry Edward? I've only wanted that for about seven years now…

Without letting those thoughts develop any further, I opened the small box and gasped.

On a small cushion, set right in the centre of the box, was a small, crystal heart. Its facets shone in the light, making rainbow-like patterns appear on the inside of the white box.

It was so pretty, I couldn't bear to touch it.

"Phew." Said Emmet dramatically. "Now that is one big-ass diamond."


"It's a diamond?" I asked fearfully, making Edward sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Evidently, he hadn't counted on me knowing that particular bit of information.

"Yes Bella." He said softly, reaching over to pick it up. It reminded me of his skin in the sunlight as he held it in the palm of his hand, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.

"It's beautiful." I blurted out.

"It suits you." Mumbled Edward, making me blush crimson.

"Don't be embarrassed." He said gently, running his finger over my cheek as he reached for my wrist, bringing it up to eye level. With perfect precision, he clipped the heart onto the link opposite mom's silver heart, and I smiled happily.

"Thank you." I said, reaching up to hug him. He looked shocked at first, but eagerly returned the embrace, lingering a little too long than he should have.

I wasn't complaining.

"Happy birthday." He whispered, smiling as he pulled back, letting me sit back down. I smiled in gratitude before I sighed, sitting back on my chair.

"Come on, Belly-Bean." Said Emmett eagerly, breaking the comfortable silence. Rose stood too, and I smiled, knowing what was going on.

"We've got a car to test." He said happily, taking my hand to drag me out to the garage, where my new Mercedes was waiting.

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